Photographer capturing a panoramic view of Athens - credits: KOSTAS-TSEK/
Photographer capturing a panoramic view of Athens - credits: KOSTAS-TSEK/

We live in the age of AI technology, smartphones, and Instagram, and in this age, visiting your dream destination -which I assume is Greece- and not posting a picture about it is considered something only a little less than a criminal offense. Check out below the most Instagram-friendly spots in Athens and make sure your Instagram feed lives up to the expectations of your peers!

Mount Lycabettus

Lucabettus Milan Gonda shutterstock copy copyMount Lycabettus - credits: Milan Gonda/

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Offering you a panoramic view of the whole city of Athens and located at the heart of it and 300 meters above sea level, if Lycabettus doesn’t make for the perfect background to your picture, then I don’t know what does! With an abundance of pine trees covering the ground and adding to the green aesthetic and relaxing vibe, a trip to Mount Lycabettus is sure to make a lasting impression on you and your Instagram followers. From its top, you can locate Athens’ most significant monuments and marvel at their excellence from above. You can even play a ‘spot the monument’ game in your Instagram stories, upping the engaging game of your viewers.


Anafiotika athens narrow streets fullframe depositphotosThe streets of Anafiotika - credits: fullframe/

No matter how many times we mention Plaka and the magnificent, island-esque district of Anafiotika, our love for them never gets old. The old-time vibe, Cycladic aesthetic, impressive architecture and wide collection of cozy, scenic cafes and taverns, can’t help but make Anafiotika the ideal setting for an Instagram snap. Choose between the infamous steps of Anafiotika, decorated with colorful chairs from the various meze taverns, and a porch of one of the many exquisite neoclassical buildings to show your Internet friends the beauty of this extraordinary Athenian neighborhood and watch the likes raining down on you! 


monastiraki flea market Milan Gonda shutterstock copyMonastiraki Flea Market - credits: MilancGonda/

Maybe not as picturesque as the spots mentioned above, the area of Monastiraki has a different beauty to it, one that thankfully translates perfectly to the screen. The popular Monastiraki Flea Market, full of color and light, offers a vibrant and animated canvas for the art of photography to come to life; it is the epitome of urban aesthetic and you shouldn’t miss the chance to snap multiple pictures in it. You can even combine photography with souvenir shopping and take pictures of the unique finds of the market, a win-win situation! Alternatively, you can have as your background the emblematic square of Monastiraki, which bursts with history and will make your picture all that more interesting.

Strefi Hill

Strefi hill exarchia Milan Gonda shutterstock copyStrefi hill, Exarcheia - credits:Milan Gonda/

Now, this spot, although central, is reserved for the locals and remains for the most part hidden from the eyes of the visitors. Strefi Hill is located in the alternative neighborhood of Exarcheia, northwest of Mount Lycabettus. You may have heard of Exarcheia for being Athens' historical core of radical political and intellectual activism, but there is much more to that beautiful neighborhood than this, and one of these things is the hill of Strefi, the place where, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a stone quarry operated. Along with Mount Lycabettus, and any hilltop of Athens to be honest, Strefi Hill is one of the most romantic locations in Athens, offering a gorgeous view of the city that is extra magical if you catch it at nighttime. Therefore, an Instagram showing Athens under the night lights is a must during your visit to the Greek capital.

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Marina Floisvos

 Marina floisvou PitK shutterstock copyMarina Floisvos - credits: PitK/

Moving south, and approaching the brilliant Athens Riviera, if you want to put a Mediterranean spin on your Instagram feed, a photo by the sea is what you’re after. Add to the mix the beauty of the Floisvos Marina with the luxury yachts and the trendy cafes and restaurants, and you have the recipe for success! Located in Palaio Faliro, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of south Athens and a fairly unsung hero, don’t miss the opportunity to gaze at the endless blue of the Saronic gulf and smell the salty air. Unfortunately, you can’t Instagram the smell of the sea, you can, however, depict the unmatched vibe of Marina Floisvos, earning the awe of your followers.

Vouliagmeni Lake

lake vouliagmeni Sven Hansche shutterstock copyLake Vouliagmeni - Credits: Sven Hansche/

Another, highly Instagrammable spot in Athens -yes, Instagrammable is now a word- is the famous lake of Vouliagmeni. It is a natural brackish lake with alleged healing properties located in the region of Vouliagmeni in the south of Athens, and it goes down to 100 meters in depth in some places. This miracle of nature is nothing if not picture-ready and you have to visit it during your stay in Athens even if you don’t plan on swimming in its waters. If you’re able to resist it, just dip your toes and snap some of the most magical pictures you’ve ever taken. This breathtaking scenery is meant to be shared with the rest of the world!

Cape Sounio

Cape sounio Aerial motion shutterstock copy copyCape Sounion - credits: Aerial-motion/

Cape Sounio is known for its majestic view and the Temple of Poseidon only enhances the scenery, creating the perfect combination of natural beauty and culture. Catch the sunset in Cape Sounio and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best shots of your life. I mean, how can you beat a picture that shows Sounio dressed in the warm, fiery colors the sun creates while hiding in the sea? No one could resist giving a little red heart to that! This spot will particularly appeal to all lovers of history and Greek mythology, as the Doric Temple of Poseidon, one of the major monuments of the Golden Age of Athens and one of the top archaeological sites in Greece apart from the Acropolis stands tall and provides its visitors with endless tales of the ancient times.

Athens is a city of many faces, therefore the aforementioned spots are only some of the one you can choose to snap your Instagram-perfect photos at. Visit Athens and capture your fun times; if you post them on Instagram, apart from impressing your followers, you’ll be able to look back at them and remember a part of your life you will cherish for years to come.

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