Black Duck Garden - credits:
Black Duck Garden - credits:

Athens is considered one of the most vibrant cities across Europe when it comes to nightlife. Are you looking for a cozy, speakeasy place where you can drink cocktails made by awarded bartenders? Or maybe a fancy garden with fine wine selections and some finger food? You name it, Athens ‘s got it. But what about some non-touristy and super-crowded alternatives? Our city has a lot more than meets the eye.

Hidden gems in the center of Athens that can take you away from the urban vibes and make you feel like you are in an island or in the countryside. Instead of just bragging about it though, let’s dive a little deeper into some excellent examples of Athenian bars that you are absolutely going to love and can be the meeting points for your summer nights.

Six Dogs

(Avramiotou 6-8, Athina 105 51)

Six dogs - credits:

When you pass by this super-narrow street where Six Dogs is located, it is almost impossible to imagine what unravels in front of your eyes, until you take down the stairs and see for yourself. While many people think that it is an alternative bar, playing amazing rock and/or techno sounds, there is also the garden version that is right next to the bar. Sand, wooden armchairs and mat tents are going to take your breath away and make you spend countless hours in this yard.

Tip: Six Dogs is one of our favorite places in the city and our guests usually visit it during one of our evening Athens tours.

TAF: The Art Foundation

(Normanou 5, Athina 105 55)

TAF - credits: thetravellingcookie

Located in the heart of Athens, this truly amazing gallery has many kinds of art to offer to its visitors; Interesting art exhibitions, green mountain tea in the morning or breezy cocktails in the evening and a warm and welcoming atmosphere are waiting for you once you open the small wooden door at Normanou 5. This space is a well-kept secret and it is totally worth the visit!

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Black Duck Garden

(loannou Paparrigopoulou 5 - 7, Athina 105 61)

Black duck garden - credits:

Now let’s head to a place that not only looks like a classic 70’s style house but also has major history! Interestingly, the spot where the Black Duck Garden is located nowadays used to be only a small part of the “Garden of the Old Palace”, where the King Otto and his wife, Queen Amalia had temporarily resided in 1836! The bar belongs to the garden in the Museum of the City of Athens and while being respectful to the historic importance of the space, it welcomes guests for drinks, beverages and an excellent selection of Mediterranean dishes. 

La Soiree de Votanique

(Kastorias 37, Athina 104 47)

La Soiree De Votanique - credits:

They say that less is more; and that is exactly what this venue is about. Simplicity and cheerfulness are two elements that characterize the so-called La Soiree. Tender people, delicious finger-food and anything but a typical structure are definitely going to be a great fit for a warm evening in April.

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Upupa Epops

(Alkminis 7, Athina 118 54)

Upupa Epops - credits:

Upupa Epops is the official name of the place that Athenians call “Tsalapetinos”. Once you walk in the door, you can’t help but get an urban, vintage vibe. The bar has been awarded in 2018 for its cocktails and is waiting for you to taste them. Fun fact: each and every juice or syrup that you are going to find there has been carefully made in-house, in order to keep authenticity and quality to the highest.


Fuga Garden

(Vas. Sofias & Kokkali 1, Athens Concert Hall - Megaron Mousikis - Abelokipoi)

Fuga garden - credits:

Last but not least, we have a great surprise for you. The Athens Concert Hall has included an amazing bar-restaurant with a breathtaking garden. Fuga has a great view of bliss that brings you closer to nature even though you would be in the center of Athens and gives you the opportunity to taste simple yet carefully selected dishes. Having exquisite alternative cocktails that are totally worth to try, Fuga Garden is the ultimate “after-work-drinks” space or a great location for a romantic dinner. Make sure to discover its beauties during  your visit!

Summer is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for? Make sure to enjoy the spring breeze and explore local neighborhoods in Athens during the evening  before heading out to one (or more!) of these amazing hidden places in the city. Either you are with your significant other, you are having a bachelor/bachelorette trip or the whole group of friends has decided to start a nightlife adventure in the city, these places are definitely some stops you should not miss out!