Athens Travel Blog

The enchanting view of sunny Athens from the top of the Acropolis. The sparkling waters of the city’s extraordinary beaches. The luscious taste of traditional Greek flavors. The buoyant nightlife, and the overpowering sense of freedom its diversity gives you. All that and many more are the reasons why you can’t help but fall in love with Athens from the moment you step foot in it.

It took 2000 years for Athens to have a subway service running through its beautiful grounds, but boy was it worth the wait! Almost 20 years ago now, Athens’ Metro came with a bang, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the locals, who have since made it part of their daily routine. Modern, beautiful, and most importantly efficient, the metro is one of the best ways to commute when visiting the historic city that won’t break the bank and will help you reach your destination with ease, comfort, and surprising speed! We have prepared the most helpful Athens metro guide so you can explore Athens like a local!

I want to start this blog post by telling you how absolutely sacred the delicious souvlaki is for me and all fellow Greeks. We love it, we savor it, we bow down to it. Unlike most foods in the world -chocolate included- I have yet to find a single living soul that doesn’t love so souvlaki. Not like. Love. Even the worst souvlaki in the world is probably superior to 80% of other foods worldwide. 

The number one goal of anyone visiting a foreign country is to get to experience it the way its locals do; a task that is admittedly hard, if not impossible. Eating where the locals eat, going out to the places where the locals go, it is all part of the magic of the everyday life of the city and as a born and bred Athenian, I feel the obligation of providing you with the exclusive knowledge that will make your travel dreams come true.

Exploring the retail scene during your trip to Athens is a must as there are a number of Greek fashion designers that are worth checking out. However, fast fashion is increasingly becoming less and less popular among fashionistas and Millenials. While looking for answers to fast fashion, apart from individual local boutiques consumers can opt for, flea markets and thrift shops are your best bet. Let us guide you through the flea markets and thrift shops in Athens and help you navigate your way around the hidden treasures that are looking for a new home!