Rhodes - credits: leoks/Shutterstock.com
Rhodes - credits: leoks/Shutterstock.com

Sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, secluded coves with crystal clear waters, and youthful hangouts for water sports. Rhodes offers you some of the best beaches in Greece and invites you for endless summer dives and precious moments of relaxation and fun. 

With 24 of its organized beaches having been awarded the Blue Flag, the island of the Knights is full of options for both families and adventure seekers. We present to you the best beaches on Rhodes island so you have the knowledge you need in order to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. For your convenience, we have divided them into categories based on your liking. Enjoy a dive into the waters of Greece and a taste of an authentic Greek summer

For lovers of organized beaches


greece rhodes lindos themeditteraneantravellerLindos beach - credits: themediterraneantraveller.com

Lindos beach is the one you go to if you want are in the mood of socializing and mingling with the crowds. Below the beautiful settlement of Lindos are two beaches with quiet, crystal clear waters, protected by the picturesque bay. One of the most famous beaches of the island, the beach of Lindos is located below the homonymous settlement in the southern part of Rhodes, at a distance of 48 km from the center of the Medieval City of Rhodes

The beach has a golden sandy beach, clear blue and crystal clear waters, while it is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, taverns, and mini markets. To enjoy it to its best, do it like the locals: come late in the afternoon taking with you the necessities of an overnight stay, on the sun lounger of course. Swim in the organized beaches, admiring the white settlement and the castle, which dominates the hill.


elli beach rhodes Aerial motion shutterstockElli beach - credits: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock.com

The beach of Elli has been described as one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and welcomes a large number of visitors every year. Elli is the busiest and most popular beach on the island of Rhodes and has umbrellas, sunbeds, and beach bars on the beach.

It is located in the city of Rhodes and is a favorite choice for both locals and visitors to the island of the Knights. What makes it special is the fact that it has managed to retain some of the glamor and cosmopolitan essence that made it famous in the 1970s. Described as ‘the most perfect beach on the Mediterranean’ by English author Lawrence Durell, it is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while along its length, you will discover several restaurants and taverns offering delectable local dishes of Rhodes. The beach is sandy, however, a reference point of the coast is the famous trampoline, from which you can dive and feel like a child again. 


kolympia leonardo hotel greeceKolympia beach - credits: leonardo-hotel-greece.com

Kolympia beach is easily accessible, located 26 km east of Rhodes Town, at the end of Eucalyptus Street. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, due to the hotel complexes that surround it. It also boasts a number of delectable restaurants and taverns for all tastes and budgets. Moreover, it is famous due to the beautiful route that begins from Efta Piges, which translates to ‘Seven Wells’ in English.  

The beach of Kolympia boasts fine sand with pebbles, turquoise waters, umbrellas, and pedal boats. It gives off a much more laid-back vibe than the neighboring Faliraki, having not departed far from the picturesque fishing village that gained popularity in the '70s.


glyfada beach greekcitytimesGlyfada beach - credits: greekcitytimes.com

Pines that reach the sea, emerald waters, strong winds, and rocks that make it somewhat difficult to access the water. The beach of Glyfada remains the joy of the explorer, who knows how to appreciate the virgin wildness of nature. Glyfada beach is located 65 km from the city of Rhodes, on the southwest coast of the island. It consists of large pebbles and is partly organized. 

Around the beach, there are mountains full of pines and this adds an extra beauty to Glyfada. It is exposed to the north winds which bring algae but in conditions of apnea, it transforms into a peaceful place for complete relaxation, with crystal clear and deep blue waters. You can bring a mask and flippers with you to explore the seabed.  While sunbathing, you will have the opportunity to admire the island of Halki in front of you. If you get hungry, there are two taverns on the beach you can choose from, both of which are equally great. 


faliraki rhodesguideFaliraki beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Faliraki has been for years and remains, one of the most developed tourist areas of Rhodes, only thanks to its huge beach. The beach is sandy and wonderful and has a length of over 4 km. The big beach in Faliraki starts on the left from where the beaches of Kallithea end, continues where the huge hotel units of the area stand, and reaches the settlement. 

You will also find beaches to the right of Faliraki in small coves, small dolly beaches such as the famous Anthony Quinn beach, but the beach in Faliraki will never lose its popularity because it is really wonderful. Faliraki is an excellent choice for accommodation in Rhodes if one wants to be close to the beautiful beaches on the east side of the island. 

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For the sophisticated travelers

Agios Georgios

agiosgeorgiospagi blissAgios Georgios beach - credits: agiosgeorgiospagi-bliss.com

The beach of Agios Georgios is a great discovery that manages to steal the breath even from the locals of the island. It lies 88 km from the port of Rhodes. The lonely cove with the wonderful beach that is framed by cedars fully justifies the special route through a dirt road that must be followed by those who want to visit it. 


fourni greeceFourni beach - credits: greece.com

You can reach the beach of Fourni from the dirt road that connects Monolithos with Kattavia. It is a magical beach, ideal for private relaxation. The privileged position under the rock has shade, however, in order to get a chance to sit under it, you must visit the beach at the earliest possible. Otherwise, you can bring your own umbrella with you, as the beach is not organized. 

Fourni lies 78 km from Rhodes. One side of the beach is much quieter than the other, with the sound of the waves crushing being the only music you can enjoy, under the few pines and next to the rocks. Opposite the ship-shaped rock that dominates the middle of the sea, you will find even wilder creeks with sand and thick pebbles. Please keep in mind that when it gets windy the beach of Fourni tends to raise waves and be less welcoming to visitors. 


apatites tovima.grApatites beach - credits: tovima.gr

Apatites’ in Greece means ‘those that have not been stepped upon’. And that’s the perfect way to describe these beaches in Rhodes. From Genadi to Prasonisi, you will come upon tropical deserted beaches, with vegetation and cedars that reach the water, turquoise crystal clear sea, and fine sand. 

From Prasonisi to Mandriko, the west coast boasts a powerful raw charm and overlooks the island of Halki. There, you will find experience the other, less-touristy side of Rhodes. You will catch a glimpse of the island’s authentic identity and marvel at ow bushes and wild waves.


 Kalithea Beach vacation in greece.grKallithea Beach - credits: vacation-in-greece.gr

The beach of Kallithea is located next to the homonymous area with the famous hot springs, about 11 km south of the city of Rhodes. Awarded with a blue flag, it has fine pebbles and rocks. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while it is famous for its crystal clear waters. The idyllic landscape is complemented by pines and palm trees that surround the bay. On the coast, there is a cafe, where you can relax, drink your coffee and have a snack. 

The famous springs of Kallithea are one of the must-visit spots during your trip to Rhodes. They have been the setting of some of the most famous Greek films and still fascinate both locals and tourists alike. It is truly a sight to behold!


kiotari rhodesguideKiotari beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Around 60 km from Rhodes Old Town, you will find the stunning beach of Kiotari. While one side of the beach has the traditional organized character of a typical Rhodian beach, the other side maintains a pure unspoiled nature that waits to be discovered by the adventurous explorers of the island. 

You will come upon the beach of Kiotari if you continue further south from the beach of Ialysos. Enjoy the sea and water sports and choose for your meal one of the traditional taverns, which you will find along the coastal road. 


haraki beach greeceHaraki beach - credits: greece.com

Haraki beach is a haven away from the curious eyes of the hustle and bustle of tourism. It is some 35 km from Rhodes’ town, and it is the place where you go to clear your mind and enjoy a refreshing dive rid of the stress of everyday life. This attractive bay offers an undeniably serene atmosphere. The main visitors of this beach are tourists who rent rooms near the beach, but also local families who bring their umbrellas and prefer the central part of the beach where there is no charge. 

The right part of the beach has large pebbles, while the left sand. If you choose to swim at the end of the right side, you will enjoy the view of Faraklos castle. This imposing, unobstructed view, after all, is the trump card of Harki beach. Along the street with the rooms for rent, you will find grocery stores, cafes, and a foreign press agency. From the city, you can reach Haraki beach in about forty minutes. However, make sure not to forget to visit the beach of Agathi just before Haraki. 

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For the hopeless romantics

Agios Pavlos

saint pauls bay lindos rhodes ian woolcock shutterstockAgios Pavlos - credits: ian woolcock/Shutterstock.com

If you’ve been dreaming about visiting a place that resembles the ‘Blue Lake’, you’ve found your destination! Agios Pavlos beach owes its name to the small church located on a hill at one end. Agios Pavlos beach is located just after Lindos and is about 50 km from the city center of Rhodes. The coast is small but popular, so be sure to arrive relatively early in the morning. The blue-green, crystal clear waters star in a beautiful environment, with golden sand and fine pebbles. 

After enjoying your dip in the crystal clear waters, you can also visit the tavern located on the sand for a meal with delicious delicacies, right next to the point where the wave breaks. There is nothing more quintessentially Greek than that!


kremasti beach travelstyle.grKremasti beach - credits: travelstyle.gr

Kremasti is a village very close to the airport of Rhodes and has a large section of coastline. The beach of Kremasti is actually the continuation of the beach of Ialyssos as these two settlements are neighboring. On the beach of Kremasti, there is a section where there are hotel units and it is more organized, but also a very large part that is more natural. 

Diverse, beautiful, and serene, the beach of Kremasti is a solid, convenient choice that will make you appreciate the Greek islands and the moments of pure repose they offer.


glystra beach greeceGlystra beach - credits: greece.com

Although tiny, at only 200 m long, Glystra beach is a sight for sore eyes. It is an organized beach with fine sand, combines vegetation, and sparkling waters. 3 km from the village of Lardos, it has an unmatched laid-back style and a pristine, irresistible beauty. 

In Glystra beach you will enjoy serenity in all its glory; no building that spoils your aesthetics in the back, tamarisk trees and low vegetation that reaches the water, clear blue waters and fine sand, sunbeds in not an overwhelming density, a single canteen, and pedal boats. It is the ideal beach to choose if you want to dedicate yourself to reading your book and getting lost in the blue sea when you live in Lindos and the surrounding area. 

Anthony Quinn 

Anthony Quinn bay rhodes Philippos Philippou shutterstockAnthony Quinn bay - credits: Philippos Philippou/Shutterstock.com

At a distance of 17 km south of the center of the Medieval City of Rhodes, between the coasts of Ladiko and Faliraki, you will find the famous beach named after the great protagonist of American cinema and became particularly known to the general public from the movie 'The Canons of Navarone'. Anthony Quinn Beach is surrounded by cliffs, which create an image of striking beauty. 

It has crystal clear, green waters, fine sand, and pebbles and is awarded a blue flag. The adjacent beach of Ladiko has the same pattern. Please keep in mind that the beach will only provide you with umbrellas and sunbeds, so before your visit, make sure you have the necessary supplies, and of course, plenty of water.

Agia Agathi

agathi beach rhodos.grAgia Agathi beach - credits: beach-rhodos.gr

One of the best well-kept secrets of the island of Rhodes, Agia Agathi is a dreamy beach you can’t help but fall in love with. Agia Agathi lies around 36 km from Rhodes’ town. The shallow deep blue waters, and the camping near the wild nature next to the sea and the caves are the main reasons why Agia Agathi is considered a seaside sanctuary, perfect for those trying to escape the anxiety of big city life. 


stegna beach rhodesguideStegna beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

The beach of Stegna is almost monopolized by the inhabitants of Archangelos since it lies only half a kilometer away from the village. Despite being a beach beloved by the tourists of the island, the beach manages to maintain a traditional, rustic character and gives off a family-friendly vibe that creates a cozy atmosphere. 

A variety of accommodation options, taverns, smooth sand, and tiny pebbles take over the scenery. Additionally, some water sports, a kiosk for the sunscreen that you forgot to bring, and most importantly, a lot of quiet, intimate moments will be offered to you on Stegna. 

For the sports enthusiasts


prasonisi rodos gretourPrasonisi beach - credits: gretour.com

In the southern part of the island and at a distance of 92 km from the center of the Medieval City of Rhodes is one of the most favored by nature beaches of the island, Prasonisi. It is essentially a rocky islet, connected to the rest of the island of Rhodes by a narrow strip of sand about one kilometer long. The two beaches that are formed, due to the winds, merge and cover the mainland, creating an image of unique beauty. 

This particular coast is especially popular with windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, as the area has westerly winds, which are ideal for these water sports. The peculiarity and advantage of this beach is the fact that, when it blows on one side, the sea on the other is calm.


ialysos elysium.grIalyssos beach - credits: elysium.gr

Ialyssos is a highly touristy beach, as it stretches along Iraklides Avenue 8km from Rhodes, where some of the largest hotel units on the island operate. This is also a beach that favors surfing and its waters deepen sharply. 

It is considered by some the ‘Miami’ of Rhodes in all its seventies splendor. Frenzied windsurfing and the trademark, beautiful playground in the center of the beach, you won’t experience a dull moment while on the beach of Ialyssos. There, you will also find cafes, restaurants, kiosks, mini markets, fast food, and everything else the consumer soul demands, on the main boulevard.


ixia beach rhodesguideIxia beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

It may not be the most famous and busy, but it is always full, with the guests of the big hotel units but also with the windsurfers who take care to take advantage of its strong winds! 

At Ixia beach, you can enjoy windsurfing and jet skiing. What’s more, if you’re eager to be taught how to enjoy watersports, you will also have the opportunity to follow courses are organized for beginners


gennadi elysium.grGennadi beach - credits: elysium.gr

Gennadi is a beach for all tastes. It has pebbles in some parts of it, but also sand in other parts. There, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere but also a vibrant lifestyle. It has beach bars and taverns but also has areas without a trace of human activity. 

How does Gennadi beach combine all this? The "key" is the length of the beach, as it extends as far as the eye can see. For the most part, Gennadi is not organized and you will definitely find a secluded place to spread your towel. If isolation is not what you want, then choose one of the beach bars that operate in various parts of the beach, which attracts a lot of visitors and especially young crowds. You can access Genadi beach by car.  It is located on the southeast coast of the island, after Lindos and about 63 km from the city of Rhodes. 

For the family guys


tsambika beach rhodesguideTsambika beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

At a distance of 26 km south of the city of Rhodes, you will find Tsambika beach, under the rock which dominates the famous monastery of Panagia Tsambika of Psili. The beach is famous for its fine, golden sand and lush waters. On the beach, you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a canteen to get the essentials.

If you visit the beach, do not forget to visit the monastery of Panagia Tsambika of Psili, where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is addressed to childless couples who want to have a child. To reach the chapel, you have to climb 300 stairs.


afandou rhodesguideAfandou beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Afandou beach has a more family-friendly profile. You will find it shortly after the homonymous village, in the east of the island. Its long length allows for many options since only in some places it is organized and you will easily find a more lonely place, just for you. Lie down on its pebbly shore and enjoy diving in clear waters, which deepen abruptly.

For sports lovers, in Afandou, there are facilities for beach volley and beach soccer, next to the famous golf court of Afandou. The beach of Afandou is located at a distance of about 22 km from the city of Rhodes. It has been awarded a blue flag.


lardos beach rhodesguideLardos beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

The beautiful sandy beaches of Lardos are one of the best beaches in Rhodes. The clear crystal clear waters and the gentle waves that burst on the beach provoke the mood for games in the sun or for moments of relaxation on the sun lounger, in the shade of the umbrella. 

There are also many taverns along the beach from where you can order a cool drink or a snack while enjoying the view. An alternative to entertainment is the wide variety of water sports and even a safe go-kart track for the whole family.


vlycha beach rhodesguideVlycha beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Vlycha beach lies 47k from Rhodes. It is preferred by families with children, due to its shallow waters, and the convenience of the surrounding hotels. 

It is a huge beach, with thick pebbles, that never gets overcrowded; not even during the month of August. There, you will find canteens serving sandwiches, crepes, and coffee, while the beach will leave you in awe due to its incredible peace and silence that dominate especially the far right side of the beach.


kalathos rhodesguideKalathos beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Kalathos beach is a personal favorite, Its sand and fine pebbles are beloved by the locals of the surrounding area. The beach boasts 4 km of fine sand, where even on the 15th of August you will find space to lay your towel away from the crowds. 

The only disadvantage of Kalathos is that it gets insanely hot during the summer, raising crazy temperatures. The sea is amazing, and incredibly refreshing, however, and it is located 45 km from Rhodes. 


ladiko beach rhodesguideLadiko beach - credits: rhodesguide.com

Fine sand, emerald waters, trees down that extend to the surrounding hills. Ladiko’s small squares can accommodate three taverns, sunbeds up to the rocks, showers, and umbrellas. 

Ladiko beach is loved by Italians who visit it mainly during the month of August, but also by local families. In general, Ladiko is the next solution, when Anthony Quinn bay gets overcrowded and unbearable, while it is only 15 km from Rhodes.

The beaches of Rhodes are one of the many elements that make it stand out. Kilometers of turquoise waters and fine sand, busy beaches that offer intense fun, and secluded coves for those looking for a quiet dip.

Whatever your preferences, it is certain that on the island of the Knights you will find the beach that will fit perfectly in your own Greek summer vacation.