Rhodes Travel Blog

According to Greek Mythology, when the island of Rhodes emerged from the water, god Helios -the god of the sun- asked Zeus to give it to him as his share of the world. That’s how Helios became the patron god of the island and gave it the name of his beloved: Rhodes. And that’s why the ‘emerald island’, as it has been nicknamed, attracts with its incomparable beauty thousand of visitors from all over the world.

It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s the island of Rhodes, and you should make sure to not let even a minute of your stay on this Greek island go to waste. From the moment you wake up until your head touches the pillow late at night, here is an informative guide on how to spend a day in Rhodes that will allow you to appreciate it to its full potential. We are here to make your vacations in Rhodes one the eighth wonder of the world!

Rhodes, the largest island on the Dodecanese complex, is known for its beach resorts, ancient ruins and remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. It is also known for its breathtaking beauty, exuberant nightlife, and its welcoming locals, making it one of the top Greek island destinations, no visitor of Greece should overlook. As if you need any more persuasion, here are our suggested things to do in Rhodes and reasons to visit Rhodes island that will help even the most demanding of travelers realize that visiting Rhodes is an obvious must.