Meteora Travel Blog

Wanna taste a different side of Greece? Even though Greece is well-known for its deep blue sea and long-stretched beaches, it is also a country of diverse landscapes, satisfying the taste of every traveler. In case you want to have a 'northern' experience in Greece and discover places of great historical and archaeological importance, Meteora is the place to be!


This geological phenomenon is rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site that anyone visiting Greece should make a priority. Meteora, which literally translates to ‘suspended in the air’, has been described as Greece’s city in the sky, in virtue of the ethereal monasteries perched on top of the 24 giant 400m high rocks. Only a 4,5 hour drive from Athens and very easy to get to, it seems almost too good to be true for such a striking natural beauty to be so close and accessible. Perhaps the best way to get to Meteora from Athens is by train: you can book your tickets online. Some train routes require transit while others are direct; average travel time ranges from 4 to 6 hours. Another method of transport is the bus; prices and bus schedules can be found here.