Corfu Travel Blog

With the glorious crystal-clear Ionian waters surrounding it, Corfu is one of the most lusciously green Greek islands and one of the most bewitching ones. An inseparable part of Greek heritage and culture, it has been inhabited since the Paleolithic times. Nowadays, Corfu is one of the most beloved destinations for both Greek tourists and visitors alike and not just for the summertime. Here are the best things to do in Corfu if you decide to visit the second-largest Ionian island and you want to make the most out of your time in it!

Located at the northwesternmost point of Greece, the island of Corfu -Kerkyra in Greek- is the second-largest island of the Heptanese islands and for sure a hub of Greek civilization with a significant role in the country's history since antiquity. According to ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon, the mighty god of the seas fell madly in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, the daughter of Asopos and Metope. He decided to take Korkyra to an uninhabited island and out of marital bliss he offered the island to the nymph.