Weather in Greece in October: Best Travel Ideas

Melina Thalassinou
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Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • October marks the transition from summer to autumn in Greece.
  • In southern Greece and the islands, temperatures can still be relatively mild, ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius (59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • You can expect an average of 6 to 8 hours of sunshine per day, especially in the early part of the month.
  • October is considered the shoulder season in Greece, offering a more relaxed experience and lower prices than the summer.

Traveling has never been more popular than now, as there's less and less news about COVID-19. That said, it takes a lot to plan a trip overseas, whether booking flights or choosing suitable dates to go. Don't fret, as this post will show why visiting Greece in October can be great.

Greece in the fall can be a lovely time to visit as the weather in the Greek Islands is still very moderate and is one of the country's shoulder seasons for tourism. This means more affordable accommodation, especially if booked in advance. 

If you're planning a trip to Greece, this guide will help you with all the vital weather information you need. 

What is the Weather like in Greece in October?

Aeropagus hillAeropagus Hill - credits: Shutterstock.com

The weather in Greece in October varies quite a bit, depending on what part of Greece you are in. The average temperature in Greece in October sits between the average low temperature being in the 50s and the average high temperature in the high 70s and 80s, especially in early October. As it's an off-peak season, this is one of the best times to visit Greece

The beginning of October is the warmest, so this is a great time for those who enjoy swimming, taking evening walks, and sun-tanning. Towards the middle of October, the Aegean and Ionian seas begin to cool, and there are more cloudy days.

In the last week or so, the average rainfall begins to increase, and you'll want to bring warmer clothes if you want to visit Greece in October, especially during that time.

Don't fret, though. Despite the low average rainfall, the average snowfall is zero, especially in the islands and the big cities.

It all depends on where you want to explore when you visit Greece, as some islands are warmer due to their location. Keep reading for some more ideas on this topic. 

Where to Go in Greece in October

ATV ParosATV in Paros in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

Greece has 227 inhabited islands out of 6,000 islands in total. So there's a lot to explore. There are also so many attractions you can see and do, from learning about the secrets of the Acropolis to sailing in Mykonos

Santorini Weather in October 

kamari beach Zocchi Roberto shutterstockSantorini weather in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

Santorini in October has delightful weather, with average temperatures in the 70s and not dropping below 60ºF. This makes it perfect for exploring the island.

That being said, you must be aware that the average wind speed is pretty high, so you must remember to bring warm pieces of clothing with you.

Amazing Santorini: Full-Day Highlights Tour, Lunch & Wine Tasting

An amazing way to do this is by taking a highlights tour of Santorini. This includes a four-course meal, wine tasting, and entrance tickets to the Prehistoric Museum of Santorini and Prehistoric Thera. 

cliff jumping into oceanCliff-jumping into the sea - credits: 

The average sea temperature is still fantastic, at around 72ºF, so taking a sunset catamaran cruise is a brilliant way to see the local fish of the country and stare at a stunning view. This is because there are stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Even more, you can enjoy a delicious Greek lunch onboard with complimentary drinks, including beer, wine, and soda.

Mykonos in October 

Mykonos Weather In OctoberMykonos weather in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

As one of Greece's most visited islands, Mykonos can feel very busy in its peak season. This is a great thing if you want to visit Mykonos in October. It's much less crowded, which means more space on the beach. 

And while Mykonos' temperature in October begins to drop, swimming is still quite nice as the average sea temperature is around 72ºF. Mykonos is renowned for being a party island, but this is not the best time to visit. This is because parts of the island begin to close for winter. Check out this post for the best time to visit Mykonos

greece weather in octoberGreece weather in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

What's more, considering Mykonos has been nicknamed 'the island of the winds,' it is understandable that the average wind speed is particularly high throughout the year, let alone in the months of fall and winter.

For those who aren't into partying, this is a fantastic time to visit, as this island still has lots to offer. A brilliant activity is this Mykonos traditional cooking class to learn all about Mykononian food, with meze and raki (wine) provided. 

October Weather in Athens, Greece 

Athens rivieraAthens weather in October - credits: /Shutterstock.com 

As the capital of Greece, Athens is always full of sightseeing opportunities and things to do. What's more, Athens' weather in the month of October is still good. The average temperature in Athens in October is around 68ºF, with highs in the mid-70s and lows in the lower 60s.

This lower temperature in October means fewer tourists besides cruise passengers. So it's perfect for more introverted people or for those who want a more genuine experience of local life. There's also much to do for those who like to keep busy. 

Athens Evening Food Tour & Wine Tasting (Semi-Private or Private Tour)

A terrific activity, regardless of the weather, is taking a Zorba dance lesson. This is a traditional Greek dance. For those worried about being hungry afterward, fear not, as dinner is included.

This ultimate gastronomy tour is the perfect option for foodies to taste dolmades, kalamata olives, and feta.

Corfu Weather in October 

Corfu Weather in OctoberCorfu Weather - credits: Shutterstock.com

Corfu is one of seven islands in the Ionian Sea, and it's one of the favorites for summer and autumn holidays as the sun rarely stops shining.

The weather in Corfu in October is very pleasant, with an average high temperature of the 70s and an average low temperature of 60. This makes it one of the best months to visit the island. 

greek aestheticThe Greek aesthetic - credits: Shutterstock.com

What makes a trip to Corfu so brilliant, except for the warm average weather on most days, is the archaeological sites and castles. The perfect activity to learn about this island's history is this full-day tour of Achillion Palace, Paleokastritsa, and Old Town.

October is a splendid time to be here, just as much as September, as it boasts minimal crowds, giving you a more authentic experience of Corfu.

Crete in October

Crete Weather in OctoberCrete weather in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

Crete is one of the best Greek islands to visit in October if you want to place your summer vacation with an autumn one. During October, it's got very pleasant temperatures with daily maximums of 73ºF and daily minimums of 62ºF, which are experienced mostly at night.

The average sea temperature is still optimal for swimming at a balmy average of 74ºF, with long hours of daylight and sunshine.

Not to mention that the ferry schedules from and to Crete -although fewer- are still frequent, making the island easily accessible even in late October and early November.

reading by the seaReading by the sea - credits: Shutterstock.com

Compared to other areas of Greece, the weather in Crete in October is fantastic, with hardly any rainy days. This makes it perfect for visiting. As it is the biggest Greek island, there are many things to do in Crete

An exceptional thing to do is this Cretan wine and olive oil tour, especially for wine lovers. This archaeologist-guided tour of the Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is a brilliant activity for history buffs. 

Final Thoughts on Greece's Weather in October

beach barGreek beach bar in October - credits: Shutterstock.com

Greece is a terrific destination to visit in October. Since it's home to all the previously mentioned isles and cities, there's a lot to do, from swimming and sunbathing on Crete's coast to exploring Mykonos on a jeep safari

Overall, October will be a great month to visit Greece, as it's more budget-friendly and less busy with nice weather conditions and minimal rainy days. If you're looking for another marvelous time to discover this nation, of course, consider coming to Greece in the spring.

All in all, Greece's weather year-round is superb for all visitors. It all depends on what you want to get out of the experience and which popular destinations you want to visit. 

Now that you know about the high temperatures, the historical sites, the minimal average rainfall and cloud cover, the fewer crowds, and our travel tips, there is no excuse left for you to avoid a visit to Greece and the Greek Isles; the best time to visit is now, so check out our Greece itineraries and get going!

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