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Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • June offers ideal weather in Greece, with long, sunny days, warm sea temperatures, and minimal rainfall.
  • Late June marks the transition to high-season crowds, so it's best to visit in mid-June at the latest to avoid the crowds.
  • For a more relaxed experience in June, Greece has less well-known Greek islands like Kos, which you should consider exploring.
  • Each destination in Greece during June offers unique experiences, from sunbathing in Crete to partying in Mykonos, exploring nature in Athens, and delving into history in Thessaloniki.

woman AthensWoman photographing Athens - credits: Sergio Monti Photography/Shutterstock.com

Greece is a fantastic place for a trip in June. Summer in Greece is long, sunny, hot days are in full swing, but peak season has yet to arrive despite the good weather.

Though the humidity isn't too high, the sea is beginning to warm up. For spectacular weather in Greece, June is the time to go.

Days late in the month may sometimes be hot without the refreshing Meltemi breezes. Also, did you say rain? What rain?

The weather and ambiance in Greece are at their peak, and you surely cannot miss out on visiting this paradise. So be sure to head out before the high-season crowds gather.

Whether you’re planning a family trip to Greece or want or visit while the weather's nice, June is the time to go. Let's run over some important climate, temperature, and where-to-go information to help you figure out where to find the best Greece weather in June.

Weather in Greece in June – What You Need to Know

bouzoukiBouzouki in Greece - credits: Corinna Huter/Shutterstock.com

June is a scorching month with little rain across most of the nation. Greece contains several mountainous areas, and the Pindus mountains in the north influence the amount of rainfall in the west relative to the east. 

The sky is always a stunning deep blue. Additionally, the average sea temperature in Greece in June has risen to a comfortable average temperature of 72°F (22°C), which is ideal for swimming.

We can coincidentally say that the average weather in Greece in June is the most comfortable and pleasant the country has, despite being a summer month, which most are known for extreme weather conditions. It is, therefore, one of the top reasons to visit Greece in the summer.

Tip: Pack sunglasses, a sunhat, swimsuits, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts to protect against the glare of the sunlight reflecting off the whitewashed walls. Also, remember to put on sunscreen. Lobster is not in fashion this season.

In early June, you might still benefit from a few shoulder season deals, but by late June, most airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, etc., no longer provide discount rates.

The ferries are now running on full summer schedules, which is terrific news, especially for popular destinations, such as the Cyclades islands.

Where to Go During Greece June Weather

camping in greeceCamping in Greece - credits: Shutterstock.com

June in Greece is lovely, but if you detest crowds and the party scene, you should avoid the more well-known islands—especially Mykonos and Santorini—in favor of the quieter, less well-known ones.

Kos and Crete are free of the crowds that disembark from boats compared to their more famous neighbors.

So let’s do a quick rundown of where to go in Greece during June:

  1. Crete - If you’re a sunshine-chaser
  2. Kos - To get a taste of Grecian activities
  3. Athens - When you want to explore nature
  4. Thessaloniki - For some history and culture
  5. Mykonos - To have a party you’ll never forget

Crete in June

balos lagoon creteBalos Lagoon, Crete - credits: Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock.com

A spot with plenty of sunshine is Crete, the southernmost Greek island. You will have lots of opportunities to sunbathe and see places like the palace of Knossos, which is much quieter than later in the season. It's the perfect spot to avoid people, and many fun things in Crete to keep you busy.

From Chania: Cretan Wine and Olive Oil Tour

The festival of Analipsi is an occasion you shouldn't skip while in Crete. The festival is celebrated throughout the area, and a large crowd gathers on the beach to make offerings to the Gods.

Don’t let the offering part scare you, though; it’s just a lot of food. No babies were harmed.

Kos in June

kosKos Island - credits: Mindaugas A./Shutterstock.com

In June, the southern island of Kos experiences high temperatures and has a lot to offer visitors. The temperature will feel warm during the day and stay over 68°F (20°C), and the sea will be about 73°F (23°C). So if your dream is to be a fish in the ocean, then Kos, with its pleasantly warm water and pleasant average temperatures, is the spot to be.

You should visit Asklepeion. Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician who treated patients and passed on his medical knowledge to his students, and this archaeological site was created in his honor. Rumor is it was the world's first hospital. But shh, it's (supposed to be) a secret.

Athens in June

AthensAthens - credits: Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock.com

The weather in Athens, Greece, in June, is a straightforward ally for everyone who enjoys nature, wants to have a wonderful time with friends, or wants to tick off the best things to do in Athens off their list.

While mainland Greece is not as popular as the Greek island when hot weather comes out to play, Athens, Greece's capital city, sure is an exception.

Be sure to visit the Summer Plisskën Festival. One of Greece's premier events is the place to go if you enjoy live music. It offers a memorable evening by bringing some of the most well-known performers in the world to the stage.

Thessaloniki in June

thessalonikiThessaloniki - credits: Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock.com

In contrast to Athens, Thessaloniki has a relatively large day-to-day temperature variance. Be ready for some rainy days over the holidays.

Thessaloniki is perfect if you've been missing the rain in all this sunshine (although we don't understand how.)

If you're a dark history buff, the Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica must be on your list. With memories of dictatorships, tortured inmates, and even Nazi involvement, this spot does not hold very nice memories.

However, it's excellent for the macabre in us who like to spend hours watching crime documentaries (or if you get bored of heading to the beach).

Mykonos in June

mykonos beachMykonos beaches - credits: Aerial-Motion/Shutterstock.com

In June, Mykonos has scorching temperatures. Enjoy the 80°F (27°C) average high while lounging on the sandy beaches.

Mykonos is the spot to party, and SantAnna Bar and Restaurant is one of the most popular places to do that. Visitors can take it easy on the plush sun loungers by the pool, splash around in the water, or enjoy tasty sushi and shisha.

Mykonos Full-Day Sailing: Delos Guided Tour & Rhenia Swimming

For more than one reason, your new best friend will be our ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide. From pointing out the best attractions on the island to showing you how to escape the crowds, our travel guide has it all and more.

Wrapping Up Greece in June | Final Thoughts

water slideBoy water sliding - credits: Kzenon/Shutterstock.com

Whether you love meeting new people on holiday or want to bake in the sun like a lizard, there is a spot for you in Greece if you decide to visit during June.

The weather is nice and sunny, with blue skies all around. And if you miss the rain, you can even head to a rainy destination like Thessaloniki, where you will stay for a day before the rain probably bums you out.

Read this guide to help plan your Ionian escape to Greece to experience the excellence of the Ionian Islands, and be sure to go in June for the best time.

Visiting Greece in June is the best decision you will ever make!

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