Weather in Greece in April | Spring in the Mediterranean

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • The average temperature ranges between an average high temperature of 55°F and 77°F.
  • The days are longer, and the sun shines brighter, providing pleasant weather for outdoor activities.
  • Rainfall is rare, but it's advisable to bring a light rain jacket and an umbrella due to the unpredictable nature of Greek weather.
  • Greece's weather in April offers mild temperatures and clear skies, providing an opportunity to explore the country's natural beauty.

Acropolis hill Athens GreeceAcropolis Hill, Athens, Greece - credits: lefpap/Depositphotos.com

Greece is a land of unparalleled beauty where ancient ruins lie amidst sun-kissed Greek islands and rugged mountains.

Its picturesque beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine are just some of its charming elements (of which there are many!).

The average weather in Greece in spring, and April in particular, makes it the perfect time to celebrate the magic of spring in this beautiful country.

The sweet aroma of blooming flowers fills the air, the sun shines brightly, and the Mediterranean Sea sparkles like a gemstone.

naoussaNaoussa, Paros - credits: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock.com

Beyond its breathtaking natural splendor, the country is also steeped in Greek mythology, history, culture, and tradition.

Greece boasts a rich and varied cultural heritage, stretching back to ancient times and with the promise of lasting for generations to come.

Some of the world’s most iconic ancient ruins, museums, and monuments are scattered throughout the country.

Whether you are a history buff, beach lover, or culture enthusiast, Greece has something magical to offer everyone.

This guide will help you plan a trip to Greece that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Why Visit Greece in April?

ATV ParosATV in Paros Island - credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock.com

Wondering whether April in Greece is worth your time? If you want to fully experience culture and natural beauty, April is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit Greece.

With lovely weather and spring flowers blossoming, you’ll get a stunning backdrop for exploring ancient sites and charming villages.

Plus, April isn’t peak tourist season yet, so you can skip the summer crowds at all the popular tourist spots.

And let’s not forget the chance to score some amazing deals on airfare and accommodation that will help you stretch your travel budget further.

Tip: We know the eager anticipation of heading to Greece can be overwhelming, so sit back and have a look at these vacation packages.

Average Temperatures in Greece in April

bitter orange blossomBitter Orange Blossom - credits: By Drop of Light/Shutterstock.com

Now for some technical information, you might need when heading to Greece during April. As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, the average temperature ranges between an average high temperature of 55℉ and 77℉.

It’s the kind of weather that screams spending time outdoors, so be sure to pack light clothes, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat or cap.

Although rainfall is rare in spring, remember to bring a light rain jacket and umbrella, as Greece weather can be unpredictable, especially if you're visiting early in the month.

Greece’s weather in April brings mild temperatures and clear skies that will make you fall in love with the Mediterranean if you haven’t already.

There are many stunning destinations to consider, including the beautiful islands of Santorini and Naxos and the historical city of Crete

Whether you are seeking adventure, cultural enrichment, or relaxation, you will find it all in Greece in April.

Visit Santorini in April

dinner in santoriniDinner table in Santorini Island - credits: Santorines/Shutterstock.com

Let’s be honest; Santorini is an absolutely gorgeous destination to visit in Greece in April.

The island comes to life as the spring flowers bloom against a backdrop of white-washed buildings, creating a truly breathtaking setting.

The average daytime temperature ranges between 65℉ and 70℉, with evenings typically cooling down to around 53℉.

You might even encounter a few rainy days scattered throughout the month, but you can generally expect sunny days to explore all the island has to offer.

An unmissable experience in Santorini is visiting the prehistoric town of Akrotiri. This ancient settlement was buried by volcanic ash in the 17th century.

SyrosSyros Island - credits: Milan Gonda/Shutterstock.com

It was discovered in the early 20th century, and excavations revealed a well-preserved town with multi-story buildings and intricate murals.

History and archeology enthusiasts can explore the Greek ruins and gain insight into the daily life of ancient Greek civilizations.

There are many exciting things to do in Santorini in April. This time of year is packed with all sorts of adventures, and a visit will be one for the books.

With breathtaking views, epic sunsets, and a relaxed vibe, Santorini is a must-visit stop on your Greek journey.

Visit Crete in April

chania creteChania, Crete - credits: Aetherial Images/Shutterstock.com

With its mesmerizing turquoise waters, picturesque architecture, and sandy beaches, Crete is a dream destination in April.

If you’re wondering why, the island experiences pleasant weather during spring, perfect for hiking in Greece, sightseeing, and relaxing on the beach. 

The average daytime temperatures in April range from 68℉ to a maximum of 80℉, with up to 9 hours of sunshine (can someone say, “Hello sunshine!”?).

Rain is rare, and nights are pleasant and breezy between 50℉ and 60℉.

From Chania: Traditional Cretan Dancing Lesson and Lunch

For anyone interested in learning about Ancient Greece and Greek mythology, the Palace of Knossos is a must-see attraction.

This Bronze Age palace dates back to 1900 BC and is considered to be the epicenter of Europe’s oldest city. History buffs will also enjoy discovering the variety of archeological sites in Crete.

Crete is known for its delicious cuisine that emphasizes fresh seafood, vegetables, and herbs. For foodies, a traditional Cretan cooking class will be an unforgettable and indulgent experience.

With its wide variety of outdoor activities, cultural and historic sites, and beautiful natural landscapes, Crete is a destination that has something for everyone.

Visit Naxos in April

agios prokopios naxosAgios Prokopios Beach, Naxos - credits: Constantinos Iliopoulos/Shutterstock.com

Ready for another stunning Grecian island? Naxos is a breathtaking part of the Greek Islands, surrounded by sparkling coastlines and rugged mountains.

April is a fantastic time to explore the island's rich history and natural beauty. You can expect blue skies, crystal-clear water, and average temperatures between 60℉ and 75℉.

There are many exciting things to do in Naxos, and the pleasant weather is perfect for swimming, hiking, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

Naxos Castle & Portara Sunset Walking Tour

An important cultural site worth visiting is the Naxos Castle - a medieval fortress built in the 13th century to protect the island from pirate attacks.

Yes, pirate attacks. You can explore the castle's interior and soak up the panoramic views of the town and surrounding seas from its tower.

Looking for stunning scenery, cute traditional villages, and outdoor thrills? This Greek island has got you covered. With something for everyone, Naxos is sure to satisfy your wanderlust and make your holiday dreams come true.

Final Thoughts on the Weather in Greece in April

Syntagma squareSyntagma Square, Athens - credits: trabantos/Shutterstock.com

Spring is the ideal time to experience everything Greece has to offer before the tourist crowds of the summer months arrive and the higher temperatures kick in.

A great added benefit of this shoulder season is saving on your travel budget and the fact that you might even get to experience a Greek Orthodox Easter.

April weather in Greece is the perfect blend of clear skies, sparkling sunshine, and enticing turquoise waters.

Then there is also the culture, relaxation, and adventure to keep you entertained. From savoring the delicious local cuisine to experiencing the daily rhythms of Greek life, this enchanting country has it all. 

So, what are you waiting for? Learn some useful Greek words, pack your bags, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Greece.

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