The 10 Best Hotels With Private Pools in Greece

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • There is a wide range of hotels with private pools in Greece, each offering a unique experience.
  • Your stay includes opulent features like private infinity pools, jacuzzis, spa facilities, and fine dining.
  • Embracing eco-friendly travel, these hotels prioritize energy-saving, sustainability, and responsible tourism practices.
  • Whether for adults or families, discover accommodations that cater to various preferences, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

amazonAmazon Suites Resort and Spa, Mykonos - credits: Amazon Suites Resort and Spa

If you’ve been imagining a holiday in Greece, you’ve probably thought about its sparkling cerulean waters and soft sandy beaches.

Visiting the best beaches in Greece is a must-do, but some people prefer lounging by the pool instead.

Rather than sharing a pool with other guests at a hotel, why not opt for your own private pool?

Whether on the mainland or embarking on a Greek island hopping extravaganza, having a pool nearby always comes in handy.

Let’s dive in to find some of the best hotels with private pools in Greece.

Greece Hotels With Private Pools

Greece is known as a top summer destination, so it's no surprise that almost every hotel has a pool available.

Our list shows you some of the top hotels with private pools in Greece for your next trip.

Katikies Chromata Santorini, Imerovigli

katikiesKatikies Chromata Santorini - credits: Katikies Chromata Santorini

Situated on Santorini’s ancient Caldera, Katikies Chromata Hotel in Imerovigli is a romantic destination with mesmerizing views and a private pool in each of its rooms.

The hotel has an air of sophistication with its contemporary and elegant monochromatic designs.

Why We Love It:

  • You can bring small pets weighing up to five kilograms to the hotel.
  • Children younger than 13 aren’t allowed on the premises, which gives the hotel a more mature atmosphere.

Costa Navarino Resorts, Messinia

costa navarinoCosta Navarino - credits: Costa Navarino

Near Pilos in Messinia, this expansive set of resorts has everything you’d need for a perfect holiday.

The resort consists of four five-star hotels — The Romanos, The Westin, The Mandarin Oriental, and W Costa Navarino— atop 4,500 years of cultural heritage.

Why We Love It:

  • Costa Navarino has many activities, including a golf course, spa facilities, and over 20 fine dining venues.
  • Each hotel offers something different. The Westin provides a family experience, for example.

Olea All Suite Zakynthos, Planos

oleaOlea All Suite Zakynthos - credits: Olea All Suite Zakynthos

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in luxury accommodations surrounded by glistening private plunge pools of water, the Olea All Suite Hotel is perfect for you.

This five-star hotel has 93 suites with glorious Zakynthos and Ionian Sea views, and of course a private pool to swim in.

Why We Love It:

  • The executive, honeymoon, and presidential suites all have their own private pools.
  • Its quiet, romantic ambiance is perfect for couples looking for privacy and respite from the outside world.

Kalesma Mykonos, Mykonos

kalesmaKalesma Mykonos - credits: Kalesma Mykonos

Prepare to hide away in the pure, natural surroundings of Kalesma in your very own private pool. The accommodation is spacious yet simple and includes heated private pools in each suite.

Why We Love It:

  • The hotel aims to express the true essence of Mykonian hospitality or philoxenia.
  • They’re intent on energy saving and sustainability.

Amazon Suites Resort and Spa Mykonos, Agios Ioannis

amazon 2Amazon Suites Resort and Spa - credits: Amazon Suites Resort and Spa

Amazon Suites Resort and Spa boasts 60 luxurious suites in a neutral color palette.

The suites feature eclectic decor, differentiating each room from one another and your own private infinity pool, private plunge pool, or jacuzzi.

Why We Love It:

  • The over-the-top luxury honeymoon packages and stunning Sunset Greek Mediterranean Restaurant are stand-out additions to the resort.
  • The Amazonia Spa offers an authentic Turkish bathing experience in a Hammam, treatments, an indoor pool, a hair salon, and a fitness center.

Canaves Oia Sunday Suites, Oia

canaves oiaCanaves Oia Sunday Suites - credits: Canaves Oia Sunday Suites

Situated in the heart of Santorini with stunning views of the caldera, the volcano, and the sea, you feel like you’re in another world when you visit Canaves Oia Sunday Suites.

Why We Love It:

  • The hotel offers handpicked experiences to its guests, such as sailing, wine tasting, and yoga sessions.
  • Each suite includes a fairytale-like independent courtyard and a private pool.

Cave Suites Milos, Milos

cave suites milosCave Suites Milos - credits: Cave Suites Milos

Cave Suites Milos offers the perfect Cycladic experience for smaller groups, couples, and families.

This newly built hotel sits in Kaminia on Milos island, a jewel of the Aegean. Prepare yourself for ultimate tranquility and privacy while tucked away in your pool suite and private heated pool.

Why We Love It:

  • Each hotel room has a private pool facing a panoramic view of the Cyclades islands and sea.
  • Every day, there is a new activity to enjoy. Go snorkeling and canoeing, and visit secret beaches on a boat tour during your stay.

Naxos Rock Villas, Stelida

naxos rock villasNaxos Rock Villas - credits: Naxos Rock Villas

Staying at Naxos Rock Villas and Suites is a mystical experience that lives up to the mythology of Naxos Island.

Secluded, with a view of the South Aegean Sea, you’ll feel like you’re in another world during your visit.

Why We Love It:

  • The exceptional services the hotel provides are out of this world. There are many optional services, such as horse riding, hairdressing, babysitting, and much more.
  • Naxos Rock Villas is a perfect place for a family holiday as not only is it incredibly safe, but there’s something for everyone there.

Andronis Boutique Hotel, Santorini

andronisAndronis Boutique Hotel - credits: Andronis Boutique Hotel

The Andronis Boutique Hotel sits on the crescent cliff of Santorini with views that capture the beautiful sights of Oia and the Aegean Sea.

With private pools attached to every suite, you’ll love soaking up the hot Mediterranean sun all day.

Why We Love It:

  • The facilities are superb. Find yourself dining at the Lauda Restaurant, sipping champagne on the Adronis Feretti, or unwinding at the Mare Sanus Spa.
  • Their executive suite has an exotic cave plunge pool that is out of this world.

Mykonos Bliss, Kalo Livadi

blissMykonos Bliss Hotel - credits: Mykonos Bliss Hotel

This cozy hotel is above the picturesque Kalo Livadi Beach. It might not be a private beach, but it is ideal for taking in breathtaking sights, as is the whole of Mykonos Bliss.

Decorated with typical Mykonian elements, experience authentic Greek hospitality while you dine, sunbathe, and swim in luxury in your own private paradise.

Why We Love It:

  • These adult-only suites have a private pool and jacuzzi or private hot tub, making them perfect for a honeymoon in Greece.
  • The architectural design of the suites follows all-natural elements of the environment, such as wood and local stone accents.

Final Thoughts on Best Hotels With Private Pools in Greece

olea 2Olea All Suite Zakynthos - credits: Olea All Suite Zakynthos

We’ve shown you some top hotels with private pools that could swoon Poseidon.

These fine examples of Greek accommodation will leave you feeling like a Greek God as you lap the luxurious views poolside. 

Of course, in addition to the list above, many more accommodations are offering private swimming pools, with 'Dreams Luxury Suites' being a shining example.

However, these ones are our top picks we would recommend to friends and family.

Whether you're looking for your private terrace, your own private plunge pool, a private heated infinity pool, or just a plain old private outdoor pool with sun loungers to enjoy in your luxury suites for a relaxing holiday, your dreams are only a decision away.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start planning your trip to Greece now!

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