Greece Itineraries for Two Weeks

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Two weeks in Greece is not too long. In fact, it is probably not enough!
  • Athens should be the starting point of any trip to Greece
  • Don't spread yourself thin: a maximum of 5 destinations is more than enough for 2 weeks in Greece.
  • Apart from the Cyclades, the rest of the Greek island and most of its mainland are also worth your visit.

acropolis view from philopappouAcropolis views from Philopappos Hill - credits: Shutterstock.com

Greece is justifiably a destination that belongs to everyone's bucket list. It is also a place where most travelers leave with a promise of returning soon.

However, planning for your Greece trip can be difficult as Greece offers many things to visitors.

So many, in fact, that deciding how and where to spend your 2 weeks in Greece is quite a task! Especially for someone not familiar with the country.

From deciding which Greek ruins and museums to see, which gorgeous beaches you will swim in, and which islands to visit, you have so many decisions to make that making them on your own is nearly impossible.

Thankfully, together with our expert team of travel designers, we have come up with some well-thought Greece itineraries for a couple of weeks. Here they are.


Aerial view of monastiraki and the acropolisMonastiraki Square - credits: Shutterstock.com

This itinerary is perfect if you want to spend 2 weeks in Greece around some of its most popular destinations, explore the Cyclades, and enjoy a spirited holiday without the extremeness of Mykonos.

No Greece itinerary is complete without a visit to the historic Greek capital city, Athens. During the first days of your trip, make a point to walk around the wonderful historic center, which includes the Romand and Ancient Agora.

It begins opposite the Temple of Olympian Zeus, passes the city centre, giving you endless opportunities for some Athens shopping, and ends at Monasthraki Square and the hip neighborhood of Psirri.

On your first day, after arriving at Athens airport, you can go for a Best of Athens tour, where you can go on a guided tour across the Acropolis Hill and the modern Acropolis Museum and continue with a drive around some of the most popular of Greece's landmarks.

You will go to Syntagma Square to witness the Guards changing at the Parliament building and pass the National Gardens and the Panthenian Stadium, stopping on the way for photos and further exploration.

Your comprehensive tour will end in Lycabettus Hill, where you will enjoy an incredible view of the whole city.

On the following and final day in the city, it is time to explore Athens' culinary scene with an Athens for Foodies tour.

You will walk some of the most popular streets of Athens, visit offbeat spots only the locals know about, stroll the Athens Center Market, and taste mouthwatering creations that will introduce you to the gems of Greek food.

Then, spend your afternoon on a half-day trip to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. This place was wonderful. The coast road to the temple runs along the picturesque Athens Riviera, and you will stop for swimming in Lake Vouliagmeni.

The third day of your trip marks the beginning of an island-hopping adventure across the Cyclades islands and Greece! You will enjoy beaches, beautiful architecture, and sailing excursions.

naoussa parosNaousa, Paros - credits: Shutterstock.com

Your first destination is the famous island of Paros, known for its stunning beaches and the vibrancy of its nightlife.

Get to know Paros quickly and thoroughly with a Paros' highlights tour on your first day so you get acquainted with the island, learn fun facts about it from a local expert, and decide how you want to spend the rest of your time there.

On your second day, don't hesitate to embark on a Paros and Small Cyclades Full-day Sailing Adventure. There is no doubt that it will become one of the highlights of your 2 weeks in Greece!

After Paros comes the nearby island of Naxos, known for its delectable cuisine, authenticity, and greenery.

For your final day on the island, get immersed in Greek cooking with a traditional cooking class that will offer you insight into Greek cuisine and helps you get your way around a couple of the country's most popular recipes.

Kick off your stay on the island with a Naxos Highlights Tour with Tastings to get the basics in the most efficient, fun, and delicious way possible.

Then, your second day will find you on a sailing trip across Naxos and the Small Cyclades, while your stay in Naxos will end with a bang by saving the best for last.

filoti naxosFiloti, Naxos - credits: Shutterstock.com

Namely, a combination of the Old Town Flavors tour in the morning and a walking tour of Naxos Castle at sunset.

You cannot go on an island-hopping trip and omit Santorini, the most famous island in Greece. Some of the highlights of Santorini include the stunning sunset view, an awe-inspiring volcano, the quaint villages with famous whitewashing homes and hot springs, and the ancient town of Akrotiri.

Take a bespoke tour around the island on your first day to get the necessities out of the day, and spend the rest of your stay indulging in a sunset wine experience, a sunset catamaran cruise, or a private cooking class and wine tasting.

Ending your island-hopping trip on a high note, your last destination on the Aegean Sea will be the perfect Greek island of Crete.

Start from Chania with a Traditional Dancing lesson with lunch on your first day to get into the Cretan spirit, learn the steps of typical Greek dances, and have a feast of Cretan cuisine.

Then, the following day you can go to Heraklion to enjoy a Knossos delights tour that combines a food tour around Hearaklion with a guided exploration of the archaeological site of Knossos Palace.

Leave the best for last on your 2 weeks in Greece by exploring 7 of Crete's traditional villages on a tour that will bring you closer to Cretan nature and authentic lifestyle!

Combine Athens with some of the best Greek islands for a Greek vacation for the books!

Ideal for: Families, lovers of cult-classic Greek vacations, food and wine enthusiasts, and history buffs.

Recommended: 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Paros, 3 nights in Naxos, 3 nights in Santorini, and 3 nights in Crete.


  • Stroll Athens' most gorgeous neighborhoods and connect with Greek culture by mingling with its locals.
  • Marvel at one-of-a-kind archaeological sites and Greek landmarks such as the Acropolis, Portara, Akrotiri, and Knossos Palace.
  • Drink delectable Greek and Santorinian wine and try the best of Greek cuisine.
  • Discover the hype around some of Greece's most popular, cult-classic destinations.
  • Sail the Greek seas and marvel at the luxurious experience that will become a highlight of your Greece itinerary.


Anafiotika athensAnafiotika, Athens - credits: Shutterstock.com

This is the ultimate Greece itinerary if you want to spend 2 weeks in Greece visiting cultured destinations, reveling in Greek nature, and enjoying quality time with your family.

Most international flights arrive in Greece's capital, Athens, which should be the first stop for travelers visiting our country. Therefore, your Greece itinerary begins in the historical city of Athens.

The beautiful heritage and cosmopolitan vibe of the city are apparent on every corner, while the many traditional tavernas, quaint cafes, and arty shops are a reminder of the soul of a city that counts thousands of years

Start your exploration of Athens with an evening highlights tour with dinner, so you can explore the best spots of the city, its landmarks, and sites, and round up your fascinating experience with a delicious dinner that will introduce you to Greek cuisine.

For your second and final day, we highly recommend you opt for an Acropolis Delights tour that will offer a guided tour of the Acropolis and a walking food tour around the city.

In the afternoon, you can end your Athens experiences with an idyllic Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon Sunset Excursion with a Swimming Stop that will take you along Athens Rivera, stop for a dive in Vouliagmeni Lake and take you to the Temple of Poseidon just in time to catch a magical sunset.

Alternatively, if you're visiting Athens with kids, you can go for a fun Athens family treasure hunt that will keep your kids entertained, engaged, and fascinated!

The next destination for your 2 weeks n Greece is the majestic Cycladic island of Paros. Both the northern and the southern parts of the island are worthy of exploration, and you'll have three nights to do exactly that.

naoussa village parosNaousa, Paros - credits: Shutterstock.com

Take a Paros highlights tour to get to know the most beautiful and significant parts of the island. Next, you can delve into Parian cuisine with a traditional Paros cooking class, where you will cook and taste local dishes and learn the cooking methods of the locals.

Last but not least, don't leave the island before going on a Paros and Small Cyclades Full-day Sailing Tour to appreciate the pure waters of the Aegean Sea and make lasting memories.

After visiting Paros, you will go to the neighboring island of Naxos. Despite being an iconic tourist destination, Naxos has retained its authenticity while it has some of the best beaches in Greece. Our top picks include the sandy beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, and Plaka.

What's more, Naxos Old Town is a sight to behold; its ruins of Venetian castles will steal my heart.

portara naxosPortara, Naxos - credits: Shutterstock.com

Finally, traditional mountain villages like Filoti, Apeiranthos, and Halki all add great value to your island trip.

Discover the best of what the island has to offer on your first day there through a Naxos Private Highlights Tour with Tastings that combines fascinating sites with scrumptious flavors.

On your second day, you can explore Naxian cuisine and history further with our Naxos Old Town Flavors & History Tour. Reserve your afternoon for a Naxos Castle & Portara Sunset Walking Tour that will put a romantic twist to your Naxos visit.

Last but not least, make the most out of your Greek island experience with a Naxos Semi-private Sailing Trip to Small Cyclades. No amount of sailing experience will suffice to get enough of Greece's shimmering waters.

Next on your itinerary is the striking island of Crete. It is home to many beautiful beaches, numerous archaeological and museums, and some of Greece's most delicious food.

chania creteChania, Crete - credits: Shutterstock.com

There are so many wonderful places to stay in Crete, from Lasithi to Rethymno. However, our preferred regions are those of Chania and Heraklion.

Three nights on the island will fly by, especially if you fill your days with fun activities and adventures.

If you're a hiking fiend, spend a whole day hiking the famous Samaria Gorge for an unforgettable experience you'll be telling your kids about. Requiring 8 hours of hiking to get from one end to the other, it is worth your time as it will bring you close to Cretan nature and fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Another day in Crete should be spent exploring Cretan cuisine. From a traditional cooking class in Heraklion and Heraklion for foodies tour to a Cretan Wine and Olive Oil Tour from Chania and a Traditional Cretan Dance Lesson with Lunch, leave no Cretan flavor unexplored while taking in the authentic culture of the island.

Your last day on the largest island in Greece should be reserved for thoroughly exploring its ancient past. Take a guided tour of Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum to learn the history and mythology hidden in the Greek ruins through the vivid narration of your licensed guide.

Knossos Delights: Knossos Palace & Heraklion Food Tour with transportation

After experiencing the best of Crete, you'll be ready to leave for the last destination of your trip, the gorgeous island of Rhodes.

Rhodes, the largest island on the Dodecanese complex, is known for its beach resorts, ancient ruins, and remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. It is also known for its breathtaking beauty, exuberant nightlife, and its welcoming locals.

Some ideas for your days on the island:

  • Explore the charming old town of Rhodes, famously one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe.
  • Wander around Rhodes' Villages.
  • Visit the world-renowned Valley of Butterflies, famous throughout the world, & the Seven Springs, which offers the best getaway from the summer heat.
  • Visit the sandy beaches of Rhodes, such as Elli, Afandou, Ladiko, Tsambika, and Faliraki.

Rhodes, with its well-preserved Medieval city, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greece, is rich in culture, landscapes, and activities, making the final 3 nights of your trip the perfect farewell to Greece.

Ideal for: families, history enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, and everyone looking for a cultured island-hopping adventure.

Recommended: 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Paros, 3 nights in Naxos, 3 nights in Crete, and 3 nights in Rhodes.


  • Stroll the scenic neighborhoods of Central Athens and admire impressive archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, the Ancient and Roman Agora, and the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos.
  • Enjoy the high-spirited ambiance of Paros and indulge in a sailing tour of the Small Cyclades made out of dreams.
  • Savor the delicious varieties of local wine in Santorini and catch sunset views of the famous Caldera.
  • Taste the delicious Cretan cuisine and let loose in a traditional dancing lesson.
  • Stroll the impressive Medieval city of Rhodes and discover the island's history in its alleys.


Athens fish marketAthens Fish Market - credits: Shutterstock.com

When you are looking for an original Greek experience, you cannot start your trip anywhere else but in Athens, the Greek capital that makes those who are reluctant to visit it in the first place eat their words.

Athens is a hub of culture, so, you need to make sure that your two nights in the city will not go to waste. You need to experience, see and do as much as you can before heading to the Greek islands.

For your first day night, an Athens by Night Food Tour and Wine Tasting will introduce you to Greek cuisine by strolling the central streets and eating and drinking in excellent eateries.

On your second day, there will be no better thing to do than indulge in a Best of Athens tour that includes a visit to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, along with a drive around the city's most significant landmarks.

After Athens, it is time to visit the popular holiday spot in Greece, the island of Mykonos. Your first day in Mykonos should include a Mykonos Highlights tour to get a taste of the island and figure out the places you want to explore further.

MykonosMykonos - credits: Shutterstock.com

For an alternative experience, your second day on the island can include a Mykonos Jeep Safari tour that will give you a rush of adrenaline. Alternatively, for a more prestigious experience, you can indulge in a luxury Mykonos Sailing trip, including a visit to the archaeological site of Delos and a swimming stop in the islet of Rhenia.

You can keep your last day in Mykonos free from activities to explore the island and Mykonos Town on your own or get acquainted with Mykonian cuisine through a Traditional Mykonos Cooking Class.

Next on your itinerary is Santorini, the island that is bound to steal your breath with its mesmerizing landscape and imposing cliffs. Santorini's crater was the result of huge volcanic eruptions.

Today, surrounding the volcano, you will find local wineries and stunning settlements soaring up cliffs boasting typical Cycladic architecture and being dominated by the colors of white and blue.

In Santorini, you will explore a completely new world where glamor and finesse are the norm. On your first day, embark on a Private Bespoke Santorini Tour to cross off your bucket list all of Santorini's key points of interest.

ammoudi beach santoriniAmmoudi Beach, Santorini - credits: Shutterstock.com

After tasting the local wines, you can dedicate your second day on the island to marveling at the rest of Santorini's highlights with an Amazing Santorini Full-Day Highlights Tour, including lunch and a wine-tasting experience.

For your last day on the island, explore the wine production of Santorini further and catch a marvelous sunset through a Santorini Sunset Wine Experience.

Continuing the theme of Greek cuisine, your next stop will take you to Crete, the large island with the most sought-after gastronomy, even among the locals. It is no secret that Crete is home to some of Greece's best food and the most friendly people!

During your stay on the island, don't hesitate to choose among a Traditional Cretan Dancing Lesson, an exploration of 7 Traditional Cretan Villages from Chania, savor an Heraklion for Foodies Tour, or marvel at the history of the island through a Knossos Palace Guided Tour including a visit to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

If you're into hiking, don't pass up the opportunity to hike across Samaria Gorge, a huge and stunning gorge that attracts thousands of hikers every year.

After getting the most out of your stay in Crete, you will arrive at the last destination on your itinerary, Rhodes.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the rich heritage of the island on a small-group Half-Day Lindos Tour, the picturesque village found at the foot of an abrupt rock.

crete knossosKnossos Palace - credits: Shutterstock.com

Along with your friendly guide, climb all the way up to the Acropolis of Athena Lindia, which dates back to around 300 BC, one of Rhodes’ main attractions.

On the next day of your trip, you’ll have the luxury of embarking on our Small-Group Catamaran Day Cruise.

Spend 6 hours onboard enjoying the shimmering Aegean Sea and savor delicious lunch made by the courteous staff.

On your final day, you can choose to join a Rhodes Culture and Tradition Tour that will give you insight into the local culture and everyday life of the locals.

On this tour, you will unveil local cultural treasures nestled in the historical village of Koskinou; you will visit a captivating Traditional House and a pottery workshop that will excite your kids and help them express their creativity!

The perfect ending to a perfect trip!

Ideal for: lovers of Greek culture, foodies, and history buffs.

Recommended: 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos, 3 nights in Santorini, 3 nights in Crete, and 3 nights in Rhodes.


  • Explore the Athenian culture through its landmarks and culinary culture.
  • Admire the Cycladic architecture of Mykonos and sail its crystal;-clear waters.
  • Taste the delicious wine production of Santorini wine while catching one of the famous Santorinian sunsets in its Caldera.
  • Eat, dance, and explore the nature of Crete in the regions of Chania and Heraklion.
  • Stroll the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Medieval city of Rhodes and learn everything about the island's past.


Athens rivieraAthens Riviera - credits: Shutterstock.com

Most people visiting Greece in the summer are hesitant to spend time in Athens. However, no trip to Greece without a visit to the country's capital is a successful one. The urban beauty, rich culture, and fascinating diversity of Athens make it a top destination everyone is amazed by.

Start your 2 weeks in Greece by booking an Athens Evening Highlights Tour with Dinner so you can see the scenic neighborhoods and landmarks of Greece under the dimming lights and taste delicious creations of Greek cuisine as soon as you step foot in Greece.

Your next and final day in Athens is ideal for going on a Secret Acropolis tour that will help you discover the history and mythology behind the Acropolis Hill and Museum.

After your morning tour, waste no time and go on a Sounio & Temple of Poseidon Sunset Excursion with a Swimming Stop to admire Athens Riviera, swim in Lake Vouliagmeni, and visit the ancient temple that offers unmatched sunset views.

Of course, your 2 weeks in Greece would be incomplete without a visit to the Greek islands, and the Cyclades islands are always the ones stealing the show. For that reason, the next destination on your Greece itinerary will be Mykonos, the very 'queen of the Cyclades.

windmill mykonosMykonos' Windmills - credits: Shutterstock.com

Get introduced to the magnificent cosmopolitan island through a Mykonos Highlights tour and note all the spots you want to revisit during your stay. For your second day there. we highly suggest you get up close and personal with Myconian cuisine through a Mykonos Traditional Cooking Class, where you will cook and taste signature dishes made with fresh local produce.

Quintessential Greece: 12-night Trip to Athens, Mykonos & Santorini

For your final day, a full-day Mykonos sailing adventure will be the optimum farewell to the island. You will get to swim in untouched waters, be treated like royalty, and make lasting memories you will reminisce about long after your return home.

From Mykonos, hop in Paros for another three days of island magic! This stunning island is known for its long sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. Therefore, take advantage of both and spend your days lying in the sun and partying until the early morning hours.

In between, you can schedule a Paros Highlights: Half-day Private tour with Transportation to get to know the island even better, go for a Paros Traditional Cooking Class or luxuriate in a Paros and Small Cyclades Full-day Sailing Adventure.

In fact, you can do whatever your heart desires! Just let us know of your interest and preferences and we will come up with the perfect itinerary for you!

After Paros, it is time to visit the neighboring island of Naxos. The lusciously green island has managed to maintain its authenticity despite its popularity!

kastro old town naxosNaxos Old Town - credits: Shutterstock.com

Start your Naxos experience with a Naxos Highlights tour to get an overview of the island. For the rest of your stay, you can freely roam the streets of Naxos, or choose a customized activity that will cater to your needs.

Conclude your Greek island-hopping adventure across the Cyclades in Santorini, the amazing volcanic island that's on everyone's bucket list.

Kick off your stay in Santorini with a comprehensive highlights tour to get to know the island from a local's perspective.

Then, on your second day there, you can let get educated on Santorini's cuisine on a Santorini Private Cooking Class and Wine Tasting followed by a Santorini Sunset Catamaran Cruise for the ultimate fun day!

red beach santoriniRed Beach, Santorini - credits: Shutterstock.com

On your final day in Santorini, you can opt for a bespoke Santorini tour so you check off your list everything you want and haven't had time to visit including its famous beaches, such as Red Beach and Perissa!

Ideal for: island lovers, people who want to experience the most cult-classic Greek destinations, extroverts, and partygoers.

Recommended: 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos, 3 nights in Paros, 3 nights in Naxos, and 3 nights in Santorini.


  • Admire the historic city of Athens through highlights and food tours.
  • Sail the striking Aegea Sea on Mykonos Island and discover its best spots through a local highlights tour.
  • Swim in the amazing waters of Paros' many beautiful beaches.
  • See the highlights of Naxos, admire the luscious nature, and taste the fresh local produce.
  • Catch a mesmerizing sunset in Santorini and learn all about its vast wine production that counts thousands of years.


nafplioNafplio - redits: Shutterstock.com

This is an itinerary that will take you to offbeat places in Greece, showing you an alternative way to spend your two-week trip that is much more original and genuine evening during the peak season.

Of course, as always, we suggest the starting point of your trip be the magnificent Athens, with its rich culture and staggering beauty. As soon as you step foot in Athens city centre, embark on an Athens Evening Highlights Tour with Dinner to walk around the city's landmarks and taste its delectable gastronomy.

For the second day of your trip, you cannot neglect to visit the archaeological sites Athens is famous for. Take a Mythology Tour of the Acropolis the Acropolis Museum, and round up your day with a Sounio Sunset Visit.

gramvousa island creteGramvousa, Crete - credits: Shutterstock.com

Sticking to mainland Greece, your next stop on your 2-week itinerary will be the most romantic city in Greece, Nafplio.

Alongside walking Nafplio's scenic cobblestone alley and admiring its Venetian architecture, you can enjoy a day trip including an Ancient Corinth Tour and Nemea Wine-Tasting experience. It will be the perfect combination of education and fun, and will leave you in high spirits! All Greece day trips do!

On your second day in Nafplio, put another cultural twist on your vacation by going for a day trip to Mycenae and having an Epidaurus Tour.

On the next day, you can choose to marvel at a UNESCO World Heritage Site and move on to your next destination. Namely, the archaeological site of Delphi. Have fun on a guided tour around the awe-inspiring Greek ruins and have your experienced, licensed guide explain the history behind every rock.

delphi apolloDelphi - credits: Shuterstock.com

After Delphi, it is time to go to Meteora, where the imposing natural phenomenon of its steep rocks will steal your breath. Enjoy a Meteora Sunset tour and put a romantic sprinkle on your visit before leaving for Thessaloniki, the co-capital of Greece, known for its beauty and unmatched vibe.

Once you reach Thessaloniki, spend your day on a walking tour of the city to get to know it, admire the famous White Tower, and get insight into its heritage from a local. You can make mental notes and go back to the places that caught your attention.

On your second day in Thessaloniki, don't hesitate to go on a Vergina and Pella Alexander Tour to explore further the history of the beautiful city and marvel at the remnants of its past.

In order to rest, your final day in Thessaloniki can be free for you to enjoy it whichever way you want to before heading to the only island on your itinerary, the amazing Crete.

Start your visit to Crete from Heraklion and don't waste any time before going on a tour around the archaeological site of Knossos and visiting the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

elafonisiElafonisi Beach, Crete - credits: Shutterstock.com

Then, move to Chania, and take a walking tour around the striking city, admiring its architecture alongside a local expert guide and taking in the importance of the island to the history and culture of Greece.

On the Next day, you can explore 7 Traditional Villages of Crete, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate Cretan nature and visit villages that are so off the beaten path, only the locals know about.

Let your 2 weeks in Greece come to an end with a bang, by going on a Balos and Gramvousa Cruise that will sweep you off your feet.

Ideal for: people keen on alternative vacations, history buffs, lovers of nature, families, and couples.

Recommended: 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Nafplio, 1 night in Delphi, 1 night in Meteora, 3 nights in Thessaloniki, and 4 Nights in Crete.


  • Stroll the best neighborhoods of Athens under the dimming evening lights.
  • Enjoy guided tours around Greece's most fascinating ancient sites, such as the Acropolis, Delphi, and Knossos Palace.
  • Revel in Greek nature with visits to Meteora and the villages of Crete.
  • Enjoy the romantic ambiance of Nafplio and admire the excellent Venetian architecture it is known for.
  • Explore Thessaloniki, the co-capital of Greece, and learn about its thousand-year-old heritage.

Final Thoughts

santorini oiaOia, Santorini - credits: Shutterstock.com

Spending 2 weeks in Greece is a blessing!

With more than 200 inhabited islands in the country, it makes sense to concentrate your trip on the island offerings. However, that doesn't mean that the Greek mainland should be left behind!

There are numerous ancient buildings and beautiful scenery throughout the Greek mainland, central Greece, and the islands, so wherever you choose to go, you'll fall in love with the setting around you.

Two weeks can be very useful for exploring Greek highlights and lesser-visited locations. It is time to pack your bags and embark on the best vacation of your life! There is nothing holding you back!

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