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Tips & secrets for your trip to Greece

Everything is ready, including the plane tickets and hotel reservations. The experience of your forthcoming trip to Athens, the city of democracy and ancient glory, has already begun. The Greek capital has a particular side that you should meet as a traveler, hidden beauties that you can only explore if you truly become one with the locals. What better way to explore Athens like a true local than enjoying an Athens tour with Greeking.me?

The travel costs may be holding you back from touring the world, a task that is admittedly difficult to pull off with little money. That's way, in this article, you can find great tips on how to explore Athens on a budget without sacrificing high-quality experiences and comfort. It's time for you to make your dreams come true!

Athens has much to offer as a summer destination, be that a city break or a longer stay. If you’re looking for a summer getaway with glorious sunshine, idyllic beaches and a vibrant city full of history then look no further than our beloved city of Athens. It is a place with an innumerable number of things to do, impressive attractions and a rich choice of eateries that will satisfy even the most demanding of travellers. Here are 5 things you should consider if planning to spend your summer in Athens:

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