Are you a Percy Jackson geek? Go on an adventure throughout Greece and see the places where the stories of Percy Jackson took action! Tour around Peloponnese and go through the route that Percy and his friends followed to eventually reach Athens for the ultimate battle of “The Blood of Olympus”. Delve deeper into the stories and mysteries of Greek mythology, even discovering tales that the series of Percy Jackson books don’t mention. Visit the land that gave birth to the Olympian Gods and marvel upon great landmarks that showcase the reality of Greek myths! Here, we’ve got the top seven places you should visit in Greece to live your own Percy Jackson adventure!

1. The Parthenon

Get to see the Acropolis of Athens that the last big battle in the “Blood of Olympus” took place! Acropolis sits on a rocky hill boasting for a history of more than 3000 years. It is a place with unique energy and ancient structures that constituted a prototype of art and harmony for the Western civilization. The Parthenon, the famous Temple of Athena Parthenos, was the very place that all those monsters, giants and Gods clustered to end the godly war with Gaea in the “Heroes of Olympus” series! It is the greatest marvel of Acropolis and its imposing figure always amazes every visitor of the archaeological site!

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2. Delphi Oracle
Percy and his friends went through tremendous adventures after the oracle’s great prophecies. Visit Delphi and explore the famous Temple of Apollo that used to serve as an oracle during the antiquity; it also played a major role in the Great Prophecies in the Percy Jackson books. The Temple rests at a beautiful slope in Parnassos Mount overlooking Greek fir forests and lush-vegetated hills. Wander around the archaeological site of Delphi and unearth stories related to the oracle! If you want, you can also indulge in a Delphi day-trip inspired by Percy Jackson tour organized by us, where you will watch the famous tales come to life with the help of an expert guide! 

3. Sounio
We all remember when Percy Jackson found out that he was a demi-god son of the mighty Poseidon. His powerful father was the Greek God of the seas and thanks to him Percy was able to breathe underwater, communicate with all the sea creatures and regulate water movements as he wished. Visit Sounio on your own or come along on our Sounio and Temple of Poseidon tour inspired by Percy Jackson, to see the Temple of Poseidon perched on a rocky cape overlooking the vast blues of the sea. Feel the unique vibes of the place and don’t miss the chance to relish the magnificent sunset from the cape. 

4. Corinth
Do you recall Media, the powerful sorceress, from “The Lost Hero”? Well, this witch was really wicked in Greek Mythology. Visit Ancient Corinth and find out about her dark past with Jason, when she used to live there. You can also walk up to the Acrocorinth, the acropolis of Corinth, and discover the ruins of Goddess Aphrodite’s sanctuary – Piper’s mother – along with a magnificent view of the Peloponnese

5. Epidaurus
There was that moment in the “The Blood of Olympus” when everybody thought Leo, the son of Hephaestus, was gone for good. However, Festus managed to bring him back from the dead with a powerful potion given by Asclepius, the God of Medicine. Visit Epidaurus and check out Asclepius Healing Sanctuary; discover a proper ancient healing center with all the necessary facilities and unravel the stories interwoven with the God of Medicine! You can even combine the visit of Epidaurus, the gem of Argolis, with a visit to the ancient Corinth with our Percy-Jackson ancient Corint and Epidaurus tour, where you can get an insight into the Greek culture and heritage, while keeping your little ones entertained!

6. Ancient Olympia
If you are a Percy-Jackson fan, you must remember the deadly Olympic Games in the “Blood of Olympus”! Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang meet Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory, at Olympia and battle against her through a thrilling version of Olympic Games. Take an Olympia day-trip inspired by Percy Jackson, visit the historical Olympia, the small town in Elis on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, and get the chance to see the place where the great battle took place! Stroll around the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia and marvel at the place where the Olympic Games were born, the temples of Zeus and Hera, along with a proper ancient sports center. You can also run in the original Stadium, where the actual Olympic Games took place during the antiquity!

7. Crete
Do you recall when Annabeth and Percy discovered the Labyrinth by accident in the “Battle of the Labyrinth”? Visit the island of Crete and explore Daedalus’ mythical construction, built to prison the Minotaur, a monster with a human body and a bull’s head. Unravel the myths behind the King Minos, a mighty ruler of Crete, and the birthplace of Zeus, the king of the Olympian Gods! You can also get the chance to see Gavdos - a tiny island close to Crete, rumored to be Ogygia - the place where Calypso, Leo’s crush, had lived before they run off together!

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Percy Jackson stories travel all over Greece and get into the core of Greek Mythology, revealing its own realm throughout the land. Wandering around Greece, you can discover the places that inspired people to develop these beautiful tales about Gods and mortals. So, brace yourself and explore Greece through Percy Jackson’s eyes!

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