Greece is a lovely place to visit every day, month or week of the year. No matter where your adventurous nature takes you, in Greece you are sure to find picturesque scenery, tasty food, and mind-blowing experiences. There is one day, though, when the beauty of this country reaches its full potential, and that day is Sunday.

What makes this country majestic is its people. Locals carry and impart the traditions and customs of Greece to the next generation, and to people from all over the world, who visit the epicenter of the Mediterranean Sea. Weekends and especially Sunday is the time for tourists to meet relaxed natives and use this opportunity to learn more about the country.

Sunday is a bank holiday, so people, being more serene and calm, can spend their time, doing a variety of things. Religious people wake up early and go to church. Greece has an incredible amount of well-crafted temples, churches, and shrines characterized by the amazing eastern orthodox architecture. Others prefer to seize the day and stroll along the beach, admiring the seaside view, if they live in a coastal area, or go trekking and hiking in one of the many beautiful mountains of Greece. Expeditions in nature can also lead to swimming if they occur during the summer. People like going to the beach and spend their day there; either dancing in beach bars or just relaxing and enjoying the sun. The excursions don’t stop there. In winter they consist of visits to the snowy mountains that can be combined with skiing and a variety of winter sports that Greece’s innumerable skiing resorts have to offer. The protagonist, in each and every one of those experiences, is the unimaginable landscape. Even if they are locals, they can never completely get over the beauty of the scenery.

Of course, not everyone can, or wants to travel to the countryside. There are a great number of natives choosing the city over nature. Most Greek cities and towns retain some of their ancient essence and mystery, allowing people to discover Greece’s pulchritude without leaving their base. Locals spend their Sunday, visiting old temples, museums and historical sites that can be found almost everywhere in Greece. Some prefer a more casual approach, strolling along the city and admiring the neoclassical buildings that exist in the majority of Greek cities.

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Locals don’t obsess over the ancient sites and nature. They also like spending their Sundays meeting friends and family. Taking a walk with your soul mate or family in Greece is an unforgettable experience even if you are native. People go to coffeehouses in the morning or afternoon and to friendly bars in the evening where they relax, chat and socialize. At noon, there are a lot of opportunities. They either go out to eat with their whole family and friends in one of the many modern restaurants and quaint taverns, or they gather in their homes, where they all cook and have a barbecue. All of the above have one common characteristic. Sunday lunch in Greece is always about family and friends. People get together, talk, eat traditional food and drink local drinks like ouzo, tsipouro, and wine, tasting the flavor of Greece.

Furthermore, locals are no strangers to culture. Living in one of the most historic countries in the world creates a deep need for artistic outlet. Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki are considered cultural centers of Europe. Even the most remote village in Greece has a certain exhibition. The big cities are full of theaters, cinemas, street artists and bookstores. People spend their Sunday afternoon attending theater shows, galas, or going to the cinema to watch the latest movies. Although. smaller towns and villages don’t have the same amount of opportunities, they make up for it with amazing festivals and fairs where old and young people walk around and buy food, toys, souvenirs as well as watching performers and folklore dances.

Sunday is also the day of football and sports. The national football and basketball championships take place on the weekend and the peak of these events is always on Sunday. As a result, Greeks stay at home to watch the matches. Of course, Greek people are not solitary, so they usually form big groups, consisting of family, friends, and strangers who share the same love for the sport, and go out into stadiums, bars or sport cafes to watch the game. Being really expressive and passionate as a nation, Greeks transform the calm Sunday nights into lively, friendly exhibits of day-to-day life in Greece.

In conclusion, although Sunday is considered to be a day of relaxation when people have the chance to rest and prepare for the upcoming week, locals choose to be active and lively. Family reunions, friendly encounters, nature expeditions, religious practices, cultural outlets, food, and drinks are few of their activities that indicate how vibrant the Greek spirit is. Greece is not only the magical, seaside view of the setting sun; Greece is its people.