3 green corners for picnic in Athens

During your visit in Athens you may feel the need to take a short break and have a picnic. Our city has many green corners and parks to do so and all you need is a tablecloth or blanket, something to eat and of course, great company.

Picnic in Athens

#1 Philopappou Hill

Philopappou (or Filopappou) Hill, "the Hill of the Muses", is a green area to the south west of the Acropolis. You can easily reach the Hill, as it is only a 10-minute walk from Thiseion train station. Philopappou Hill is opposite to the Acropolis main entrance, so you can have a spectacular view to the Parthenon from there, especially at night. The place is a green paradise in the center of Athens and many people visit it everyday for walking, running or just to enjoy the nature. In case you want to have a picnic, you can go to Filopappou at noon and find a peaceful spot to relax. It is not advised to stay up to the hill until late, as it may be a bit dangerous after sunset.

filopappou-hillPhilopappou Hill
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Very close to the Philopappou Hill is the Pnyx Hill, the birthplace of the athenian Democracy. This is the place where the great orators of antiquity such as Demosthenes and Pericles along with athenian citizens used to gather and discuss political matters. On the far side of Philopappou is located the Dora Stratou theatre, where dancing performances take place.

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#2 Athens Riviera (summer picnic!)

During the summer months you can have a picnic in one of the beaches located in the southern suburbs of Athens. Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkyza are easily reached by tram and bus from Athens center and within less than an hour you can be transfered to a peaceful and sandy beach, away from city lights and noise. Walk barefoot on the sand, swim and enjoy the crystal waters and then lay your tablecloth on the sand. It's time for a picnic by the sea!

athens-rivieraPart of Athen's  Riviera
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#3 Athens National Garden

Athens National Garden is located next to the building of the Greek Parliament and is easily reached by Syntagma Square. It is a green oasis in the middle of the city and the perfect spot to walk and relax while having a picnic. It is a big park (15.5 hectares) so you"ll need time to stroll around and enjoy the nature. If you want to keep on wandering around Athens after visiting the National Garden, you can take the exit to Herodou Attikou Street (where the residence of the President of Hellenic Republic is located) and then visit the Kalimarmaro (Panathenaic) Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.

national-garden-athensNational Garden in Athens 
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Through Neoclassical Turns you will have the chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Greek National Gardens and relax, while having a great walking tour in Athens.