Anafiotika - credits: EnginKorkmaz/
Anafiotika - credits: EnginKorkmaz/

If you are already excited about your trip to Athens, get prepared to be even more! Read these must-do's for the historic city and make the most of out your Greek vacations!

If you're unsure of what are the absolute must-do's during your stay in Athens, here we provide you with five suggestions to help you discover the city from a local's perspective. 

 1. Drink Frappe.

Greek coffee - credits: Tomas Mehes/

That, or cappuccino Freddo, or espresso Freddo -if you like your coffee black- or even Greek coffee. Anyway, drink any coffee you prefer, cause we certainly know how to make it! If you' re a coffee lover, just like we are, then Athens will become your favorite city. Coffee shops are everywhere and the variety of the 'coffee cocktails' you can order is quite big. Two of the most famous coffee shops that are cheap yet great in quality are 'Everest', which can be found practically in every corner of the city and they serve the most amazing coffee, and 'Coffee berry'. Good coffee will power up your day, giving you the energy to explore all the treasures of the city. Don't be afraid to experiment!

 2. Go out late and explore Athens by night

Night view of Monastiraki square - credits: Trabantos/

Are you used to going out around 8.30 pm and then leaving from the bar by 2.00 am? Yeah, forget about that. Scratch off what you knew and welcome to the city that never sleeps! And by never, we mean NEVER. Do you want to go out at 2 am? Great! Take your cab and hop off to one of the city's ost vibrant and lively neighborhoods like Gazi, Monastiraki or Kolonaki. Hundreds of people will be there to join you. Enjoy your drinks and, maybe, the sunrise!

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 3. Drink ouzo & eat calamari by the sea


Friends drinking ouzo in a taverna - credits: Nadir Keklik/

You can't have enough of this, you really can't. Every time summer is approaching, we daydream of being in a taverna by the sea eating delicious fried calamaraki -fried squid- and drinking sweet cold ouzo. The relaxed spirits, the sound of the waves, the marvelous food, that's what Greeks live for. Thankfully, regardless of what you would expect, you don't need to be on an island to enjoy this experience. Just spend your day in the endless coastline of Attica and choose one of the local tavernas scattered across the shore. We highly suggest you take the early bus -the earlier the better-, go to Varkiza, enjoy your swim and then eat calamaraki, drink ouzo and get a taste of paradise.

 4. Chat with the locals

Locals in the street of Athens - credits: Heracles Kritikos/

We are known for our unpretentious hospitality. But you should also know that the majority of Greeks -even the older- speak quite decent English and will be more than happy to direct you or simply have a talk with you. We are truly sociable people and always glad to meet and welcome the travelers in our country. Therefore, don't hesitate, ask your question, make your comment and be open to new acquaintances -or even friendships!

5. Dance


People dancing in a traditional taverna - credits:NDT/

Oh, definitely dance! If you get lucky enough and go to a traditional taverna with live music you will notice the locals eating and chatting at first. But after the food is off the table, dancing takes over. It is in our culture to express ourselves through dancing. Either in a one-to-one oriental dance like tsifteteli or in a traditional circular dance like sirtaki, we never sit still. Do the same and join the circle, let loose and have a nice time. The steps are easy, the night is long and most importantly, life is short.

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In case you're planning your next trip to Athens, don't forget to join us into an unforgettable experience of Greek folk dance lesson, where you will have the chance to learn the steps of folk dances like Kalamatianos and Syrtos and then enjoy an authentic Greek feastIn order to further customize your trip to Athens, complete our 'Tailored' section and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours! Follow our suggestions and take advantage of your time in Greece to make the most wonderful memories!