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Tips & secrets for your trip to Greece

For some people, summer in Athens is a great opportunity to wander around the city with clear blue skies and admire its monuments under the bright Attican sun. Having in mind though, that July and August are typically the hottest months of the year, summer in the city can prove to be more challenging than expected. Hence, you’d better follow locals’ advice and do it like an Athenian!

The word barbarian derives from the Greek word barabaros which means one who babbles in an unknown language. People who spoke in languages that the ancient Greeks could not understand, were considered babbelers. Thus, if you visit Greece and don’t speak a few words you are a barbarian according to ancient Greek standards! So, in order to make sure you can practise a bit before you come to Greece, and to ensure you avoid the babbler status, take a look at some of the most useful Greek words and phrases that will no doubt help you get by during your stay.

As destinations go, in the grand scheme of things, Greece is universally accepted to fall under the 'summer destination' category, right? Wrong! Unbeknownst to most, the country of 6,000 islands (wait, whaaaat?), is actually a pretty cool winter destination as well. We have ski centres, warm chalets and quaint mountain villages, not to mention the vivid night life the Greeks are so famous for. Take a look at our favourite ski resorts, as well as our pick of what to combine your favourite extreme sport with.