Best Santorini Romantic Hotels | 8 Epic Getaway Spots

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Santorini is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway with stunning views and luxurious hotels. Santorini romantic hotels are to die for!
  • Iconic Santorini Hotel, Grace Hotel, Perivolas Hotel, Canaves Oia Hotel, Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel, Katikies Hotel, Vasilicos Hotel, and Chromata Imerovigli Hotel are recommended romantic hotels on the island.
  • These hotels offer amenities such as infinity swimming pools, private plunge pools, spa treatments, fine dining, and various romantic activities.
  • Activities for couples in Santorini include wine tasting, hiking, yoga sessions, horse riding, snorkeling, and catamaran cruises.

santorini overviewSantorini overview - credits: Pixabay.com

The Greek island of Santorini is the perfect place for you to escape on a romantic getaway. This paradise whisks you into a dreamland of gorgeous views and stunning luxurious hotels.

You can have a wonderful time exploring the island by taking a full-day highlights tour to enjoy lunch and wine tasting.

After a day out, you’ll want to retreat to a welcoming hotel, and Santorini has some incredible options.

The Best Santorini Romantic Hotels

While you can opt for a stay at any of the spectacular properties in Santorini, here are the best romantic hotels for that perfect Greek love affair.

Iconic Santorini Hotel, Imerovigli

iconicIconic Santorini Hotel - credits: Iconic Santorini Hotel

This stellar boutique hotel in Greece is a cave nestled on the island’s hillside and one of the best hotels in Imerovigli. In Iconic Santorini Hotel, you can escape into a cave suite where everything goes still and enjoy a quiet time with your partner.

Go on to step out into a bright Greek day with spectacular views from hundreds of feet above the sea. 

You can even book a suite with an indoor plunge pool to savor privately. 

Why we love it:

  • There’s an infinity swimming pool that gives you an amazing view of the ocean while you chill in the cool water.
  • You can start the day off with a delectable complimentary breakfast as you look out to sea.
  • What better way to let go than spending some time unwinding during a refreshing spa visit?

Grace Hotel, Imerovigli

graceGrace Hotel - credits: Grace Hotel

This romantic hotel boasts some of the best views in Greece, with an expansive panorama of the Aegean Sea. The gorgeous infinity pool brings the thrill of teetering on the edge of a cliff while enjoying a pleasant dip. 

Pristine rooms welcome in the sun through pale shutters. Grace Hotel offers luxurious suites with private plunge pools and the option of a villa, where you can enjoy your own private plunge pool.

Decide on the best romantic package for you and enjoy a stellar stay.

Why we love it:

  • The Grace Hotel’s Michelin-awarded restaurant is the perfect place to make your taste buds sing as you enjoy a delightful meal.
  • The convenience and comfort of in-room spa treatment will help you relax and be at ease in your own space.
  • Nothing is more romantic than getting the chance to spend the day with your partner on a boat trip to another island.

Perivolas Hotel, Thira

perivolasPerivolas Hotel - credits: Perivolas Hotel

You will also find this hotel perched on a cliff.

The view from each suite gives you the freedom to gaze at the beauty of the sky as it meets with the Aegean Sea. The cavernous rooms have pale walls and arches and include seating areas. 

Perivolas still has the coziness of the family home it once was and holds you in a tranquil atmosphere. Find peace in this secluded place.

It’s an excellent place to go on your honeymoon in Santorini if you just want to focus on your beloved without noisy distractions.

perivolasSantorini - credits: Pixabay.com

Why we love it:

  • Take time to relax and connect with your partner during a soothing couple massage for the ultimate intimate experience.
  • Staying fit and healthy while you travel is a must, so exploring nearby hiking trails is a great way to spend time together.
  • Center yourself with a calming yoga session that’s sure to have you even more relaxed in a peaceful environment.

Canaves Oia Hotel, Oia

canavesCanaves Oia Hotel - credits: Canaves Oia Hotel

The Canaves Oia Hotel doesn’t fail to impress any eye. It provides breathtaking Santorini views from its position on the cliffs of the island. 

This hotel stays true to the Cycladic architectural style. You’ll appreciate the beauty of its white walls.

It has 18 suites with balconies for you to choose from, which includes a honeymoon suite. It is one of the hotels in Oia, Santorini that will upgrade your stay!

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Why we love it:

  • What better way to relax than go for a full body massage to loosen all that tension.
  • It’s a dream to sip on some cocktails at the poolside bar while gazing out at the beauty of the expansive sea.
  • The Infinity Modern Greek Bistro is there to fill your tummy with some delicious Greek dishes. 

Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel, Oia

canaves epotmeCanaves Oia Epitome Hotel - credits: Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel

Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel boasts 53 villas and suites with an elegant modern design and a Cycladic influence.

It does not disappoint the eye with a stunning ocean view, and you can gaze out at the blue from the privacy of your suite.

Enjoy a delectable meal at any of the two restaurants available to guests. You could go to the Elements Restaurant & Bar and taste some modern European dishes or try out the Omnia restaurant to have some local goodness. 

Why we love it:

  • Take time to celebrate love by having a private, candlelit dinner with your other half at the Elements Restaurant.
  • You could head down to the hotel’s Wine Cellar and refine your taste buds with some fine wine or go to different wineries to have a Santorini wine-tasting experience. 
  • Feel free to bring your furry little friend because pets are allowed.

Katikies Hotel, Oia

katikiesKatikies Hotel - credits: Katikies Hotel

This luxury honeymoon hotel is located right on the edge of the sea, where you can look out and watch boats passing by.

The bright blue infinity pools of Katikies Hotel truly bring you close to the edge of the darker ocean.

The brilliant architecture leads you up to the roof, where a sun terrace lets you view the world like a king. 

Why we love it:

  • A wide range of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine restaurants are available for your dining pleasure. 
  • Katikies’ variety of spas means you get to choose the best place for you to go according to your needs.
  • The heated outdoor pool is an ideal place to spend time relaxing. 

The Vasilicos Hotel, Agios Nicolaos

vasilicosThe Vasilicos Hotel - credits: the Vasilicos Hotel

The Vasilicos is a luxury hotel situated on the Caldera cliff. It comprises seven suites, each with a spectacular view. 

You can look forward to a selection of honeymoon suites that are available when seeking what best suits you and your partner.

This elevated hotel is a good option to consider when deciding where to stay in Santorini.

Why we love it:

  • Being within walking distance of the water makes canoeing a natural option when having fun in the sea - try not to fall in!
  • You can have fun in the deep by spending the afternoon snorkeling. 
  • Spending the day at sea boating as a part of a catamaran cruise is a dream come true. 

Chromata Imerovigli Hotel, Imerovigli

chromataKatikies Chromata Hotel - credits: Katikies Chromata Hotel

The Katikies Chromata Hotel is an adult-only hotel in Greece that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

The modern style of the spacious rooms melds into the Cycladic architectural design to create bright, welcoming spaces.

Stay here and sit on your balcony as you gaze at the beauty ahead. 

Why we love it:

  • Taking some time out to go horse riding is a liberating experience.
  • You and your partner can enjoy a restful spa day together.
  • Guests get exclusive access to Katikies fine dining restaurants, which include Koukoumavlos, Katikies Lounge, and Aperitivo Bar.

Final Thoughts on the Most Romantic Hotels in Santorini

perivolas santoriniRomantic hotel in Santorini - credits: Pixabay.com

We have covered some of the most romantic hotels there are. But knowing what makes a good option a great one is super important when flying from Athens to Santorini.

Ultimately, romance comes in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the best one is an adventure all its own.

So tackle that adventure with the stellar properties in this guide and get ready for the most intimate experience as you and your partner head out to Santorini to enjoy luxuries such as your own private hot tub, a private pool, private terraces, panoramic views, and impeccable room service.

Of course, there are many more honeymoon hotels you can choose from and Santorini hotels with caldera views, like Andronis Luxury Suites and Oia Castle Hotel, most of which you can browse here.

Nothing is keeping you from the most romantic getaway of your life!

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