7 Best Hotels in Imerovigli, Santorini | Unbeatable Cliffside Accommodations

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Various hotels in Imerovigli offer unique and luxurious experiences, such as private villas, boat tours, and iconic sunsets.
  • Santorini, Greece, is a must-visit destination for its stunning beauty and awe-inspiring scenery.
  • The town of Imerovigli in Santorini offers some of the best cliffside accommodations, providing travelers with incredible views and experiences.
  • Travelers can enjoy the best time to visit Santorini, catch a breathtaking sunset in Imerovigli, and explore the town for a few days to make the most of their visit.

santoriniSantorini at Twilight - credits: Pixabay.com

Greece is the home of the Greek gods, delectable cuisine, and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery and islands. It’s no secret that Greece’s beauty attracts travelers worldwide.

If you’re visiting Greece, one of the best things to do is explore the magnificent islands dispersed across the dazzling ocean waters. Santorini is one of those islands - and what a wonder it is.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best hotels in Greece, the most romantic hotels in Santorini in the small town of Imerovigli, or Santorini hotels with caldera views, look no further. 

The Best Luxury Hotels in Imerovigli, Santorini

Let’s get right into the best cliffside accommodations in this gorgeous, small town.

Above Blue Suites, Imerovigli

above blue suitesAbove Blue Suites - credits: Above Blue Suites

Above Blue Suites is one of those special locations. It sits at the highest point of the cliffside, giving you an unbeatable view of the Aegean Sea below.

Here, you can enjoy luxury and natural beauty in one of the ten uniquely designed suites. What could be better?

Why We Love It:

  • The view is out of this world - being at the highest point of the cliffside, you get stunning views of the sea below and will be inspired by the sunset or sunrise on the horizon.
  • There is no more serene experience than lounging at the Azur Cave Bar, where you can enjoy relaxation and drinks.
  • There are many activities to choose from - whether you want to go wine tasting in the spirit of Dionysus or snorkeling amongst Poseidon’s creatures, this hotel has you covered.

Astra Suites, Imerovigli

astra suitesAstra Suites - credits: Astra Suites

Towering over the majestic cliffs of Imerovigli, Astra Suites makes you feel like you’re on Mount Olympus.

Whether you want to stay in a beautifully decorated suite or a private villa set aside just for you, this adult-only hotel in Greece is definitely one for the books.

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Why We Love It:

  • The option of staying in a private villa is fantastic - imagine lounging in your special area dedicated to you and your loved ones.
  • Astra Suites offers an incredible experience of boat tours and cruises to enjoy the most immaculate cliffside views during sunset.
  • The rooms have everything you could hope for and more - with televisions, bathroom amenities, gorgeous views from every window, and even breathtaking, private infinity pools in some cases.

Grace Hotel Santorini, Imerovigli

grace hotelGrace Hotel Santorini - credits: Grace Hotel Santorini

The stark white buildings of this hotel are posted on the cliffside along the Aegean Sea, which is enough to bring you to your knees.

At Grace Hotel, you can dine, lounge, and relax in your well-designed bedrooms, all with the most picturesque views of the Santorini coastline.

Why We Love It:

  • Set sail around the island of Santorini and enjoy the Santorini sunset as Apollo takes his journey through the sky.
  • The rooms’ spacious, simple, and marvelous design is to die for - with private TVs, decks, and even luxurious hot tubs for you to enjoy.
  • Grace Hotel is a popular location for events and weddings - and what better place to tie the knot than this remarkable spot?

Honeymoon Petra Villas, Imerovigli

honeymoon petra villasHoneymoon Petra Villas - credits: Honeymoon Petra Villas 

Aphrodite herself would marvel at the romantic atmosphere and grand scenery of Honeymoon Petra Villas.

Whether you’re adventurous, want to explore the vast Santorinian Caldera, or enjoy a private getaway with your partner, this location is for you.

Why We Love It:

  • Honeymoon Petra Villas brings you the ultimate Greek romantic vacation destination - the location boasts some of the most exciting activities to experience with your loved one.
  • Want to taste some of the most delicious food in Greece? Then look no further - this hotel will give you a five-star food and dining experience. 
  • Like most Santorini, this location provides some of the best-unobstructed views of the Caldera sunsets and surrounding islands - enough to impress even the gods.

Iconic Santorini, Imerovigli

iconic hotelIconic Santorini - credits: Iconic Santorini

Picture this - you’re in a private pool etched into the volcanic cliffs of Santorini, cocktail in hand, and you look down to see the stunning azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Well, let’s be honest, that sounds like a dream. One that is just in your grasp at Iconic Santorini, the boutique cave hotel that will elevate your Santorini experience.

Why We Love It:

  • Each lovely room is decorated to the nines and has access to Wi-Fi and TVs - not that you’d be on your devices much, considering the view from your balcony.
  • The Iconic Spa is a must-visit - a spa and wellness session is just what the doctor ordered and is one of the best things to do during your trip.
  • Did someone say ‘iconic flavors’? Yep - Iconic offers incredible dining experiences with some of the most delectable local food you could ask for.

Sophia Luxury Suites, Imerovigli

sophia luxury suitesSophia Luxury Suites - credits: Sophia Luxury Suites

Let’s set the record straight. Sophia Luxury Suites has everything you could hope for at a Santorini paradise.

Are white buildings reminiscent of local architecture? Yes. Large spacious rooms with luxury amenities? For sure. Immaculate sunset views? Absolutely! 

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Why We Love It:

  • The rooms are fit for luxury - whether in the junior suite or the superior suite of Sophia, you will have access to air conditioning, comfy beds, and all the fixings of a luxurious experience. 
  • What better way to start your day than with a traditional Greek breakfast? We all know food in Greece is second to none.
  • This hotel has several small pools and baths overlooking the cliffside, providing ultimate relaxation.

Abelonas Retreat, Imerovigli

abelona retreatAbelonas Retreat - credits: Abelonas Retreat

The bright white buildings throughout Abelonas Retreat contrast the fantastical pops of color spread across the stunning decor and cozy spaces.

Those colors are nothing compared to the sunrise and sunset hues, though. 

Why We Love It:

  • Abelonas Retreat has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool bar - so one might say it’s like catching a drink alongside Poseidon himself.
  • No matter which of the six different rooms you choose, you will always have a fantastic view waiting. Whether that be of the stunning Caldara or the never-ending blue Aegean Sea.
  • Skaros Rock is just a short distance away - so you can journey down to one of the most well-photographed spots in Santorini.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hotels in Imerovigli

santorini love sunsetCouple in love in Santorini - credits: Pixabay.com

It’s no secret that Santorini is one of Greece’s most breathtaking islands and locations. Add Imerovigli to the mix, and you’re golden - just like the fabulous hues of the sunset you’re bound to see. 

Whether you want to enjoy free private parking on your boutique hotel, catch the sun on a private terrace or private balconies, lounge by an outdoor infinity pool, soak in private hot tubs, or have dinner in an on-site gourmet restaurant overlooking the Caldera and stunning sea views, these cliffside locales are the best Imerovigli hotels in Santorini.

So while you plan your next trip to Greece, don’t forget about this picturesque town. You can even discover more about your accommodation in the island by reading about the best hotels in Fira, Santorini

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