Top Things to Do in Paros

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Paros is a beautiful Greek island known for its sunny skies, long sandy beaches, and traditional Cycladic architecture.
  • Kolymbithres Beach is considered one of the best beaches on the island, offering turquoise waters and opportunities for surfing and scuba diving.
  • Naoussa is a picturesque fishing village with cobbled streets, a Venetian castle, and a lively harbor filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants.
  • The temple of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is a well-preserved Byzantine monument worth visiting for its architectural significance.

Sunny skies, long sandy beaches, and the smell of jasmine fill the scenic cobbled streets painted in the traditional Cycladic shades of white and blue.

This is what Paros is made of. If you want to get an insight into the top things to do in Paros and learn tips only locals know, all you have to do is keep reading!

Paros is arguably one of the most beautiful Greek islands, a jewel of the Cyclades, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists year after year due to its breathtaking beauty and all-night dance clubs.

However, there is so much to do and see that it can become overwhelming for visitors. Lucky for you, we are here to offer you insight into the top things to do in Paros. We like to keep it short and sweet!  

1. Swim on Kolybithres beach

Kolymbithres Beach, Paros, Greece - credits: http://www.arttravel.gr

As one would imagine, there is much debate among locals regarding which of Paros beaches is the best. For us, and I promise we’re not alone in this, the popular vote goes to the golden beach of Kolymbithres.

Due to its fame, Kolymbithres Beach can get a bit crowded in the summer months, however, if you can look past that, you will be rewarded with turquoise waters that keep their serene calm even on the windiest of days. 

Paros and Small Cyclades Full-day Sailing Adventure

For the more adventurous visitors, Kolymbithres Beach offers an optimum scene for surfing and scuba diving, competing with Santa Maria Beach and its beach clubs. But even if surfing is not for you, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to swim next to surfers? 

2. Walk on the cobbled streets of Naousa

Street of Paros island - credits: Svetlana Ryajentseva/Shutterstock.com

Naoussa is a fishing village of Paros located on the north coast of the island. Its image is directly associated with the fishing boats tied to its picturesque fishing port, with their colors and names reflected on the sea.

Scenic cobbled alleys, with their beauty enhanced by the traditional Cycladic white and blue colors, lead to the Venetian castle on the beach of Naoussa, called Kastelli.  

When walking along the dashing and lively harbor full of cafes, bars, and restaurants, resist the urge to stop there. Instead, stroll further into Naoussa’s square, decorated naturally with eucalyptus trees and bougainvillea plants, to get the full Greek island experience. 

3. Visit the temple of Ekatontapyliani

 Temple of Panagia Ekatontapyliani - credits: www.wikipedia.org

Even if religion is not your thing, it is still worth paying a visit to the temple of Panagia Ekatontapyliani to infuse your trip with a bit of culture. Its imposing architectural structure is a sight not to be missed. 

With the temple having been restored between 1959 and 1966 by archaeologist Anastasios Orlandos, Ekatontapyliani is one of the most well-preserved monuments of the Byzantine tradition. 

Your 6th-grade teacher would be so proud.  

4. Eat at Paradosiako Patisserie

Traditional Loukoumades - credits: foodlove/Shutterstock.com

A personal favorite, Paradosiako Patisserie offers the best hangover cure: the traditional Greek dessert of loukoumades.

Loukoumades are reminiscent of doughnut holes, which are topped with honey syrup and cinnamon if you really want to indulge in tradition.

Going against tradition, a new topping for the classic dessert is Nutella, a combination that is exactly as magical as it sounds. 

Anyone with a sweet tooth would be rewarded with a visit. If, however, it’s four in the morning and you think you've had one too many shots, you need to go there. I’m pretty sure it's prescribed by doctors. 

5. Drink at Sommaripa Consolato

 View of fishing boats from the balcony of 'Sommaripa Consolato' - credits: www.moregreece.com

Whether you’re up for a relaxed drink or a wild night out, Sommaripa is the place to be.

While its name might not be Greek, everything else in it is, from its delicious cocktails to its atmosphere to the friendly and helpful staff.

A little stone house with a balcony view of the Aegean Sea, Sommaripa combines the island’s heritage with a contemporary aesthetic that reaches an audience of all ages and tastes. 

6. Walk in the Valley of Butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies is located in the area of Psychopiana, and to get there, you take the ring road that starts from Parikia heading southwest. It is a must-visit attraction, especially if you are a fan of nature.

Wild olives, figs, mulberries, pears, and dozens of other trees have been flooded by butterflies, which, hooked to the trunks, enchant even the most demanding visitor.  

It is a green, almost spooky, habitat with a small spring covered by dense vegetation. In this "earthly paradise," thousands of butterflies, including the Tiger moth, for which it is an ideal place, cover the trunks of trees! The butterflies appear from late May to late July while disappearing in August to see you again in September.

7. Go all the way up to Lefkes

lefkes paros villaaethra.grLefkes village - credits: villaaethra.gr

Apart from stunning beaches, Paros boasts incredible traditional villages. At an altitude of 250 meters, which for the Cyclades it is considered rather mountainous, Lefkes is a picturesque village built in the 16th century by Cretan and Peloponnesian refugees on the island. 

Although it isn't a fishing village, its alleys are everything you can dream of, with their picturesque aesthetic and relaxed vibe.

The village of Lefkes is perfect for afternoon walks and a stop for traditional Greek coffee and dessert in the cafe of the square, while the folklore museum of the village is definitely worth a visit. 

8. Take a windsurfing course at Chrysi Akti beach

xrisi akti paros Bill Anastasiou shutterstockThe sandy beach of Chrysi Akti, Paros, Greece - credits: Bill Anastasiou/Shutterstock.com

Watersports are admittedly a lot of fun, no matter how irrelevant you are to an athlete's lifestyle. What’s more, in addition to being entertaining, they are also completely safe; that is, of course, as long as you know how to swim.  

The beach of Chrysi Akti, in particular, is the paradise of fans of windsurfing, thanks to the ideal weather conditions and the air that blows there almost all of the time. It is also great for other kinds of watersports, such as scuba diving.

The beach is located on Paros' east coast and boasts beautifully colored, fluffy sand that stretches for almost a kilometer, with crystal clear waters that make swimming there a treat!

If you decide to visit the Golden Beach of Paros, don't forget to combine it with a visit to the New Golden Beach right beside it. It is essentially the continuation of Golden Beach, and it is a sight for sore eyes!

9. Rent an ATV and go around the island

ATV Paros Pawel Kazmierczak shutterstock copy copy copyATV in Paros - credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock.com

If you want to do something a little different than eating to your heart's content in a fishing village or swimming on one of Paros' stunning beaches, and a bit adventurous during your holidays on the Greek islands, all you have to do is rent an ATV from one of the countless rentals on the island and go around Paros with the wind ruffling your hair.

It will take you a maximum of 1 hour without stops, while you will see magical landscapes, from ancient ruins and traditional villages to secluded beaches, vibrant beach bars, and everything in between, that will remain for a long time in your memories.  

If you want to make several stops for food or swimming, you are more than welcome to do so. In this case, however, this adventure will turn into a full-day activity, which we highly recommend. It is the most fun alternative to rental cars, and we love it!

10. Have a natural spa day on Kalogeros beach

kalogeros argilos paros parospagesKalogeros beach - credits: parospages.com

Next to the big, sandy Molos Beach is the smaller beach of Kalogeros, which you will reach, through a dirt road, the "neck" of the small peninsula, which rises above the sea.

The quiet beach got its name from the legend that wants a monk -known in Greeks as ‘kalogeros’- to have committed suicide there, falling from a rock into the sea. The trademark of the beach is the special color of the sand due to the clay rocks of the area. 

Please be careful. The popular beach of Kalogeros is not the same as Monastiri beach. While the first means 'monk' and the latter 'monastery,' they are two completely different beaches, despite being just as gorgeous. 

There, you can swim in the waters or indulge in a natural spa! On the right side of the beach, there is natural clay on the rock, which you mix with water from the puddles formed by the rocks and spread all over your face and body.

Don’t be shy; you’ll find out that most of the beach’s visitors do so with reckless abandon and without a smidgen of embarrassment.  

One thing to note is that there although it isn't considered a secluded beach, there is no beach club on Kalogeros Beach, so make sure to come prepared if you want to stay for hours.

11. Explore the Ancient Marble Quarries

parospages latomeia marathi parospagesThe Marble Quarries in Paros - credits: parospages.com

You will come upon the Ancient Marble Quarries on the road to Lefkes as soon as you leave the village of Marathi. There is also a sign on the road that you can follow.

As soon as you reach the Ancient Marble Quarries, you will realize that there is no designated parking space, but there is room for a few cars on the side of the road. 

The Parian marble, the famous ‘Lychnitis,’ was a source of wealth for Paros from antiquity until the 19th century when mining stopped. Its uniqueness was due to its incredible transparency. 

The light penetrates the Parian Marble up to a depth of 7 cm, while Penteliko marble, another popular Greek marble, has a transparency of only 1.5 cm.  

A large number of marble masterpieces were made of Parian marble. Among them, the most significant ones are the Aphrodite of Milos, Hermes of Praxiteles, the Daughters of the Acropolis, the Victory of Samothrace, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Victory of Delos, and the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

12. Try the local flavors of the Greek islands

paros tavern Aetherial Images shutterstockA traditional tavern in Paros close to Santa Maria Beach - credits: Aetherial Images/Shutterstock.com

The gastronomy of Paros is full of traditional recipes that stand the test of time and are still being cooked in all the Parian houses but also in many restaurants that respect the tradition and the identity of the island.  

The traditional foods of Paros, made from a few local ingredients that respect the cycle of nature, are healthy, and many of these recipes, whether they are sweet or savory, are 100% vegetarian.

In other words, seafood, vegetables, greens, herbs, cheese products, legumes, cereals, poultry, and to a lesser extent, meat is used, with an emphasis on goat or ‘rifaki,’ as the locals call it.

13. Take in the view from the Frankish Castle of Parikia

paros frankish castle greekaThe Frankish Castle of Parikia, Paros, Greece - credits: greeka.com

Built on the highest point of Parikia in 1260 by the Venetian Duke of Naxos, the Frankish Castle catches the eyes of visitors thanks to the impressive panoramic view it offers.

It consists of clusters of ancient temples, and the purpose of its creation was to protect the island from pirate attacks.   

The castle of Parikia, or Frangokastelo, is located on the site of the ancient citadel of Paros and is one of the most important castles in the Cyclades.

The construction of the castle was made with marble from ancient Greek temples. Inside the Frankish castle of Parikia, there is the Christian Orthodox Church of Agios Konstantinos

14. Admire the Venetian Castle of Naoussa

paros venetian castle greekaThe Venetian Castle in Naoussa, Paros, Greece

The Venetian Castle of Naoussa, also known as Kastelli, is a fortified Venetian building from the 15th century, which, although half sunk, bears witness to its history and remains an attraction jewel for the area.

The observatory of the Venetian castle is half-submerged; however, the building remains a charming attraction that blends wonderfully with the blue of the sea and the shops of the port. 

15. Explore the capital of the island, Parikia

paroikia streets Sven Hansche shutterstock copy copyParikia, Paros, Greece - credits: Sven Hansche/Shutterstock.com

Even if you have decided not to stay in Parikia, a walk in the Cycladic capital is a must. Parikia, which also serves as the main port of Paros, is a magnificent labyrinth of streets and passages with marble floors and Cycladic houses with blue doors, balconies, and shutters.

Geraniums, bougainvillea, and other potted flowers give splashes of color to the white walls of the city.  

Paros Traditional Cooking Class with Transportation

Parikia, with the Mill as a trademark and its cobblestone alleys, which give the feeling of a charming, atmospheric, authentic, and beautiful region, is a sight to behold.

It is the commercial and business hub of the island and therefore boasts a variety of choices for food, drinks, and entertainment.

It is one of the most central and noisy regions of Paros, and it is definitely one of the ideal places for a walk, especially at sunset.

16. Shop on the commercial Lohagou Fokianou Street

commercial street paros johnnyafrikaCommercial street of Paros, Greece - credits: johnnyafrika.com

The main street of the island’s market, Lohagou Fokianou Street, is the perfect place to indulge in a shopping spree for yourself and your loved ones!

Along with its shops, what stands out is its unique atmosphere and the intriguing coexistence of the old architectural buildings with new establishments that host the culinary culture of Paros.  

17. Take a local cooking class and get insight into Paros’ cuisine

cooking class luk Thailand shutterstockCooking class in Paros, Greece - credits: luk_Thailand/Shutterstock.com

If you want to explore world-renowned Greek cuisine, what better way to do so than by joining a hands-on cooking class in an authentic Greek kitchen on the island of Paros?

Discover time-honored recipes that have been passed down through generations. Gain insight into the culinary culture of the island from a local chef and use the local, organic produce in order to create mouthwatering and highly nutritious delicacies.  

At the end of the Paros Traditional Private Cooking Class, you will have the opportunity and taste your prideful creations in a congenial atmosphere that will leave both your tummy and your soul satisfied!

18. Live it up in luxury through a sailing experience

catamaran sailing Milan Tomazin shutterstock copy copy copySailing in Paros, Greece - credits: Milan Tomazin/Shutterstock.com

Give yourselves the chance to explore the riches of Paros and the Small Cyclades with a Paros and Small Cyclades full-day sailing adventure in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

With the island of Paros as your base, start from Piso Livadi and get ready to visit some of the most impressive seascapes and best beaches of the Cycladic region; the Aegean Sea will look like a blue lagoon at your disposal in your eyes.  

On your way to Iraklia, dive into the location of a WWII-wrecked plane. Continue by swimming in the turquoise-colored waters in Schoinousa or Koufonissia as your crew prepares for you a delicious lunch on board.

Swim in the waters of south Naxos or, if the winds make it tricky to cross over to Naxos, round up your experience by reaching the coasts of Antiparos and Despotiko islands.

19. See the best of what Paros’ has to offer in a highlights tour

naousa through a window paros Aerial motion shutterstock copyNaoussa through a window - credits: Aerial motion/Shutterstock.com

Cherish the most all-inclusive experience on the magical island of Paros by joining a Paros Highlights Tour that will take you around the most beautiful, popular, and noteworthy regions of the island.

In just 4 hours, you will get to see what the hype around this Cycladic island is all about.  

Your local tour guide will be at your side every single step of the way during your Paros Highlights Tour, answering your questions and narrating Paros’ history, culture, and other fun facts that will make this experience an unforgettable one! 

20. Paros Aqua Water Park

paros aqua park paros.grParos Park - credits: paros.gr

If you’re visiting Paros with kids, you should not forget to include in your itinerary a visit to Paros Aqua Water Park. It is located in the bay of Naoussa, north of the island, and is a wonderful spot between 2 wonderful beaches, Kolimbithres and Monastery. They operate with seawater, and most slides end up in the sea.  

It is an ideal place for very young children that will ensure they have the fondest of memories when looking back on their Greek vacations!

21. Keep fit with fun summer activities

cliff jumping into ocean EpicStockMedia shutterstockk compressed copyCliff-jumping in Paros, Greece - credits: EpicStockMedia/Shutterstock.com

Fans of physical activity are in for a treat in Paros. If you’re a fan of hiking and your mood and physical condition depend on it, you’ll be glad to know that Paros has a variety of routes that cross the island!

Paros is also suitable for cycling, leisurely walks, or even difficult mountain routes. If you do not have your own bike, you can rent one along with the necessary equipment in many of the rental centers that exist on the island.  

What’s more, horseback riding enthusiasts will enjoy their walk in western Paros with horses available for rent from organized stables, while there are also yoga schools throughout the island that offer summer lessons for guests.

22. Drink the local, award-winning beer of Paros

mikrozythopoiia parou 56 isles greekgastronomyguide.gr56 Isles beer - credits: greekgastronomyguide.gr

The '56 Isles Aegean Wit' from Paros was titled ‘one of the six best beers in the world.’ The Paros Microbrewery won three stars, the highest distinction, at the internationally renowned British institution’s Great Taste Awards.

This Parian Microbrewery was created in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs, Marinos Alexandrou, and Nikolas Pavlakis. It is one of the largest investments in recent years in the Cyclades in the manufacturing sector.

Having started with a relatively small production, Paros Microbrewery is planning new investments to cover the growing demand from Greece and abroad.  

If you like beer, then don’t miss the opportunity to taste this one; it won’t disappoint!

23. Stroll the Paros Environmental and Cultural Park

parospages parko parospagesParos Environmental and Cultural Park - credits: parospages.com

Paros Environmental and Cultural Park is a theme park that stretches over a peninsula of 800 acres. A pioneer of its kind in the Cyclades islands, Paros Park is based on volunteering and welcomes visitors all year round for a variety of environmental and cultural activities or just for a walk in this natural place.  

In the park, there is an open-air theater, an open-air cinema for movies under the stars, hiking trails, a cafe-restaurant, and free beaches. The park works for the protection and promotion of the peninsula of Ai Giannis-Detis. There, by the sea, is the beautiful church of Ai Giannis-Detis that gives the name to the peninsula.

24. Appreciate the rich history of Paros

paros museum parosrentals.grParos Archaeological Museum - credits: parosrentals.gr

Overlooking Delos, outside Parikia, there is a sanctuary dedicated to Delios Apollo and Arteia, dating back to the 5th century BC, which housed the cult statue of Arteia, which is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Paros.

What’s more, in Agia Anna, on the road to Aliki, you should visit the sanctuaries of Pythian Apollo and Asclepius, dating back to the 4th century BC, where the whole kouros of the Louvre Museum and many Psarian relics come from.  

Of course, the Archaeological Museum of Parikia is one of the most important museums in Greece due to its exhibitions found in excavations in Paros and Antiparos, most famously the Victory of Paros, the archaic Psarini Gorgo, the poet Archilochos, and others.

As a result, you must not overlook a visit to it, along with a visit to the Folklore Museum in Marpissa, where you will admire old furniture, looms, utensils, and various other traditional objects.

25. Take a day trip to the neighboring island of Antiparos 

Antiparos Christophe Anagno shutterstock copy copyDay trip to Antiparos - credits: Christophe Anagno/Shutterstock.com

It is worth taking a day trip to visit the nearby island of Antiparos. Boats often leave from Parikia and Pounta. From the port, you can take your car with you to tour the whole island.

The ticket price is just under 2 euros. If you want to take your car with you, the ticket price depends on its size. The journey from Pounta is about 5 minutes, while from Parikia, it is about half an hour.

Antiparos is a small rocky inhabited island in the South Aegean in the heart of the Cyclades islands, which is less than a nautical mile from Paros. The shores of Antiparos are distinguished for their golden sand and crystal clear waters, and that is why the island attracts tourists during the summer months.

If you visit Antiparos on a day trip, do not forget to admire the sea caves, a real wonder of nature that dates back hundreds of years. 

Final Thoughts

While in ancient times, Paros was known for its fine marble, used in statues and temples, today it is known for its breathtaking beaches and quality way of life, and impeccable Cycladic aesthetic that inspires poetic thoughts even to the most die-hard cynics.

If you’re thinking about booking a holiday in Paros, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. With Paros (and a day trip to Antiparos) you couldn’t go wrong even if you tried!

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