Where to Stay in Naxos

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Naxos is the largest and most productive island in the Cyclades group, offering astonishing beaches, fascinating history, and abundant culture.
  • The most central and popular place to stay is Naxos Town (Chora), which offers easy access to eating and entertainment establishments, as well as numerous hotels and luxury villas.
  • Other accommodation options include Agios Prokopios, a luxury resort in Greece with a large beach, Agia Anna, a picturesque settlement with pristine beaches and a cedar forest, and the white villages of Apollonas, Halki, and Apeiranthos.
  • Some recommended hotels in Naxos include 18 Grapes Hotel in Agios Prokopios, Avgoustos Suites in Chora Naxos, Ammothines Cycladic Suites in Naxos Chora, and Naxian On The Beach Luxury Boutique Suites on Plaka Beach.

medieval castle naxos saiko3p shutterstockNaxos Medieval Castle - credits: saiko3p/Shutterstock.com

Naxos is the largest and most productive island in the Cyclades island group and has everything you could imagine and want from a Greek island: astonishing beaches, fascinating history, and abundant culture.

Practically surrounded by beautiful beaches - from bustling organized ones offering water sports and other activities during the peak season to pine-lined deserted ones away from the prying eyes of the crowds - Naxos island was once the heart of the centuries-old Cycladic cultural heritage.

In fact, it is much older than Minoan culture in southern Cyprus, and its marble-sculpted sculptures date back to more than any time in its history. Not to add that Naxos Island has a plethora of archaeological sites that offer fascinating knowledge about the Cyclades' history.

With a wonderful aura, enchanting landscapes, and hospitable people, it comes as no surprise that Naxos Island is offered for holidays of all types and budgets. When thinking about where to stay in Naxos, you need to keep in mind that there is a wide range of accommodations to choose from, and you will never feel like you are short of options. If anything, it is more likely that you feel that you do not know what to choose first.  

Here is our answer to the question 'Where to stay in Naxos?' to make your life and travel from Athens to Naxos a whole lot easier.

An overview

emerald beaches nazos Alessandro Carnevale shutterstockAn emerald Naxos beach - credits: Alessandro_Carnevale/Shutterstock.com

As with all Greek islands, Naxos is suitable both for low-budget and luxury holidays, depending on the month you visit the beautiful island and the type of accommodation you're looking for.

When looking for places to stay in Naxos, you can find neat hotels at very reasonable and affordable prices, which are located close to Naxos Chora, so that you have everything just a short walk away from you. You also have the option of choosing luxury hotels that will offer you an opulent stay with high-end facilities and unique services.

Chora is the most central point of the island and, for most, an ideal place to stay if you want to be close to the eating and entertainment establishments, as night clubs within 5 minutes from visitors' reach. Agios Prokopios, with its large beach, the resort of Agia Anna, but also the picturesque, all-white Naxos villages, such as Apollonas, Halki, and Apeiranthos, are alternative accommodation options.

Naxos Castle & Portara Sunset Walking Tour

The island has rooms at very affordable prices and suites in opulent hotels. In fact, in recent years, private villas have been built in many parts of the island, which allow independent accommodation and which you can rent for a longer stay.

Depending on the days you will stay on the island, whether you prefer the crowded center or the more secluded and peaceful places, and your budget, Naxos offers a range of accommodations to choose from, some of which are bound to suit your taste and needs.  

Here is all the information you need to decide where to stay in Naxos!

The best regions of Naxos island

Naxos Town -or Chora

naxos town view Arsenie Krasnevsky shutterstockNaxos Town - credits: Arsenie_Krasnevsky/Shutterstock.com

Naxos Town is among the most beautiful of the Cyclades, with its labyrinthine alleys inviting everyone to a setting from which no one will want to leave. At the point where the glorious past of the island meets the modern reality, countless summer memories are written, which accompany the island's visitors forever.

Picturesque Cycladic images filled with narrow alleys, Cycladic architectural buildings with colorful details converted into businesses, and Venetian mansions with their characteristic coats of arms make up a wonderful puzzle of photos that reveal the true face of the island.

Built approximately in the middle of the west coast of the island, Naxos Town is located in the ancient city of Naxos and invites visitors to an unforgettable journey through time through its famous sights.

The famous Portara, the emblematic marble gate that is the most popular attraction of the whole island, connected to it by a narrow strip of land, is located opposite the wonderful Naxos Town, while among the stops worth making there is the one at the Archaeological Museum, and the Commercial School, where legendary greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis studied for a while.

A reference point and almost synonymous with Naxos Town is the Venetian Castle that seems to "crown" Naxos Town. Traditional houses dating from the 14th and 15th centuries with the characteristic coats of arms of Catholic nobles, narrow cobbled alleys, picturesque steps, and scenic courtyards with blooming flowers make up the image of the Venetian castle that enchants the visitor.

Of course, Naxos town is the island's heart and where most accommodation options can be found. The vast majority of hotels and luxury villas are there, with the city's sights at your feet.

Agios Georgios beach

naxos chora Justin Black shutterstockSaint George beach - credits:_Justin-Black/Shutterstock.com

Agios Georgios beach has become known for its many advantages. First of all, it is just 5 minutes from Naxos Town and very close to the main port of Naxos. Secondly, Agios Georgios beach is in a location that is blocked from the strong winds that blow in the Aegean in summer, so it is available for swimmers almost throughout the summer season.

The region around Agios Georgios beach and its beautiful organized coast is full of shops, restaurants, and hotels, making an ideal seaside for your stay in Naxos. What's more, its proximity to Naxos Town makes the settlement around the long sandy beach equal parts cosmopolitan and offbeat, an element most visitors fall in love with.

Agios Prokopios beach

agios prokopios naxos Constantinos Iliopoulos shutterstockAgios Prokopios - credits: Constantinos_Iliopoulos/Shutterstock.com

Agios Prokopios beach is the most famous beach on Naxos island, and the surrounding settlement is nothing less than worthy of the beach's reputation.

The area of ​​Agios Prokopios is a tourist resort located just 5 km from Naxos Town and has a total length of 2 km. Agios Prokopios beach has one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, as it has been rated among the ten best in Europe and the third best in Greece. Agios Prokopios beach stands out for its thick sand and crystal clear waters.

Naxos by night By Markus Gebauer shutterstockNaxos by night - credits: By_Markus_Gebauer/Shutterstock.com

It is one of the most organized and stunning beaches of Naxos. It gathers a large number of visitors. There is a possibility for water sports which makes it a favorite beach of the youth.

At the beginning of the beach is the picturesque church of Agios Prokopios, which gave its name to the beach and the area. There, you can also find restaurants, shops, cafes, and hotels.

The settlement, as well as the beach, is easily accessible and has a connection with local transport, giving people who wonder where to stay in Naxos an easy solution.

Agia Anna beach

agia anna naxos experiencecollector shutterstockAgia Anna - credits: experiencecollector/Shutterstock.com

A short distance southeast of Agios Prokopios is the picturesque tourist settlement of Agia Anna, in an area with wonderful pristine beaches and a cedar forest. Blue-green waters, fine and white sand, and low vegetation make up a beautiful summer landscape.

You cannot visit Naxos and not take at least one dip at Agia Anna beach. The natural continuation of the beach of Agios Prokopios, opposite Paros, is legendary and one of the most popular on the island.

The amazing sandy beach, with the cedars offering their generous shade, is also home to the fishing port of the area. On a large part of the beach, bathers can find umbrellas and sunbeds, while the slightly more "hidden" coves of the Naxos coastline await travelers who prefer peace. Water sports enthusiasts can also indulge in their favorite pastimes.

The area has all the necessary infrastructure for its tourist flourishing, providing many accommodation options while its hospitable residents are also a big asset, making the settlement of Agia Anna a perfect place to stay in Naxos.

Plaka Beach

plaka beach naxos Christos Siatos shutterstockPlaka beach - credits: Christos_Siatos/Shutterstock.com

Plaka, an impressive beach in terms of size and beauty, is located approximately in the center of the west coast of the island in an open bay at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers south of Chora.

With endless golden sand, clear blue waters, and a view of Glaronisia and Paros, Plaka beach is the natural continuation of Agia Anna essentially.

Its trademark, the dunes that form at the back of the popular beach, which after August with the 'lilies,' seem even more exotic, as if you were in a tropical paradise.

The beach is protected from the northern summer winds (meltemia) and is one of the most famous on the island mainly because of its beauty but also for its good organization. In some parts of it you will find natural shade from cedars that grow near the sea and after August and sand flowers.

If you want to take a bath and eat something or drink, this particular beach offers you that. The settlement around it has many possibilities for accommodation and good food, as, along its entire length, there are cafes, beach bars, and taverns suitable for the most demanding traveler.


filoti naxos Apostolos Mantzouranis shutterstockFiloti - credits: Apostolos_Mantzouranis/Shutterstock.com

Filoti is a semi-mountainous village of central Naxos located at a distance of about 18 km from Naxos Town. It is the largest village of Naxos and one of the largest in the Cyclades.

The largest and most populous village of Naxos is amphitheatrically built at the foot of Mount Za (Zeus), 18 km east of Naxos Town.

Alive, with over 1,800 permanent residents, rich traditions, several important monuments and cultural centers, and many taverns and shops, the charming village of Filoti is full of life and attracts many visitors. The village consists of two neighborhoods, Rachidi and Klefaros.

Naxos bynight Heracles Kritikos shutterstock edNaxos by night - credits: Heracles Kritikos/Shutterstock.com

Wandering through its narrow streets, you will come across a multitude of beautiful buildings, such as the impressive Barotsi Tower and the imposing church of Panagia Filotitissa with its impressive bell tower and extraordinary all-marble iconostasis.

Your walks end ideally in the large central square, 'Gefyra,' for coffee and traditional snacks under the shade of the century-old plane tree. Around the square, you will find supermarkets, banks, a post office, a police station, and many shops.

The Museum of the Collection of Greek Coins of Nikolas G. Moustakis is also worth a visit, which exhibits coins and banknotes of the most recent times that were circulated in Greece and Cyprus.  

Attractions in the wider area include the impressive four-story Pyrgos of Heimarros on the way to the beach of Kalandos, the picturesque fountain of Arion, and the cave of Za on the mountainside, as well as several Byzantine churches.

The best hotels in Naxos

Here are our top picks for a Naxos island hotel you can choose when looking where to stay in Naxos.

18 Grapes Hotel Naxos

18grapes18 Grapes Hotel - credits: 18grapes.com

Offering an outdoor pool and stunning sea views, the 18 Grapes Hotel is located in Agios Prokopios in Naxos. There is a bar on the premises, where you can enjoy your drink.

All rooms at this hotel have air conditioning and a TV with satellite channels. Some have a swimming pool or garden views. All also have a private bathroom. Bathrobes, slippers, and a hairdryer are included for added comfort.

Among its long list of assets is the babysitting service the property offers, making it an ideal hotel for your stay in Naxos, even if you're traveling with kids.

You can engage in various activities, such as horse riding and windsurfing, in the area. The hotel also provides a car rental service.

Avgoustos Suites

avgoustos.grAvgoustos Suites - credits: avgoustos.gr

Located on the beach of Chora Naxos, Avgoustos Suites Naxos features a garden and free Wi-Fi. The property offers room service and a terrace.

All rooms at the hotel have air conditioning, a work desk, a balcony with a sea view, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, bed linen, and towels. They include a safety deposit box.

Avgoustos Suites Naxos serves a continental or à la carte breakfast.

Popular points of interest near the accommodation include Agia Anna Beach, Agios Prokopios Beach, and Plaka Beach. The nearest airport is Naxos State Airport, at a distance of 4 km. from Avgoustos Suites Naxos.

Ammothines Cycladic Suites

ammothinesnaxosAmmothines Cycladic Suites - credits: amothinesnaxos.com

Delve into a world of luxury and seaside views in the 5-star Ammothines Cycladic Suites. This brand-new accommodation in the heart of Naxos will impress you with its friendly staff, opulent services, and holistic approach to hospitality. 

The elegant Cycladic aesthetic Ammothines boasts matches the excellence of the surrounding landscape. The hotel is conveniently located in Naxos Chora, at a distance of 6 km from Naxos Castle and 7 km from Portara. It is established on the Naxian coastline, mere meters away from Plaka beach

Naxos Old Town Flavors & History Tour

There, you will enjoy shimmering, crystal-clear waters in combination with an extraordinary setting of golden sand dunes that give an exotic twist to the scenery. On the hotel’s premises, you will have the opportunity to revel in services that will help you achieve serenity and mindfulness

You can relax in the welcoming hands of the hotel’s employees and enjoy the sea, the sun, and the alluring nature of the island. Boasting a garden, this 5-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. What’s more, the close proximity to the beach, along with the private balconies offering stunning views out to the Aegean, will make your romantic trip to Naxos a wish granted. 

Naxian On The Beach Luxury Boutique Suites

naxianonthebeachNaxian On the Beach Luxury Boutique Suites - credits: naxianonthebeach.com

Located on Plaka Beach, literally 10 meters from the soft sand, Naxian on the Beach Hotel combines the indulgence of luxury with the carefreeness and aesthetic of a hippy way of life. This upscale hotel consists of 10 gorgeous suites decorated in true Cycladic fashion, with balconies that look out to the Aegean sea.

Despite Plaka Beach being one of the most popular on the island, the hotel frequents a private spot that is tranquil and features comfortable sunbeds where you can enjoy the sun & sound of the rippling waters.

Both the welcoming and accommodating personnel and the attention to detail Naxian on the Beach is famous for, make the hotel a dream destination for couples who want to spend their time in Naxos in a romantic setting and take advantage of upscale amenities.

Naxos portara sunset Stamatios Manousis shutterstockNaxos Portara sunset - credits: Stamatios Manousis/Shutterstock.com

Breakfast in bed, complimentary sunbeds, dinners by the beach bar, and privacy are only some of the assets of this hotel. In order to make your stay in Naxos the most luxurious and memorable experience, each room has either an indoor or outdoor Jet tub to relax in with a glass of wine and your significant other, taking in your stunning surroundings.

Upon arrival, you’ll be treated to a fruit basket, while throughout your stay, you’ll be able to make your morning coffee with the provided Nespresso machines.

Marvel at a magical sunset while lounging in luxury, comfort, and style, and discover what Greek island life is all about! 

Melidron Hotel & Suites Naxos

cMelidron Hotel & Suites - credits: melidronhnaxos.gr

Within walking distance from the pristine beach of Agios Prokopios, one discovers one of the most beautiful Luxury Hotel & Suites of Naxos.

Melidron Luxury Hotel & Suites is located in a privileged location on the island with a unique view of the famous beach of Agios Prokopios, which is only 2 minutes away from the hotel.

Fantasy turns into reality at Melidron Luxury Hotel & Suites, where the guest enjoys the luxurious services of the accommodation and is seduced by the view that spreads like an apparition before his eyes.

The 21 luxurious rooms and eight elegant suites of Melidron Luxury Hotel & Suites are an ideal choice for those looking for an elegant and luxurious hotel with a sea view.  

The elegant Cycladic design of the building, the careful selection of high-quality construction materials that ensure maximum sound and thermal insulation of the building, the modern comforts, the quality accommodation, and the aura of Naxosian hospitality.

Final Thoughts

naxos beach lukaszimilena shutterstockNaxos beach - credits: lukaszimilena/Shutterstock.com

It is impossible to describe the color of the astonishing Aegean Sea on the beaches of Naxos with words. Just as you cannot put into words the mindblowing flavors of Naxos' cuisine or the unique Greek island ambiance of Naxos.

Whether you're traveling to Naxos with kids, as a couple, with a bunch of friends, or solo, you will soon discover that Naxos is a place you will want to revisit time and time again.

From bed and breakfast accommodations to opulent hotels with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and pool bar and high-end services, wherever you choose to stay, the choice will pay off.

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