Family vacation - credits: TravnikovStudio/
Family vacation - credits: TravnikovStudio/
Are you looking for the best Greek island to travel with your loved ones, but you find it difficult to choose the perfect destination that will live up to your family’s expectations? Well, that's what we're here for! Whether you are looking for a calm family-friendly destination or a place that offers a wealth of entertainment, there is an ideal Greek island out there for you, and we'll show you which it is!
We have rounded up five of our favorites family-friendly islands, with recommendations depending on the type of holidays you think will suit you best. Be prepared to relax, enjoy extraordinary adventures and create unique memories with your kids in a country where sunny, sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters are in abundant and warm hospitality is a given.

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Travel back in time on the island of knights

Lindos during sunset - credits: kvika/
One of the most popular destinations for families with kids is the island of Rhodes. Rhodes is located on the eastern part of the Aegean Sea and it is part of the Dodecanese island group. Relaxation here comes with a hint of medieval charm. A stroll around the small cobbled alleys of Rhodes old town will bewitch you, with the unmatched aesthetic of the region satisfying even the most demanding of visitors, while a visit at the imposing Palace of the Grand Masters will make your children feel that they are taking a trip back in time. You and your children will have the extraordinary opportunity to visit one of the most historically valuable places in Greece, where the 40m statue of the Colossus of Rhodes is believed to have once stood! Additionally, this fascinating island offers a string of excellent sandy beaches with shallow waters, most of which have been awarded Blue Flags. From the eastern coast and the busy Faliraki beach, offering plenty of watersports and a vibrant nightlife, to quieter coves further down the south part of the island, you will have the chance to enjoy the world-renowned Greek sea in all of its glory. A must-visit beach excursion is Lindos, an ancient acropolis of fascinating beauty and Prassonissi, one of the most popular windsurfing spots in the Mediterranean Sea. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, don’t miss the chance to visit The Valley of the Butterflies and let your kids explore the many different species of butterflies in their natural habitat; it's a truly enlightening and rewarding experience!

Visit the 'Garden Isle'

Corfu Island - credits: Balate Dorin/

A budget-friendly destination for thousands of families every year is Corfu. Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and it is part of the Ionian island group. It is considered to have the most luscious vegetation and to be of the most beautiful Greek islands altogether, mostly because of its appealing hillside area and its verdant nature full of olive groves and cypress trees. Corfu has long attracted visitors who seek -among others- peace and quite. You and your family will be amazed by the elegant beauty of the Venetian town of Corfu, a UNESCO world heritage site. The extraordinary architecture will captivate you, while your kids will have the time of their lives exploring the maze of small streets and the colorful shops of the old town! Here, you will be spoiled by the finest beach-front hotels that offer family-friendly amenities and daily activity programs specially designed for children. And if you love music, don’t forget to book your tickets around the time of the International Corfu Festival and let your family get immersed in the long and rich musical heritage of the island. 

Travel in a place where you will never get bored

Knossos Palace - credits: Scorpp/

Greece’s largest island, Crete, is one of the most popular Greek family-friendly destinations. Crete has often been voted as the most loved island for thousands of visitors every year due to its extraordinary beauty and natural diversity. Crete is in the southern part of the Aegean Sea and it is often referred to as the jewel of the Mediterranean. If you and your family are up for experiencing ancient Greek culture, traditional lifestyle, and nature, this island is meant for you! Crete’s glorious coastline with unique sandy and rocky beaches will capture your senses, while the locals will make sure to cater to traveling families, making you feel welcome and at home. Depending on where you choose to stay, you may have the choice of enjoying adventure-filled days with lots of entertaining activities devised by your hotel. Alternatively, you can always go out and explore the island's beauties on your own or with the help of a tailor-made Greek tour designed by us!

The island’s larger cities, like Rethymno and Chania, will stun your kids with their unique architecture and narrow picturesque alleys, full of colorful souvenir shops and delightful aromas coming from the traditional tavernas which are scattered across the island. A visit to Knossos Palace and the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion should occupy the top two spots on your 'to-do' list. Let your kids get excited with the juicy myth of the labyrinth and the fearsome Minotaur. And if you are an active family, you can trek through stunning gorges like Samaria Gorge and other mythical paths, take boat trips or explore the island's caves.
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Enjoy luxury

Santorini - credits: zabara123/
Even though this one-of-a-kind island famous for its breathtaking views is usually chosen by couples, Santorini has a lot to offer to families with kids. This wondrous Greek island, part of the Cyclades, encapsulates all the iconic images you have probably imagined when thinking about the typical Greek holidays. Santorini is the home of some of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Greece with exceptional activity programs for kids. On Santorini, you'll be impressed by the magnificent nature, mostly influenced by the volcanic activity of the island and the island’s unique white and blue colors, the trademark of the Cycladic aesthetic. You and your little ones will have the opportunity to take some amazing trips to the archeological sites of Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, while the captivating colors of the island’s coastline will leave you speechless. Santorini’s dramatic, cliff-top village of Fira, overlooking the huge volcanic crater will steal your heart, while Oia will offer you the most magical sunset view.
Santorini Private Full-Day Tour With Akrotiri & Wine-Tasting

Unspoiled beauty

Naxos island - credits: saiko3p/
If you are fun of old-fashioned Greek holidays on a reasonable budget in an island with an amazing sandy coastline and surprising lush town, then Naxos is all you need. Naxos is also part of the Cyclades, being the largest and most populated island in the island group. Even though Naxos has none of the major resort hotels that have covered the coastlines of other Greek islands, it still manages to offer high-quality holidays for families that seek unique cultural experiences. Approximately 100 kilometers of white sand beaches and crystal-clear, shallow waters make Naxos the perfect destination for families with toddlers and young children. The island offers its visitors the unique opportunity to ride horses by the sea and take windsurfing lessons, experiences that your little ones will never forget. Apart from its incredible beaches, Naxos also has an amazingly rich history. Take the chance to visit striking temples, explore the impressive countryside and indulge in walking tours around the island. You can even enjoy traditional Greek food made by your own hands by joining a Greek cooking lesson!
These islands are the ideal summer hideouts to enjoy with your family. Without a doubt, holidays in Greece with kids is an excellent opportunity to make fantastic memories you and your kids will cherish for the rest of your lives! Check out our Greek island hopping guide and get ready for the ultimate Greek adventure!

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