Enter the Magical World of Folegandros Island

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Folegandros Island is a picturesque destination, known for its alternative vacations.
  • The island has a rich history dating back to ancient times.
  • Folegandros offers stunning natural beauty, including impressive rocks, caves, and clear blue waters, making it a paradise for diving and photography.
  • The island provides a perfect climate, with warm mornings and cool evenings, and is accessible on foot or by boat, eliminating the need for vehicles.

Wild and charmingly mysterious, the island of Folegandros is considered the island of couples and lovers of alternative vacations.

Its morphology is reminiscent of Santorini, with an imposing rock dominating and two large settlements located on the hills at the edge of the cliff.

The island belongs to the complex of the Southwestern Cyclades and is located between Sikinos and Milos.

It took its name from the son of Minos, while it is also called ‘Polykandros.’ Enter the magical world of Folegandros island and get insight into one of the most well-kept secrets of Greece.  

Why You Should Visit Folegandros This Summer

folegandros chora hotel castroFolegandros - hotel-castro.com

1. It has the most picturesque town in the Cyclades

The town of Folegandros is the most beautiful town of the Cyclades. Foreign media praise the picturesqueness and beauty of Chora.

You will walk carefree on the cobbled streets and squares and you will live the Cycladic fairy tale. You can even visit its Folklore Museum and get insight into its local lifestyle.

2. The sunset in Folegandros compares to that of Santorini

To enjoy the sunset in Folegandros you will go up to the church of Panagia (or Virgin Mary). From there, the whole of the Aegean will unfold before you.

The colors of the sunset contrast with the sea and will give you magical moments and even more magical photos.

3. For a swim in Katergo

Katergo is a separate chapter for Folegandros. It is probably the most famous beach on the island since both tourists and the media talk about it. You will reach it by boat.

You will swim in clear blue, transparent waters, you will be enchanted by its rich water life bottom, you will climb its famous sea rock and you will be full of experiences and images.

4. Folegandros has the perfect climate!

The Cyclades are known for being hot in the morning and extremely windy at night. In Folegandros, that’s not the case.

It is warm enough in the morning so you do not feel the need to leave the beach and cool enough at night that you will enjoy a drink comfortably, probably without even needing a cardigan.

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5. You will not need a vehicle in Folegandros

Holidays in Folegandros will take you out of the eternal dilemma of whether or not to take a vehicle with you.

Any type of vehicle, even a motorbike, in Folegandros is unnecessary since the road leads only from the port to Chora and from there to Agali Beach and Ano Meria. You can go to the rest by boat or on foot!

6. The nature of Folegandros will leave you speechless

On the island, you will see the vastness of nature. Impressive rocks, caves, and deep blue waters await you to guide you through the history of the island. Diving is imperative and photography even more so.

7. Folegandros is an ideal choice for everyone!

Whether you want an alternative vacation with your friends, or you are arranging a romantic vacation for two, Folegandros is for everyone.

You will enjoy the local spirit of ‘rakomelo’ and cocktails in well-kept shops in Chora with your friends, while if you are a type of camping you will find it highly organized in the port.

For more romantic moments you will enjoy walks, sunsets, and bars for two in Folegandros and several rooms and hotels with views to choose from.

Where to Stay

folegandros belvederefolegandrosFolegandros - credits: belvederefolegandros.com

Every corner of Folegandros is idyllic, however, the most popular regions for you to reside in are Chora, Karavostasis, Ano Meria, Agali, Petousis, and Livadi. Chora or Folegandro’s main town, is, of course, the most popular and convenient one.

In Chora, the Dounavi and Contarini squares are among the busiest and liveliest. There, but also in the alleys between them, every night the paved road is flooded by the visitors of the island, which fills not only the cafes and bars but also the terraces of the squares.

The award-winning Vrahos Boutique Hotel, located on the most picturesque slope of the island, 20 meters from the sea, has deluxe rooms with sea views and suites with private hot tubs, from where you can enjoy the unobstructed sea view, without leaving your room.

Blue Sand Boutique Hotel & Suites, is paradise on earth. Built on a slope, it is located 15 meters from Agali Beach. So close that you will almost dive out of your room. Also, in the Boutique of the hotel, you will find many Greek fashion brands you can shop from.

AMO Suites & Spa will excite you from the first moment. Luxury, comfort, and excellent value for money. The deluxe suites all have an outdoor jacuzzi to relax at any time of the day, enjoying the panoramic view from Karavostasi.

Keep in mind that the most affordable accommodation options are located on the beaches of Agali and Karavostasi. Regardless, in our humble opinion, Folegandro’s town is worth the extra money.

The Best Beaches in Folegandros

Folegandros Island Cyclades grecomaniaFolegandros - credits: grecomania.com

It is true. In Folegandros, you won’t come across comfortable sandy beaches that resemble the ones you see on postcards.

However, the peculiarity of the coasts, the green stone of Folegandros, and the fact that there is no organization with sunbeds and beach bars give personality to the otherwise quiet beaches of the island. 

The most famous and definitely impressive beach is Katergo, a crystal clear beach which you will reach by boat from the port.

Alternatively, you can reach it for a difficult path from Livadi in 30 minutes, but beware that you’ll be required to walk a difficult road under the blazing sun.

Agali is more family-friendly and comfortable, as it has taverns and shops behind it. You can access Agali Beach by car or bus. 

From Karavostasis, there is easy access to the beaches of Hochlidia and Vardia next to the port, while from there and on the way to Livadi, you will find the small beaches of Latinaki, Vicentzou, and Pountaki.

Agios Nikolaos Beach, Livadaki, Serfiotiko, and Voreina are good alternatives, but also quite inaccessible.

The Cuisine of Folegandros Island

folegandros theculturetripFolegandros - theculturetrip.com

On the island, you will find delicious gastronomic options that cover all tastes and budgets. After all, as we have already mentioned, the island’s squares are full of taverns and restaurants.

The traditional dish is called ‘matsata’. It consists of handmade pasta served with braised rooster, rabbit or ‘soutzouki’ sausage, and local cheese.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat traditional dishes, then your best bet is to go to ‘Sinantisi’ in Ano Meria village, a small village on the northern part of the island.

The ‘matsata’ there is incomparable, as is ‘karpouzenia’ the watermelon pie that is the local dessert that combines watermelon, honey, and sesame.

Another great traditional tavern is ‘Piazza,’ located in the center of Folegandros’ Chora. There, you will find homey dishes such as beef stew that will leave you salivating for more. ‘Blue Cuisine’ is also an excellent choice. It is the new gourmet proposal of Chora.

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There, you will be served gastronomic offerings from the best restaurants abroad and the most sought-after wines.

Do not miss the ‘Sardines Bruschetta’, ie sardines in sourdough bread with sun-dried tomatoes, orange sauce, and hot pepper. To top it all off, ‘Blue Cuisine’ overlooks the church of Panagitsa and offers stunning views. 

Since we mentioned the matsata -really, do not miss the opportunity to try it-, we should also talk about the opportunity to explore the island even more deliciously.

In Karavostasi and Agali you should go for fresh fish and seafood and in Chora, you will find from international cuisine to taverns that serve traditional cheese pies with "strained" cheese, cooked capers, baked chickpeas, caravolos -which is a type of snail stew-, traditional pastries and many more local products. 

In Punta, in the homonymous square, you can enjoy an incredible breakfast in the backyard. At ‘Papalagki Tavern’ in Agios Nikolaos, you will taste excellent seafood with a sea view.

Last but not least, at ‘Spitiko’ in the heart of Chora, you will have the opportunity to taste the local flavors in huge portions.

Getting Around Folegandros

folegandrosislandArtist painting Folegandros - credits: folegandrosisland.com

Folegandros is connected to Piraeus during the summer season by speedboats, daily. The journey takes 3.5-4 hours.

With conventional ferries, the journey takes about 11 hours, depending on the route. Buses connect the port in Karavostasi with Chora and Ano Meria.

There is always a connection with the ships, regardless of the time of their arrival. There are also taxis and offices that rent cars and mopeds.

Please keep in mind that Folegandros is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades, with an area of 32 square kilometers and about 650 permanent residents.

Naturally, if you are a fan of wandering, you will melt every sole of your shoes to reach from one end to the other.

You are welcome to do so, as the infrastructure is rather inviting since there are alleys and paths for routes of every taste.

From the network of 20 kilometers, the route from Chora to Stavros, Christos, Fira, and Agali stands out. It will take you approximately 45 minutes.  

There is the alternative of buses that will take you to any destination of your desire or donkeys, which can be found all over the island, and cover distances from Chora of about 2-3 kilometers to the beaches.

Greeking.me Trips Visiting Folegandros

folegandros twinsofjourneyFolegandros - credits: twinsofjourney.com

If the idea of visiting Folegandros alongside other islands sounds appealing, but you’d rather do it with the help of expert locals, then you can trust Greeking.me to take you around the island, among many more, and introduce you to its raw beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you choose to make your visit to Folegandros a romantic and intimate experience and join our Cycladic Romance: 13-Day trip to Athens, Milos, Folegandros & Santorini, or explore the best of the Cyclades with a 10-day Athens, Folegandros, Paros & Small Cyclades Exploration, you will not be disappointed!

Through our guided tours and local experiences, you will get to experience the Greek islands from the eyes of a local, avoiding all the tourist traps and enjoying an original side of Greece you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Folegandros’ well-preserved whitewashed houses with the original, Cycladic style architecture, its medieval castle built during the Venetian period, the square, the main square, the cobbled alleys, and the beautiful churches, all contribute to making the island an ideal vacation destination.

With wild beauty, steep coves, a country that looks like an ideal setting for a pirate movie, with special beaches, unique sights, and nature that will impress you, Folegandros is not just a travel destination; it is a state of mind!

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