The Best Greek Islands for Couples: A Guide to the Ultimate Romantic Getaway 

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Over 200 Greek islands offer a plethora of options for couples seeking a romantic getaway, so finding the best Greek islands for couples should be a breeze.
  • Santorini stands out as the top choice for couples, boasting sunset wine tastings, luxury hotels, and breathtaking views.
  • Mykonos, with its cosmopolitan vibe and sandy beaches, provides a blend of vibrant nightlife and serene escapes, making it a must-visit for couples.
  • Crete, a haven for outdoorsy couples, offers natural wonders, hiking trails, and romantic sunsets, making it an ideal destination for those seeking adventure and romance.

sunset greeceSunset in Greece - credits: Pixabay.com

Ready to dive into sparkling clear waters, relax at cozy hotels, and take the trip of a lifetime with your special someone? Over 200 islands await couples looking for a romantic getaway in Greece.

Whether you are passionate about historical architecture, are a certified foodie, or are searching for the world’s most stunning beaches, this guide explores the six best Greek islands for couples looking for an intimate vacation set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea.


santorini coupleCouple in Santorini - credits: Pixabay.com

Out of all the beautiful islands in Greece, Santorini ranks at the top of the list for the perfect couples holiday.

Famed for its sunset wine tastings, luxury hotel stays, and breathtaking balcony views over oceanside cliffs, this gorgeous island is a popular honeymoon destination for couples.   

Food and Activities

Regarded for its foodie culture, Santorini promises a decadent stay. Lush hillside vineyards entice couples with wine tastings and exquisite food pairings from locally sourced produce.

Cafes and restaurants lining the cobblestone pathways in town offer traditional Greek cuisine and picturesque views from whitewashed terraces.

For a cultural day out, you can discover the ancient settlement of the Akrotiri Ruins or absorb the island’s historical past at the Prehistoric Museum of Fira.

Visit quiet, picturesque villages boasting stunning hilltop views of the expansive caldera (the island’s active volcano crater), then complete your day on the multi-colored shores of a volcanic beach.

You can skip the planning and see all the best spots on a private full-day Santorini tour with wine tastings and meals.

loveCouple kissing in Santorini - credits: Pixabay.com

Romance on the Water

A romantic getaway to Santorini wouldn’t be complete without a sunset catamaran cruise. Plenty of fun stops make for excellent snorkeling and scuba diving, and you can enjoy a relaxing dip in Fira’s volcanic hot springs.

After touring the coastline, sit back hand-in-hand aboard a modern catamaran, and watch the sun set over the horizon of the Aegean Sea.

After all, it is widely known that Santorini is the best Greek island for romantic sunset-watching!

When to Visit

To save money and deal with fewer crowds, the off-season makes the best time to visit Santorini. Peak tourist season lasts from June to September, so plan your trip in May or October for the best weather.

The island’s international airport offers convenient connections to most major cities. Check in advance to find accommodations for dreamy hotels featuring infinity pools, and cliffside stays right off the beach. 


mykonos little veniceLittle Venice, Mykonos - credits: Pixabay.com

You can't make a list of the best Greek islands for couples without including Mykonos. The cosmopolitan vibe and sandy beaches of Mykonos offer a welcome invitation for couples seeking romance.

Enjoy the island’s vibrant nightlife and upscale shopping, or escape to the west coast to seek a reprieve among the quiet houses, bars, and restaurants of Little Venice with breathtaking open sea views.

Seaside Escapes

With nearly 25 beaches to explore, you can enjoy plenty of sun and sand on Mykonos. Discover watersport activities or explore a remote seaside cove.

You can find crowded beach parties or tranquil beaches for a more laid-back scene.

mykonos landscapeMykonos landscape - credits: Pixabay.com

Activities and Travel

Take to the water with a full day of sailing on the Cyclades Sea, or get an up-close view of the island’s famous windmills on a private Jeep safari tour.

Ferry trips make traveling to neighboring islands convenient, where you can take day trips to explore the Greek ruins on the nearby tiny island Delos or continue passage to Santorini. 

While having a reputation as a vivacious ‘party town,’ Mykonos Island’s scenic Cycladian architecture, exquisite cuisine, and endearing boutique hotels make it one of the best Greek islands for couples to visit.       


chania cityChania - credits: Pixabay.com

A romantic island for outdoorsy couples, Crete allows lovers to explore a wealth of natural wonders, dazzling beaches, and breathtaking sunsets over historical sites.

Embark on a romantic adventure through tropical canyons and scenic hiking trails, or seek refuge with your significant other in the hidden beach coves of Agioi Apostoloi Village.

For the best of Crete’s most romantic destinations and cultural activities, book a traditional dance lesson with your partner or explore the island's ancient ruins with a guided tour of the Knossos Palace

Timeless Santorini: A Village Stroll and Wine Tasting Experience

Crete’s Top Outdoor Activities 

As the largest island in Greece for couples to explore, Crete beckons travelers with mountainous landscapes and remarkable outdoor excursions.

Some of the best hiking areas in Crete include:

  1. Samaria Gorge: The most popular canyon for a day trek, Samaria Gorge features winding trails alongside looming cliff walls known as the ‘iron gates.’ 
  2. Zakros Gorge: Enjoy lunch by the seaside after hiking through the Gorge of the Dead. Zakros Gorge features caveside tombs from the Minoan Era etched along the trail’s towering rock walls. 
  3. Mt. Ida: A sweeping vista view awaits you and your partner after an invigorating hike up Crete’s tallest mountain, Mt. Ida.

couple creteCouple on a Cretan mountain - credits: Pixabay.com

Chania: Greece’s Most Charming Town

A trip to Chania and Balos Lagoon makes an unforgettable journey.

To seek reprieve from the sun-soaked beach, consider a wine and olive oil tour through traditional Cretan villages or embrace the finer side of Crete’s culture with a Heraklion cooking class.

Chania welcomes couples with a romantic dinner in charming alleyways as well as plenty of quaint hotels.


corfu islandCorfu Island - credits: Pixabay.com

The colorful Greek island of Corfu, with its lush greenery and striking coasts, lies off the western Greek mainland within the Ionian islands and is caressed by the mesmerizing Ionian Sea.

Drenched in cultural history, Corfu accommodates couples looking to explore a mix of paradise, beautiful beaches, and the antiquated past.

Corfu’s Old Town

Corfu’s Old Town transports you back to the eighth century, teeming with Venetian-style architecture and the extravagant Achillion Palace.

As a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Old Town offers plenty of photo-worthy landmarks and historical museums to explore with your better half.

The cobblestone streets make for great afternoon strolls to the Liston Promenade or Spianada Square to shop and dine among the buzzing crowds. 

greece corfuCorfu - credits: Pixabay.com

Sun and Fun

Surrounded by gorgeous rocky landscapes and the island’s pair of medieval fortresses, Corfu's two trademark beaches, Paleokastritsa and Glyfada, make for excellent swimming with secluded coves to cozy up in the sun.

The caves and grottoes of Spiridon Bay also make an intimate outing to explore by boat.

For romantic evenings, wander Corfu’s seaside villages and sample freshly caught seafood and delightful cocktails.


greece parosParos - credits: Pixabay.com

Situated in the Cyclades, the cosmopolitan island of Paros boasts mountainside villages, golden beaches, and a plethora of Greece’s most diverse restaurants and tavernas.

Some regard the beautiful island as a well-kept secret among the Greeks, making it an exclusive destination and one of the best Greek islands for couples.

Island Activities

Parikia and Naoussa are the island’s main city centers. Enjoy local delicacies in one of many tavernas before soaking in the lively nightlife at nightclubs and bars.

With full-day sailing excursions, private boat tours, cooking classes, and more, you can experience the best of Paros on your romantic vacation. 

house parosAlley in Paros - credits: Pixabay.com

Romance in Paros

The traditional villages of Marpissa and Lefkes offer a relaxed aspect of Paros. Roam the quiet cobbled streets along the coastline while taking in the sights of classic Cyclade-style architecture.

As the sun sets, share a glass of wine overlooking the water and appreciate your time together on this hidden gem of an island. 


naxos portaraPortara, Naxos - credits: Pixabay.com

The largest of the Cyclades island group, Naxos makes a delightful stop for couples island-hopping in Greece.

You'll have easy access to Paros, Mykonos, and Santorini Island, along with a list of wonderful small towns and villages to enjoy. 

Beaches in Naxos

Naxos boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in Greece. Located in the South Aegean, shallow, warm waters and stretches of white sand invite couples to swim as well as work on their tan. With strong summer winds, the coast of Naxos also offers water activities such as windsurfing.  

naxos townNaxos Town - credits: Pixabay.com

Naxos Port Towns and Villages

Naxos' capital city, Chora, offers amazing views of Cyclades-style whitewashed architecture along with Venetian mansions and the hilltop castle Kastro, built around the 13th century.

Other seaside villages and port towns worth exploring include:

  • Agios Prokopios: Near central Naxos, the village of Agios Prokopios contains the island’s best beaches.
  • While visiting, couples will find charming boutique hotel stays (with most of them boasting a private pool) as well as a lively seaside promenade. 
  • Agia Anna: A popular oceanfront resort, Agia Anna lets you enjoy a private beach along the Aegean Sea.
  • With close access to Plaka beach, small bars and restaurants make a perfect getaway for seaside lunches.
  • Apollonas: The secluded fishing village of Apollonas is a quiet spot where you can take advantage of a lone beach and various archaeological sites in the area.
  • Traveling to Apollonas takes couples far from the city center toward the island's northern coast. Top tip: Consider renting a car when visiting this remote part of Naxos.
  • Halki: The mountain village of Halki is a wonderful option if you want alternatives to the beach. An hour away from Chora, Halki offers a chance to appreciate the full splendor of nature and the ancient traditions of Naxos.   

Coastal Escapade: Capri, Amalfi, Naples, Athens, Paros, and Naxos

Naxos Castle

Complete your stay on the picturesque island of Naxos with a guided walking tour of the Old Town and experience each of Chora’s impressive historical monuments.

After exploring the Castle of Chora and the medieval Roman Catholic church, take in the breathtaking sunset of the Cycladic island over the famous Portara on the island of Palatia. 

Final Thoughts

port naxosNaxos' port - credits: Pixabay.com

As you navigate the azure waters and enchanting landscapes of the romantic Greek islands, the romantic allure of each destination creates an unforgettable tapestry for couples.

From the idyllic Santorini sunsets to the serene beaches of Crete and the timeless charm of Mykonos, each island offers a unique blend of tranquility and passion.

Of course there are may more Greek islands one can praise, such as the tiny Koufonisia that pack a punch. These are just a few of our suggestions.

Whether you seek intimate moments in secluded coves or vibrant experiences in charming villages, the most romantic Greek islands for couples beckon with a promise of shared adventures and everlasting memories.

Embrace the natural beauty of Greece, where love finds its perfect sanctuary among these enchanting Greek isles.

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