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Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Paros is a stunning Greek island known for its picturesque villages, Cycladic architecture, and beautiful beaches.
  • Traveling from Athens to Paros can be done by ferry, flight, sailing, or as part of an island-hopping itinerary.
  • Ferry travel offers a cost-effective option, with traditional ferries taking 3-5 hours and high-speed ferries taking 2.5 hours.
  • Flights from Athens to Paros are a quick and convenient alternative, with a flight duration of approximately 45 minutes and reasonable prices.

 greece parosSunset in Paros, Greece - credits: Pixabay.com

So you’ve picked Greece as your next vacation. We couldn’t be happier that you did! Now your Greek holiday planning can begin. 

If there’s one place that should undoubtedly make it on your itinerary, it’s Paros. Sitting in the heart of the Cyclades, next to Naxos, Paros is a stunning island waiting for you to explore. 

paros islandParos Island - credits: Pixabay.com

This island proudly boasts quaint, picturesque villages with incredible Cycladic architecture and Paros beaches, which are some of the most scenic beaches in Europe. While it seems quiet, at night, Paros becomes a different place with a nightlife scene that rivals its neighbor Mykonos. 

Greece’s capital, Athens, is a great starting point to get to this incredible island. So, how do you get from Athens to Paros? Stick around for all the insider details. 

How to Get from Athens to Paros

lefkes parosLefkes Village, paros  - credits: Pixabay.com

Now that we’ve settled that Paros is a fantastic island to visit, the next question is, how do you get from Athens to Paros? There’s no need to continue scratching your head – here are four simple ways you can travel between the two. 

1. Taking a ferry from Athens to Paros

2. Flying from Athens to Paros

3. Sailing from Athens to Paros

4. Going island hopping to reach Paros 

Ferry from Athens to Paros

naoussa parosNaoussa fishing port, Paros - credits: Pixabay.com

A ferry from Athens to Paros is a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to get from the capital to the island. The journey on a traditional ferry takes between three and five hours.

While this is a slower mode of transport, it does make for a pretty epic journey as you cruise around the warm waters of the Mediterranean. 

If you’d like to get there faster than conventional ferries, then a high-speed ferry company, like Blue Star Ferries, is your best bet since it will only take about two and a half hours, while their ferry schedules are frequent.

sunset paros main portParos' Port - credits: Pixabay.com

The downfall of a Paros ferry is that there’s a good chance of your trip getting canceled if the weather is temperamental. 

That could really put a dent in your travel plans, so sometimes slow and steady is the way to go, as traditional ferries are much larger and can power through strong winds and choppy seas. 

12-Day Family Trip to Athens, Paros and Chania

In the off-season, one or two ferries usually depart daily from the Piraeus Port. Piraeus ferry port is active all year round.

paros portNaoussa - credits: Pixabay.com

In the busy tourist season, ferry trips increase to about five to seven a day. You can catch the earliest ferry from about 07:00 am and the last one at 5:30 pm. Basically, during that time, your ferry departs whenever you want it to.

The cost of ferry tickets from Athens to Paros range between €40 ($42) and €70 ($74) for high-speed ferries, depending on the time of day you leave, the ferry companies, and whether you go in peak or low tourist season.

paros houseParos' Alley- credits: Pixabay.com

You can depart from Athens’ larger Piraeus Port near Athens city center or the smaller Rafina Port during the busy season near the airport and arrive at the Parikia Port in Paros.

That being said, from this departure port, the ferry timetables are more restricted, and you will have limited options.

You can use a tool like ferryhopper.com to help you find the best ferry and cheap ferry tickets that will work for your itinerary. 

Flights from Athens to Paros

paros alleysA traditional house in Paros - credits: Pixabay.com

Okay, we get it; not everyone is keen on jumping onto a ship and sailing away to the Greek islands and the Aegean Sea. But the good news is you don’t have to.

If you want to catch flights and not feelings, you can easily do so with a 45-minute flight from Athens to Paros and reach the Greek islands like royalty. If anyone asks, this is why you should fly to Paros from Athens Airport or any Greek island airport:

  • It’s a fantastic way to travel, especially if you have limited time
  • Flight prices are reasonably affordable
  • The visuals of flying over Greece, on your way, is amazing

10-Day Athens, Folegandros, Paros & Small Cyclades

paros sunsetParos' sunset with wine - credits: Pixabay.com

Flight tickets start at a reasonable €40 ($42) and can go up to €170 ($181) or more depending on the season and departure time.

Direct flights depart from Athens Airport and arrive at Paros National Airport. We bet you saw Athens International Airport when you arrived in Greece, and you can have the opportunity to explore it further, or even stay in one of the marvelous Athens airport hotels!

Sailing from Athens to Paros

Paros sailingSailing in Paros - credits: Pixabay.com

So perhaps you’d like to travel from Athens to Paros by boat, but the thought of sharing your space with other people is far from appealing. Ferry routes for everyone.

If you’re a hopeless romantic and want to sail away into the sunset, we’ve got good news. You can take Greek romantic vacations from Athens to Paros!

You can charter a boat and sail by yourself if you have a boat license. Alternatively, you can kick back and relax by hiring a skipper to do all the hard work and navigating for you. 

Island Hopping

paros churchOld, stone church in Paros - credits: Pixabay.com

One activity that’s popular with many travelers visiting Greece is island hopping. This is an excellent way to explore the things to do in Paros and some of the other Cyclades islands

Naxos Island and the ever-famous Mykonos and Santorini are just a short ferry ride away from Paros, so you can easily visit Paros on your way from one of the other islands.

If you are taking a cruise from Athens, it’s most likely that Paros will be a stop on your itinerary, so that’s also a convenient way to get between the two places. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Travel from Athens to Paros 

paros greeceParos' sea - credits: Pixabay.com

Well, there you have it! The top four ways to travel from Athens to Paros. As you’ve seen, traveling between the two is not as complicated as it seems, and there’s a means of transport no matter your preference. The only thing left to do is to start planning and packing your bags. 

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