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Greek history & culture

Like in all languages, in Greek we also have thousands of idioms. Some of them are spicy, some other wise, but in conclusion they all sound so strange if you' re not a native speaker. As a greek friend of ours told us sometime, she once had said to her english boyfriend to “go and cut his neck”. No, don' t be afraid, this just means “I don't care, do everything necessary about it, now”.

The ancient greek world was a blend of wisdom, science and achievements. The great thinkers of this time have many to teach us about life, virtue and happiness. We often feel amazed by the simplicity and the importance of some phrases we read, written by men 2.000 years ago, that remain, even today, significant lessons about our own life. In this article we will talk about three of these phrases that represent great values of the ancient greek people. We should not forget, though, that these virtues are still significant in this time we live -maybe more than ever.

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