Greek history & culture

Carnival is a festive season people either love or hate. While it makes some people excited, eager to dress up and go silly with their friends, it also irritates others that find no sense in dressing up. In our country, there are several local customs which remain to exist throughout the centuries, despite being somewhat forgotten by younger generations. Even if you are one of those who dislike being silly, you should not miss the opportunity to visit a small town in Greece to enjoy the most popular Greek carnival fest. You can immerse yourself into the Greek carnival traditions through modern carnival parades, in Renti or Moschato of Athens, Patra, Rethymno or Ksanthi.

Just like in every language, in Greek, we have thousands of idioms. Some of them are a bit naughty, some of them are wise, but all of them sound absolutely absurd to a non-native speaker. Therefore, if you hear a Greek telling you to “go and cut your neck”, don't be alarmed as this Greek idiom simply translates to “I don't care, do everything necessary about a situation, but do it now”.

The ancient Greek world was a blend of wisdom, science, and achievements.  We often feel amazed by the simplicity of some powerful quotes we read by men that lived up to 2.000 years ago, that serve even to this day, as significant lessons about life. Let's present to you three of these quotes that represent great values of the ancient Greeks; their timelessness is impressive, as these virtues are still vital now more than ever.