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Greek food guide

Our Athens for Foodies tour is a real head-first dive into the Greek gastronomy that tourists often miss on their trips to Greece. There is so much more to the Greek cuisine then moussaka and souvlaki; in-fact, during the tour, you will learn that moussaka is one of Greece’s most recent food inventions! That being said, this tour will not only satisfy your palate and your belly, but you will also leave intellectually satisfied as this is a 4-hour tour of Greek gastronomy history which is very influenced by the historical and cultural progression of the country.

Greece may be best known for its Caribbean-like beaches, ancient history, and avid nightlife, which are all true, but make up only some pieces of the beautiful Greek puzzle. An often underrated side of Greece, which some may not be as familiar with, is its cuisine and the high-quality of food that the country has to offer... Psych! Everyone knows Greece's food is the cat's meow, and here we'll explain why!

The Greeks may be known more for their great food and folk dancing abilities, and less for their range of alcoholic beverages, but you can rest assured that, as a nation, they know how to drink! As one of the most ancient civilizations, Greece has a rich history in wine production and wine drinking, and although one could write an essay on the plethora of delicious Greek wines, this article will go into detail about some other Greek spirits that the average traveler would not likely know or hear about. Read below the unique heritage and origins of the top Greek spirits, and make a toast to your upcoming vacation in Greece!


For the Cycladic island of Sifnos this year has been particularly special with a celebration of 10 years of their inspired gastronomy festival held in the picturesque town of Artemonas. Quite unlike any other foodie festival in Greece, this celebration of Hellenic cuisine, produce, craftsmanship and artisanry is an entirely free event with an emphasis on encouraging the next generation to continue to build on their national cuisine.

Greece may be famous for its rich history and striking landscapes, but if you thought you were only coming for statues, beaches and an iridescent sun, think twice. The Greek cuisine is at the core of Greek culture and its delights are not be missed by anyone who visits the country. Everything made in Greece is fresh, rich, satisfying and packed full of flavor. However, similar to many other holiday destinations, trying to navigate the tourist traps can be challenging, and even when you do, you may find yourself unsure of what to order. That's why we're here; let us give you a head start and show you how to order like a local!

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