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The Greeks may be known more for their great food and folk dancing abilities, and less for their range of alcoholic beverages, but you can rest assured that, as a nation, they know how to drink! As one of the most ancient civilizations, Greece has a rich history in wine production and wine drinking, and although one could write an essay on the plethora of delicious Greek wines, this article will go into detail about some other Greek spirits that the average traveler would not likely know or hear about. Read below the unique heritage and origins of the top Greek spirits, and make a toast to your upcoming vacation in Greece

Who doesn’t want an excuse to stuff their face with delicious treats? And what could possibly be a better excuse than Christmas? Greece is known for its magnificent food and the festive season presents itself as another opportunity to explore the Greek cuisine that is guaranteed to -once again- impress you. Here you will find our list of our favorite Christmas treats that you should absolutely try while visiting Greece on Christmas!

To most people's minds, Greece is associated with good food. A great variety of products, fresh meat, vegetables, amazing cheese, the Greek souvlaki, and more, are some of the reasons to choose Greece as a holiday destination. But what if you were a vegetarian? Would that be a problem? Of course not! Since ancient times, Greeks have always followed the Mediterranean diet, which equals the use of less meat, more vegetables, and legumes. Therefore, Greek cuisine can provide plenty of local delicacies made for vegetarians that are in no way shape or form inferior to any other traditional Greek dishes.

A trip to Greece equals an exciting journey through Greek gastronomy; after all, it is common knowledge that in order to get a fully local experience when traveling around the country, trying local delicacies and diving into the mouth-watering Greek cuisine is definitely a must do. For that reason, here we present to you some do's and dot's of eating in Greece and hints for the Greek dining etiquette to help you transform your trip to an unforgettable Greek culinary adventure!

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