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Greek food guide

Everyone on the planet knows that Greece means culture and amazing scenery. History and beauty blend together to form a marvelous, memorable experience. Greek cuisine is equally famous. Walking around a Greek city, you are sure to find great food with a huge variety of plates from breakfast to dinner. Nevertheless, one thing that a lot of people don’t realize is how sweet Greece really is.

The beauty of Greece is not only confined in itshistory, but also in its food. Living in an ancient, small country, natives carry and impart their heritage from generation to generation. A big part of this knowledge is old recipes regarding cakes, cookies, spoon sweets and other wonderful desserts.

Gastronomy is undoubtedly an important part ofGreek culture and we take it very seriously!Of course, there are wonderful cuisines worldwide but we unashamedly promise you that Greece has quite possibly some of the best dishes in the world. With perfect weather and terrain for fresh produce and a tradition of producing dishes that are simultaneoulsy comforting and extravagant, Greece is a mecca for any foodie. There are an enormous number of dishes for you to try on your visit to Greece butin this post we would like to present you with one of the many wonderful dishes on offer and perhaps the 'king' of Greek gastronomy-pastitsio!

Greeks love drinking ouzo. It is a drink that has its roots in tsipouro and is a mixture of alcohol, water and aromatic herbs (anise is one of the major ingredients).The origin of its name is believed to come from the italian "uso Massalia" (meaning "for use in Marseille") which was printed on some boxes of exportable silkworm cocoons from Tyrnavos in the 19th century. For some reason, this phrase became a synonym to high quality ouzo. Another explanation for the origin is that it comes from üzüm, a turkish word meaning "bunch of grapes".

One of our favorite, Greek traditional desserts is loukoumades. Loukoumas (single) is the Greek version of a doughnut. It is a bite-sized, sweet honey puff which is deep fried until it becomes crispy. For us, loukoumades is a part of our culture and family menus, as our parents used to serve this dessert after a meal or a family dinner. Loukoumades are great during the winter months as they are served hot but it still remains a great choice of dessert at any time of the year.Once you try these delicious honey doughnuts you will instantly understand why we love them!