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Greek food guide

A trip to Greece equals an exciting journey through Greek gastronomy; after all, it is common knowledge that in order to get a fully local experience when traveling around the country, trying local delicacies and diving into the mouth-watering Greek cuisine is definitely a must do. For that reason, here we present to you some dos and don'ts of eating in Greece to help you transform your trip to an unforgettable Greek culinary adventure!

Why should you take a food tour in Athens? As the capital of Greece, the Athenian city offers a variety of flavors from the mainland to the Greek islands. It would be sacrilege, if you don’t get to taste the special savors that Athens has to offer. So, open up your food horizons with a mix of oriental and Mediterranean flavors that part together to create the unique Greek cuisine, while your foodie guide leads the way to the best restaurants, food workshops and the local food market in Athens. From the addicted foodie to the restless explorer, there is always a reason to take a food tour in Athens!

Everyone and their mom know that Greece equals culture and amazing scenery; history and beauty blend together to form a marvelous, memorable experience. Alas, the Greek cuisine is equally -if not more- famous. Walking around a Greek city, you are sure to find great food with a huge variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nevertheless, one thing that a lot of people don’t realize is how sweet Greece really is. Living in an ancient, small country, natives carry and impart their heritage from generation to generation and a big part of this knowledge is old recipes of cakes, cookies, spoon sweets, and other wonderful desserts.

Gastronomy is undoubtedly an important part of Greek culture! Of course, there are wonderful cuisines worldwide, but we unashamedly promise you that Greece has quite possibly some of the best dishes in the world. With perfect weather and terrain for fresh produce and a tradition of producing dishes that are simultaneously comforting and extravagant, Greece is the mecca for any foodie. On this post, we would like to commend the 'king' of Greek gastronomy, pastitsio!

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