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Greek food guide

If you are coming to Greece for the first time you are about to discover that as well as having a rich and captivating history, scrumptious cuisine and a philosophy of living life to the fullest, we also have the best selection of Greek summer coffees. Yes, that’s right, we really know how to enjoy coffee in the heat! 

To most people's minds, Greece is associated with good food. A great variety of products, fresh meat, vegetables, amazing cheese, the Greek souvlaki, and more, are some of the reasons to choose Greece as a holiday destination. But what if you were a vegetarian? Would that be a problem? Of course not! Since ancient times, Greeks have always followed the Mediterranean diet, which equals the use of less meat, more vegetables, and legumes. Therefore, Greek cuisine can provide plenty of local delicacies made for vegetarians that are in no way shape or form inferior to any other traditional Greek dishes.

A trip to Greece equals an exciting journey through Greek gastronomy; after all, it is common knowledge that in order to get a fully local experience when traveling around the country, trying local delicacies and diving into the mouth-watering Greek cuisine is definitely a must do. For that reason, here we present to you some dos and don'ts of eating in Greece to help you transform your trip to an unforgettable Greek culinary adventure!

Why should you take a food tour in Athens? As the capital of Greece, Athens offers a variety of flavors ooming from all across the country, from the mainland to the Greek islands. Therefore, it would be sacrilege to not get to taste the wide collection of Greek delicacies that Athens has to offer. Broaden your food horizons with a mix of oriental and Mediterranean flavors that come together to create the unique Greek cuisine, while your foodie guide leads the way to the best restaurants, food workshops and the local food market in Athens. From the addicted foodie to the restless explorer, there is always a reason to take a food tour in Athens!

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