Greek cooking class - credits: Alexxxey/
Greek cooking class - credits: Alexxxey/

It is a general truth that Greece is a country full of flavors. So, when you visit, you have to go behind the scenes and introduce yourself to one of the greatest cuisines in the world. Visiting Greece and not taking a cooking class is like going to a ball and not dancing. Here are a few reasons why you should take part in a Greek cooking class in Athens.

1. It is the best introduction to Greek food 

Yes, you can go to a traditional eatery or a restaurant and eat tasty Greek food, but what better way to experience the country’s cuisine, than participating in a cooking class in Athens? You will have the opportunity to savor the best Greek food, cooked and prepared by chefs. You might also taste certain dishes that you would never get to see in a restaurant. At the same time, you will be able to create some of the most famous Greek dishes on your own, understanding, in this way, what makes the Greek culinary experience so great.

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 2. It will improve your cooking skills

Taking a class is never a bad idea; every day is a school day! In a Greek cooking class, you can hone your skills by studying the technique of professional chefs and cooks. A simple recipe might teach you how to prepare a Greek dish, but it doesn’t compare with a good cooking class. The cooking happens in real time, so you can observe, cook, and ask questions. The interactive experience is what makes the process so exciting, and learning about Greek cuisine will enrich your general knowledge regarding cooking. Preparing a traditional Greek dish like moussaka, while also having the guidance of a professional will prove to be a valuable skill in your prospective cooking endeavors.

Greek cooking class - credits: Alexxxey/

3. You will gain an improved perception of Greek gastronomy

Learning and understanding the cooking process of Greek cuisine helps you appreciate more the food you are eating. After your cooking class, you will be able to stroll around Athens -or other Greek cities and acknowledge high-quality food in restaurants. Due to your better understanding of Greek cuisine, your changed perception will help you to avoid certain places with bad food.

 4. You will meet people who share the same interests with you

A cooking class is a social event. Groups of eight to ten people create a joyous and functional class, allowing the participants to communicate and learn. Meeting strangers with the same passion as you is part of the fun. The Greek culinary experience is not complete if you don’t share it with someone. Socializing and discussing with others while cooking and tasting is one of the goals in these courses. People from around the world participate, exchange ideas, and create friendships, while still learning to cook some of the tastiest Greek recipes.

 5. You will be rewarded with the feeling of discovery.

A cooking class in Athens offers the opportunity to explore the Greek cuisine in-depth and learn more about the people, the food, and its ingredients. Before you start cooking, you will probably wander around Athens to find the best possible ingredients. This adventure will eventually lead you to Athens’ Central Market (Varvakeios). In this wonderful and colorful place, you can choose fresh, hand-picked fruit and vegetables that you will use to create a magnificent Greek dish.

Greek food market Nenad Mihajlovic shutterstockGreek food market - credits: Nenad Mihajlovic/

6. It is a different and unique experience

A lot of people visit Greece every year to experience the beautiful blue sea, the sandy beaches and learn about this country. How many people get to do something different though? Participating in a cooking class is a unique and memorable happening that not a lot of people get to experience. As an interactive form of tourism, cooking classes allow the participants to learn, taste, and communicate, while still enjoying their wonderful vacation.

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7. It will double as a history lesson.

The history of a country can be found in monuments, but also in food. A lot of the traditional, Greek dishes have a long history and are vastly influenced by different cultures’ and countries’ cuisines. Through a cooking class in Athens, your history knowledge of the region will expand, as a cooking class is also a crash-course history lesson. Discovering the gastronomical tradition of Greece will help you communicate better with the locals; especially in a restaurant where you can discuss food with the waiters, cooks, and owners; you might even get them to share the recipe for your meal! Using your new skills, you are going to recreate your Greek culinary experience at home.

Added bonus!

There is absolutely no cleaning afterward. Cooking is messy. A cooking class is definitely messier, as you experiment, fail, and learn, but you will not be the one who cleans afterward. It is a consequence-free experience that only involves flavor, fun, and creativity.

Traveling to Greece is an amazing experience. Eating in Greece is an even better one. Participating in a Greek cooking class, though, has to be an astonishing feeling. Not needing to clean, you will have the opportunity to socialize, learn, cook and, especially, eat. Under the guidance of professionals, you will enjoy your vacation while learning how to create great Greek dishes. From appetizers to main courses, your behind the scenes experience in the world of cooking will always be an unforgettable adventure!