Fruit market - credits: Caron Badkin/
Fruit market - credits: Caron Badkin/

Why should you take a food tour in Athens? As the capital of Greece, Athens offers a variety of flavors ooming from all across the country, from the mainland to the Greek islands. Therefore, it would be sacrilege to not get to taste the wide collection of Greek delicacies that Athens has to offer. Broaden your food horizons with a mix of oriental and Mediterranean flavors that come together to create the unique Greek cuisine, while your foodie guide leads the way to the best restaurants, food workshops and the local food market in Athens. From the addicted foodie to the restless explorer, there is always a reason to take a food tour in Athens!

1. Introduce yourself to the city

Anafiotika steps KOSTAS TSEK shutterstock copy copy copyThe famous steps of Anafiotika neighborhood in Plaka, Athens - credits: KOSTAS-TSEK/

Taking a food tour on your first day in Athens will give you the chance to get around the city, spot the places you want to visit again and, most importantly, discover what it is worth eating during your stay in the city. You can also get personalized tips from your tour guide about local eateries and shops. A food tour will introduce you to the exploration of the Greek capital! 

2. Explore Athens' central market

Athens fish market Baloncici shutterstock copyAthens' central fish market - credits: Baloncici/

This is your chance to travel through the goodies and the blessings of the Greek land! See and taste an array of authentic Greek products that come to you straight away after production. Whether it is about fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat or delicious cheese, the market of Athens will satisfy your eyes and taste buds to the fullest!

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3. Discover the Greek culture and the local history

Aerial view of monastiraki and the acropolis Anastasios71 sutterstock copy copyAerial view of the historical center of Athens - credits: Anastasios71/

What better way to discover Athens other than connecting with the city via all your senses? Tasting your way through Athens offers a complete and unforgettable experience since exploring a place through its local food opens the door to new ways of discovering the local history and culture.  

4. Do it like a local!

greek grandmothers cooking Heracles Kritikos shutterstock
Greek grandmothers cooking traditional recipes - credits: Heracles Kritikos/

Get off the beaten path and leave no stone unturned in places that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. An Athens food tour leads you to those spots of the city that you will not find in a guidebook, such as that secret eatery in Athens' city center, here you can happily gobble down the most delicious pork chops you've ever tasted! And the best part? The interaction with the locals; they are proud of their culture and you can bond with them by just showing interest in what they have to say about their hometown. You will get to listen to unique local stories, an opportunity not every visitor has.

Athens for foodies: A Greek gastronomy tour

5. A tour full of nibbles and tidbits risk-free!

Greek koulouri - credits: vovidzha/

Without a doubt, the best part of a food tour is the chance you get to nibble on various types of tidbits. From delicious wraps in Syntagma Square to rice pudding and the famous round bread roll from Thessaloniki, you can try new kinds of food and local dishes under the guidance and personal attention of your tour guide - without the risk of eating something you are allergic to or something not close to your personal taste. 

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6. For a short visit to Athens

Greek cooking class - credits: Alexxxey/

If time is not your ally during your visit to Athens, joining a food tour is the best choice you can make when it comes to a food overview of the city! Spot your chance to take some authentic Greek bites, get insight into the food culture of the city and attend food workshops with local artisans, all in just a few hours!

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7. Meet other foodies!

Get to know other foodies - credits: monkeybusiness/

Last but not least, one of the perks you enjoy on a food tour, is meeting fellow travelers and foodies from all over the world. You get to share your experiences and know people from different backgrounds. You can even make friends that you might want to spend the rest of your visit to Athens with; anything is possible!

Placing 'delicious taste' in the epicenter of a food tour, you get the chance to experience the personality and culture of Athens with all your senses. Whether you are looking for extravagant experiences specially designed for food extremists or  fun, relaxing time with your family,  a food tour is what you need in order to experience Athens to the fullest.

Feel free to contact us for any tailor-made tours in Athens adjusted exactly to your personal preferences and tastes!