Rakolemono - credits: http://rakolemono.gr/
Rakolemono - credits: http://rakolemono.gr/

Great food in Greece doesn't need to cost the earth. We are always on the hunt for authentic restaurants which produce fresh, lovingly made food at reasonable prices. Rakolemono, loved by locals, is a small Cretan restaurant located in Aigaleo, which serves traditional Cretan dishes that are consistently delicious. Rakolemono is a compound word that consists of 'raki', a Cretan homemade liqueur which we encourage you to try after your meal, and 'lemoni', the Greek word for lemon.

The owners of Rakolemono are a young couple from Crete. Once a seasonal chef at a large hotel, the owner decided to quit his job and open his own restaurant specializing in Cretan-inspired dishes, influenced by his own take on flavors. We are ever so glad that he did because you can see the pride and skill with which this place is run from the moment you arrive.

Rakolemono restaurant - credits: http://rakolemono.gr/

In Rakolemono, the most popular dish is gamopilafo, a traditional meal that is served at weddings in Crete. It is a Cretan recipe with creamy rice boiled in broth, with lots of staka -a dairy product between cheese and yogurt found in Crete- and lemon. Mind-blowing! You should also order the chicken fillet with honey sauce, loukoumades with cheese and apaki (pork meat), the small cutlets and the gruel salad. You definitely want to try raki, because it's original and of very good quality.

Because of the portions being a bit small, you can try a lot of different dishes -each one costs from 2.50 to 4.50 euros. We always order the most of the catalog because we love them all!

Unfortunately, Rakolemono is a bit further out from the city center, but it is easily reached by the underground and it is located close to the 'Aigaleo' station. If you want to try something truly local, with an unmatched taste and Cretan origins, then this is the place to eat!

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The Cretan cuisine

As you may already know, Crete is the biggest Greek island. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Cretan recipes are some of the most famous in the country. During the last decade, many Cretan restaurants opened in Athens, giving people the chance to try a different type of cuisine. Of course, there are some original Cretan restaurants (like Rakolemono) but there are also some that may serve some Cretan dishes but have nothing to do with Crete. So, before deciding to taste the Cretan cuisine, you should do your search online for authentic Cretan restaurants in Athens or just follow our advice!