Traditional Greek food - credits: Toms Auzins/
Traditional Greek food - credits: Toms Auzins/

If you search online for "greek food" or "what to eat in Athens", the most links will suggest you to taste souvlaki. Of course this is fine as souvlaki is regarded a greek "patent" and is one of our most traditional foods here in Greece. Souvlaki is much more than the greek junk food. Gyros has nothing to do with the bad quality hamburgers served in many fast food restaurants and with less than 2€, the traveler has a delicious, quality and affordable food choice. Undoubtedly, souvlaki is the most value-for-money greek food. But the greek cuisine has numerous choices and failing to taste some of them means that you never really visited Greece.

We are going to present you 3 of our best traditional plates. If you come to Greece, you should definitely visit a tavern or a greek restaurant and check the catalogue. If these plates are in the options, you definitely have to order them!


Kleftiko - credits: Konstantin Kopachinsky/

It is said that in the past, when bandits were hiding in the mountains, they used to steal lambs and cook them in the caves, trying not to be seen . Kleftiko in greek means "stolen", so we can say that the recipe describes a way to cook a "stolen" lamb :) It is a delicious and juicy dish, as the lamb is long and slow-roasted with garlic, lemon juice and herbs. Usually potatoes are added as a side dish.

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Buyurdi - credits:

Buyurdi is actually a turkish word, meaning "an order to someone". The word is also used in greek nowadays, when we have to describe a frustrating amount of money that we have to pay. Apart from that, buyurdi is one of the greatest greek mezedes (mezes in greek is a small plate, like a starter in a restaurant) and is named like that because of being really spicy. Its basic ingredients are feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, green peppers and olive oil, blended with paprika, pepper, fresh oregano & other spices along with some more greek cheeses. All these are placed in a small clay pot and are put in the oven, until feta cheese melts (baking for 15' at around 200 celcius degrees should be fine).


Lahanodolmades - credits: Gestiafoto/

Lahanodolmades is one of our favorite greek recipes. It is a special version of dolmades made by stuffed cabbage leaves with rice and mincemeat served with avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce). Actually, lahanodolmades can also be a vegetarian-friendly dish by removing the mincemeat of the recipe. Many greek restaurants serve lahanodolmades as a starter, but you can also choose them as a main course.

These are three of our favorite traditional greek recipes. The best way though to learn how to cook them, is by joining our Greek cooking lesson. With the help of our trained chef you'll learn how to prepare the most authentic Greek dishes and -believe us- you'll fall in love with Greek cuisine!