Greek wine-tasting outdoors - credits:
Greek wine-tasting outdoors - credits:

Kefalonia is arguably one of the most distinctive and beautiful Greek islands. Many people from all over the world visit it during the summer in order to relax and enjoy the Greek sun. However, there is much more you can do there apart from sunbathing, as The Greek Wine Experience will offer you Greek wine and culinary experiences at this lush, picturesque island that you'll never forget about. Get the opportunity to taste excellent and unique Greek indigenous varieties, such as the amazing Robola, a Greek wine variety that is being cultivated exclusively on Kefalonia and is sure to win you over!

Kefalonia zavalata Andrew Mayovskyy shutterstock
Zavalata Beach, Fiskardo village, Kefalonia - Andrew Mayovskyy/

Dimitri is a young entrepreneur who designed a series of wine tasting services in Kefalonia. Through the Greek Wine Experience activities, you will have the chance to discover a whole new world of tastes, aromas, flavors, and senses! Get an understanding of the fundamentals of wine in no time by getting familiar with basic wine terminology, and understand the differences between various types of wine, using simple tips and hints. Or, just explore Kefalonia in a wine tour of your own design, based on your preferences and special interests!

wine bread olives and cheese AntonMatyukha depositphotosWine with bread, olives, and cheese - credits:  Anton Matyukha/

Embark on a unique wine adventure, and live the best Greek Wine Experience you can have!