A guide to Greek Summer Coffees

If you are coming to Greece for the first time you are about to discover that as well as having a rich and captivating history, scrumptious cuisine and a philosophy of living life to the fullest, we also have the best selection of Greek summer coffees. Yes, that’s right, we really know how to enjoy coffees in the heat! All of us here at Greeking.me have travelled extensively and we have discovered that no one does a ‘frappe’ quite like the Greeks and that’s only the beginning! Like for many of our fellow Europeans, coffee is such an essential part of our daily lives. However, we treat drinking coffee almost like a form of meditation. We drink it slowly, savoring the taste whether we’re in the office, working away or in the company of good friends at a seaside bar discussing the issues of the day. We know that good coffee, like good food, needs to be given the time it deserves!

As we spoke about earlier in our ‘Greek Coffee- A Souvenir Worth Drinking!’ post, making coffee in Greece is truly an art form. If you join us on our Athens for Foodies tour you will visit one of the oldest coffee shops in Greece and hear from Nikos, a true artisan, about how much skill and dedication is required to achieve the perfect coffee.

Image credit: Tyrone Adams

"Ellinikós Kafés" (traditional Greek coffee) was for centuries our chosen morning drink. However, in the late 60's, we found another answer to our caffeine cravings. Enter the cold coffees! The story of how the cold ‘Frappe’ came into being is truly one of innovation and resourcefulness. At the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, an exciting new chocolate drink was being promoted which was made instantly by mixing chocolate powder with milk and blending it in a shaker. An employee, Dimitrios Vakondios, wanted to have his usual instant coffee during a break but couldn't get any hot water. So he had the brilliant idea of blending the coffee with cold water and ice cubes in the shaker. The effect of blending spray-dried instant coffee in this way produced a unique frothy top layer which remained stable and gave it its creamy taste. His creation, the Frappé, has forever more been one of the most popular drinks in Greece. As Plato told us all those years ago, necessity really is the mother of invention!

However, the idea didn’t stop there. Here are some more of our favorite coffees to try for the Summer. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find one that you will love!

‘Freddo Espresso’

If you like your espresso in the morning, this is the one for you. It’s still the same -but on ice! A fantastic start to the day, simple yet effective!

Freddo EspressoImage Credit: Bruno.gr

Athens Orientation Tour with Greek Coffee

‘Freddo Cappuccino’

This is a much-loved favorite! Like the freddo espresso, but with plenty of ice and topped with deliciously smooth, frothy, creamy milk that is dangerously more-ish!

Freddo CappuccinoImage credit: Dimitris Siskopolous


An espresso coffee with frothed milk. An excellent choice if you want a milder, milkier coffee to start your day with or as an afternoon treat.

FrappeImage credit:Tilemahos Efthimiadas


One of the more recent cold coffee inventions, this is more like a coffee milkshake. Frozen in texture and redolent of a coffee flavoured ‘slushie’, it is usually more decadent with flavoured syrups and/or whipped cream! A perfect reward if you’ve spent a busy afternoon exploring our ancient sites on our Athens Mythology Tour!

FreddoccinoImage Credit: Vimeo, Magikon

Now the sweet toothed amongst you may be wondering if a freddo espresso, freddo cappuccino or frappe made on its own may be slighty bitter for you. The great thing about these coffees is they can all be altered to suit the individual palate. Here in Athens and across Greece if you listen to people ordering coffees you will hear the terms ‘sketo’ (plain) ‘metrio’ (medium sweet) and ‘glyko’ (sweet) so be sure to say which level of sweetness you would like when you order yours. You can also specify if you’d prefer sugar (zachari) or sweetener (zacharini) and -in some places- Stevia is also available.

Greek Summer CoffeesImage Credit: Huffington Post

 You will discover when you visit Athens that there is a coffee shop on just about every corner. Check out our 10 Extraordinary Coffee Shops in Athens post to see some of our favorite places to go for coffee. If you join us on our Athens Highlights Morning Tour we’ll show you some of the most picturesque neighbourhoods where we locals like to go for coffee in tucked-away cafes!

So be sure to try one, if not all, of our cold coffee concoctions and savor the delicious delights of your coffee the Greek way, slowly and in great company! So let’s go for coffee orpame yia kafe!