Greece Travel Tips

Everyone craves escaping to Greece for their dream holidays and more often than not the mental image one paints upon hearing the word ‘Greece’ consists of magical beaches, whitewashed houses, cobbled pathways, and eternal sunshine, and they’re not wrong. However, you can find this and many more in destinations that often get overlooked by the common visitor. Mykonos and Sanotiri are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but in my humble opinion, there are many other places that are just as good but not nearly as appreciated. Here are some off-the-beaten-path places to visit in Greece if you’re after seeing other fish in the sea - pun very much intended!

Originality, ingenuity, and innovation are three attributes that perfectly describe the Greek spirit. Those qualities couldn’t help but be applied to Greek fashion as well, with online Greek brands making their name known, establishing a loyal local and international following through their high-quality products, clever marketing methods, and extremely personable customer service. Check out below the top 5 online Greek fashion brands you should invest your time and money on! 

According to recent studies that have taken place solely inside my head, there is not one single soul that has visited Greece and didn’t fall in love with it immediately. The glorious sun, the omnipresent sparkling sea, and the impressively delicious cuisine are good enough reasons to make you consider relocating for good. 

Maybe the -otherwise gorgeous- islands of Mykonos and Santorini are not really your scene. Maybe you’d like to celebrate putting a ring on it with a good book on a hammock by the sea, or relaxed drinks on a quiet, homey bar. Thankfully, the diversity of destinations in Greece make it possible for even the most alternative of couples to find what they’re looking for; so don’t cross Greece out of the list just yet and check out below the alternative way to spend your honeymoon in Greece!

Channeling my most bratty millennial self, I’ll go ahead and admit that I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people used to survive without the luxury of technology. Especially when navigating their way through a foreign country or city. Thankfully, the days of ignorance and misinformation are long gone and new apps specially designed to help the travelers around the world pop up every day. Here, we present to you the apps you should download when visiting Athens.