Greece Travel Tips

Greece is one of the top-visited destinations in Europe during summertime, with flocks of people gathering on the many exquisite islands. The temperature can reach up and over 35℃ (95℉) and scorchingly sunny in the summer months, which may be great for the mid-20s and tanned folk, but can be quite a challenge for families, older or paler visitors!  There is no doubt that the busiest months of July and August attract the crowds, but that does not mean to say this is the best time to visit Greece. Check out the top choices for spring in Greece if you want to experience our beautiful country before it gets swamped by visitors from across the world and before sweating season comes out to play!

The word 'barbarian' derives from the Greek word barabaros, which means 'one who babbles in an unknown language'. People who spoke in languages that the ancient Greeks could not understand were considered 'babbelers'. Thus, according to ancient Greek standards, if you visit Greece and don’t speak a few words you are a barbarian! In order to make sure you can practice a bit before you come to Greece, and to ensure you avoid the babbler status, take a look at some of the most useful Greek words and phrases that will help you get by during your stay.