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Image credits: JESHOOTS-com/

Channeling my most bratty millennial self, I’ll go ahead and admit that I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people used to survive without the luxury of technology. Especially when navigating their way through a foreign country or city. Thankfully, the days of ignorance and misinformation are long gone and new apps specially designed to help the travelers around the world pop up every day. Here, we present to you the apps you should download when visiting Athens.


beat taxi
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Cabs are a necessary evil for travelers, or at least it used to be. Now, although it is still necessary, it’s not so much of an evil,  as the local - and personal- favorite app of Beat makes taxi rides easy and, most importantly, safe. Beat saves you the trouble of hailing a taxi, while at the same time you can pay by card and keep any human interaction to the minimum if you feel like it. Once you download it, it is very user-friendly: it locates where you are and presents you with all the available drivers; you choose the one you want and bob’s your uncle! If you type in your destination when looking for a ride, the app will also estimate the amount of money the ride is going to cost, ensuring you don’t get scammed into paying more!

Tip: If you want to treat yourself to luxury transfers during your stay in Athens, opt for our transfer services and enjoy a comfortable and cozy ride through the town dedicated to goddess Athena!

OASA Telematics

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Staying on the important theme of transportation, this app is a savior if you're planning on navigating Athens using public transport. OASA Telematics is an app where you enter your location and destination and it shows you the optimal route through the lines of OASA, Athens’ mass transit system. From the app, you can also get information on a specific route; select the line you are interested in and check its timetable and stops. Additionally, you can get information regarding a specific stop or station; choose the stop you want and check which means of public transportation stop there and when. OASA Telematics has pioneered the way both the locals and visitors get to explore the city and get from one part of it to the other, making it more straightforward and way more organized than ever before!  With this app, you’ll have no more excuses to be fashionably late!

Athens for Foodies: A Greek Gastronomy Tour


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Do you remember when -way back when- people used to get all the information they needed through the ‘yellow pages’? Well, now they do it online while saving some trees in the process. AthensBook is your personal assistant for the city life; whether you’re looking for on-call pharmacies, gas stations -with prices available-, banks, ATMs, hospitals, doctors, restaurants, bars, cafés, food parlors, pastry shops or cinemas, you can find it on the tips of your fingers! This app manages to remove all the stress from the processes of finding what you need, while it a valuable tool in case of emergency. Provided that in Athens, the opening hours of shops are not the same as in the rest of the world, AthensBook will prove to be one of the most helpful apps during your stay in the Greek capital.


e table
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If your number one priority when visiting Athens isn't to try the mind-blowing food it is famous for, you should get your priorities sorted! The multicultural and beautifully diverse city of Athens offers an overwhelming amount of choice in regards to food offerings and eateries, giving you the opportunity to explore the city through its flavors, but at the same time making the choosing process a bit of a challenge. In addition, even if you make your decision, due to the city being busy, you always run the risk of not finding a table in the restaurant of your choice. That’s where E-table comes in, helping you avoid the disappointment of rejection. After downloading E-table, you’ll be able to make your reservations online, while enjoying exclusive privileges and discounts! From traditional meze taverns to gourmet restaurants and everything in between, you can book a table in the easiest and most stress-free way possible! Who knew that being responsible would be so much fun?

Tip: DiscoverAthens’ street food scene with a Local’s Athens Food tour and introduce yourself to the best food parlors of the city!


e Android app
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If you’re tired from a long day of walking around, discovering the beauties and highlights of Athens, and you’d much rather stay in and order food than go to a restaurant, E-food is the application for you! Whether you’re after a good cup of coffee, a luscious dessert, or a main meal from every cuisine around the world you could possibly think of, E-food has it all! The app gathers all the eateries that offer delivery services in your region, giving you the choice to pay by cash or card, and delivers the goodies quickly and efficiently. E-food has become a staple in the locals' everyday life, and now it’s time to become a staple in your trip to Athens as well!

Figuring your way around a new country and a new city is arguably intimidating, especially if the country speaks a language vastly different than yours, which is the case of Greece. Of course, the obvious apps, like Google translate are essential to ensure your adequate communication with the locals, however, there are many more hidden treasures in your app store that will ensure your trip to Athens goes smoothly.

Even if technology fails you, don't sweat it! The hospitality of the locals, your patience and a good mood are good enough to guarantee a delightful time in Greece!