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Greece revealed

Greece is one of the top visited destinations in Europe at summer time, with flocks of people gathering on the many exquisite islands. The temperature can reach up and over 35℃ (95℉) and scorchingly sunny in the summer months, which may be great for the mid-20s and tanned folk - but can be quite a challenge for families, older or paler visitors! There is no doubt that the busiest months (July & August) attract the crowds, but that does not mean to say this is the best time to visit Greece. 

This geological phenomenon is rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site that anyone visiting Greece should make a priority. Meteora, which literally translates to ‘suspended in the air’, has been described as Greece’s city in the sky, in virtue of the ethereal monasteries perched on top of the 24 giant 400m high rocks. Only a 4,5 hour drive from Athens and very easy to get to, it seems almost too good to be true for such a striking natural beauty to be so close and accessible. Perhaps the best way to get to Meteora from Athens is by train: you can book your tickets online. Some train routes require transit while others are direct; average travel time ranges from 4 to 6 hours. Another method of transport is the bus; prices and bus schedules can be found here.

Peloponessos – there is something magical about the name, and something mythical in all that is contained within. ‘The island of Pelops’, derived from the mythical king Pelops who supposedly unified the region, is a name first used during the Greek Archaic period (800-479 BC). Today, the Peloponnese conjures up visions of the most exotic traces of the Hellenic past. Sparta, Mycenae, Olympia, Argos, Corinth… relics of a distant age. The peninsular – it is a peninsular, not an island, joined to mainland Greece by the isthmus of Corinth – is littered with ancient sites, attesting to the brilliant flourishing of the great Hellenic ages. Let us take you on a journey through this land of myth and raw beauty.

When visiting a country there are always many things to do: tasting the most typical dishes, sightseeing outdoors, enjoying its nightlife, indulging in a shopping-spree, going for a new adventurous activity and (most importantly) getting to know the local life and customs.They might make you laugh, astonish you or even sound familiar, but local traditions are usually the most enriching part of a trip ―and the one you explain over and over back home. A visit to Greece should be no exception, especially if you mix more than 2,500 years of history with one of the most special times of the year: Christmas. Celebrate the winter holidays in Greece and we’ll help you discover one of Europe’s most interesting destinations!

Did you get “cold feet” after asking for vacation in winter? Are you traveling abroad to celebrate a special date but your anniversary is in January? Or you’re simply up for a good time and your friends think it’s a pity to visit a Mediterranean country and not go sunbathing?

Don’t think twice! Book your winter holidays in Athens and have an unforgettable time! You will be amazed by the number of things you can do in Athens off-season.

Let’s avoid the easy answer. Yes, every single Greek island is the right one for everyone, but to be more specific, we will present the islands that suit you best, depending on your preferences. Before we list a bunch of isles, it is important to state that the majority of Greek islands offers a great variety of activities, experiences & sights and are worth visiting.

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