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Greece revealed

When visiting a country there are always many things to do: tasting the most typical dishes, sightseeing outdoors, enjoying its nightlife, indulging in a shopping-spree, going for a new adventurous activity and (most importantly) getting to know the local life and customs.They might make you laugh, astonish you or even sound familiar, but local traditions are usually the most enriching part of a trip ―and the one you explain over and over back home. A visit to Greece should be no exception, especially if you mix more than 2,500 years of history with one of the most special times of the year: Christmas. Celebrate the winter holidays in Greece and we’ll help you discover one of Europe’s most interesting destinations!

Did you get “cold feet” after asking for vacation in winter? Are you traveling abroad to celebrate a special date but your anniversary is in January? Or you’re simply up for a good time and your friends think it’s a pity to visit a Mediterranean country and not go sunbathing?

Don’t think twice! Book your winter holidays in Athens and have an unforgettable time! You will be amazed by the number of things you can do in Athens off-season.

Let’s avoid the easy answer. Yes, every single Greek island is the right one for everyone, but to be more specific, we will present the islands that suit you best, depending on your preferences. Before we list a bunch of isles, it is important to state that the majority of Greek islands offers a great variety of activities, experiences & sights and are worth visiting.

Stone, anchored on hills or by the sea, collapsed or residential, restored or dilapidated, the castles of Greece have centuries of history to narrate. So, “castle-lovers” and observers of the magical world of other centuries- there go some of the most unforgettable castles in Greek history. Decide to visit them someday, it would be also a terrific choice of vacation - an incomparable experience...Enjoy!

Today, it's such a sunny day here in Athens and all I think about is my morning stroll downtown. You know, it’s one of those days when the Greek sun is out, you feel its heat and let it warm your soul along with your face. Instantly, you feel happy and blessed! Why? It’s just because you walk in the streets of Plaka and Psirri with your sunglasses and your summer mood on and let your spirit free.

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