Eretria - credits: Aerial-motion/
Eretria - credits: Aerial-motion/

The coastal town of Eretria is located on Evia Island.  Only a short distance from Athens, Evia can be reached by car and by taking the ferry from Skala Oropou. Here, we present to you a guide to Eretria, giving you all the information you might need for your stay in this beautiful town.

Table of Contents

1. What to see

2. What to eat

It is worth taking several days to visit Eretria. During the summer months, when the temperatures tend to be particularly high, it is a good idea to choose to stay at a hotel close to the sea. Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of options in regard to accommodation.  Even if you only have time for a day trip, Eretria remains a viable choice. Even if you don’t have a car, you can still reach the island by taking a bus from Athens' Central Bus Station. Change at Chalkia and take a bus headed to South Evia. Alternatively, you can reach Chalkida and get a taxi from there, as Eretria is only 10km away.

What to see

The temple of Apollo Daphnephoros is the most important and best-known monument of Eretria.  Together with its enclosure, it constituted the sacred temenos of Apollo, a religious center and the primary place of worship within the core of the ancient city. Additionally, the Archaeological Museum of Eretria is also worth a visit. It exhibits findings, such as ceramic works and sculptures from various different time periods, as well as the sculptures from the temple of Apollo.

What to eat

As far as food is concerned, fish is highly recommended, as it is certainly going to be fresh! Kalamarakia (fried calamari) is a delicious choice to enjoy with a traditional Greek salad and other mezedes. Try tyropitari, an irresistibly good local cheese pie that is traditionally served as a starter on the island. Of course, drinking ouzo is a must and it is best enjoyed with a little water and ice. We actually dedicated a whole post to drinking ouzo (we know our priorities!) so, for those of you who like your spirits, check it out!

Sounio & Temple of Poseidon Sunset Excursion with Swimming Stop

We tasted three different restaurants during our stay in Eretria and one of our top choices was 'La Cubana', located in Archaiou Theatrou street, the big street with the restaurants and bars next to the port. 'La Cubana' is a traditional restaurant built by the sea, with delicious dishes served in enormous portions; a great place to feed a hungry family! The staff is friendly and warm, while the prices are very reasonable, coming up to less than €20 per person for two starters, a greek salad, two main dishes (kalamarakia and seafood spaghetti) and ouzo! Want to order like a local? Read our guide on how to order like a local in a Greek taverna!

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