5 reasons we love Loutraki (+a hidden gem!)

If you want to escape from Athens, Loutraki is the ideal destination! It is a sea-side town in the Peloponnese, only 1 hour away from Athens by car. It is also reachable by bus and the suburban train. But what makes Loutraki so special?

We love Loutraki for many reasons:

  • It is close to Athens, so we can easily get to it by car in an hour. The route to north Peloponnese is also beautiful so you won't understand how time goes by. Just wear your sunglasses and enjoy the beauty of greek landscape.
  • Loutraki has a great nightlife, specially in summer. There are many beach bars along the central road but also restaurants and cafes with tables by the sea, so you can enjoy your coffee or ice cream while staring at the endless greek sea.
  • There are a lot of hotels, pensions and rooms to let in Loutraki. Depending on your budget you can check either to stay at a place next to the beach, or to book a room in a hotel placed at the main road. The beach is in a short distance by foot, so you can save some some money this way.


  • Loutraki has a long story in spa and thermalism. The water derived from the Loutraki natural thermal springs was characterized as “The Water of Life” since antiquity. Today, Loutraki Thermal Spa is the best place to relax having a massage session or a hydromassage in an individual bathtub into your private cabin.
  • Loutraki is also great for those who love trekking. There are some great trekking routes up the Geraneia mountain, or from Sterna to the lighthouse of Heraion.
  • It is also the best choice for all of you that love to gamble a bit. Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is the biggest casino in Greece (and also one of the biggest in Europe) but also a fantastic 5* hotel, being the perfect place to relax in a peaceful envirnoment.


A hidden gem: Limni Vouliagmeni

Limni Vouliagmeni is a great place to swim and have a traditional greek meal by the sea. To find and explore this "secret" spot, just drive from Loutraki via the seaside road, following the signs to Perachora and then, to Limni Vouliagmenis. Of course a car is needed to reach there, but it won't be expensive to either get a taxi. Limni communicates with the waters of the Corinthian Gulf from a very narrow channel in its southern part but is a great swimming spot, as you can choose either the organized beach (with umbrellas) or move on your own, finding a peaceful spot to relax.

Cape Heraion

Cape Heraion is only 3 km away and is worth visiting, as it combines the beauty of ancient Corinthian civilization with the crystal waters of a small beach next to it. The Heraion of Perachora was a sanctuary of the goddess Hera. The ruins placed next to the beach belong to the temple of Hera Limenaia.

Have you ever visited Loutraki? Leave a comment to share more tips and opinions (or even photos) about this great place!