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Escaping Athens

Let us welcome you to Argolis, one of the most beautiful locations on the Peloponnesian peninsula. This region offers the unique combination of mountains and sea, art and history, and picturesque villages infiltrated with olive trees. Argolis' capital, Nafplio, is one of the most important & picturesque cities in Greece; a seaport city which was the first official capital of newly liberated Greece in 1829. The regional unit of Argolis also includes the magnificent city ofEpidaurus, where the exceptional Theatre of Epidaurus is located. Mycenae is also located in this region and was one of the major centers of Greek civilization from about 1600 BC to 1100 BC. Last but not least, the beautiful seafront city of Ermioni. If you are not already intrigued, let us delve a bit more into how you can spend a day in Argolis and how the many historical and cultural gems are located there, satisfying any and every taste.

Athens is the heart of Greece; brimming with culture, beauty and energy, it's a city truly bursting with life all year long, especially in the summer. If, however, you find yourself craving a swim in the sea, or a stroll down a quiet alley far from the heat and the noise of the city, there's nothing stopping you from taking a boat to one of the beautiful islands located within a heartbeat from Athens:

Are you visiting Athens for more than three days and want to escape the city bustle? Are you looking for some peaceful moments while enjoying nature or an idyllic sunset by the sea? Here are three beautiful escape destinations near Athens, where you can enjoy the sun, the beach and wonderful scenic views.

Have you ever wondered if you actually can enjoy both magnificent historic places and beautiful beaches in Athens? Truth is that you can! Besides all the astonishing ancient temples and monuments, Athens is a city which is surrounded by the sea. To be more specific, the region of Attica has more than 80 beaches, with 13 of them having been awarded with “blue flag” by FEE in the summer season 2015. So, the best we can do for you, is introducing our top 10 beaches near Athens.

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