Family in Knossos - credits: NadyaEugene/
Family in Knossos - credits: NadyaEugene/
Are you planning on visiting the magical and sun-loved island of Crete, but you are anxious about traveling with kids? Well, there are some good news for you that will put you at ease: Greece’s largest island is often voted as one of the most popular and safe family-friendly destinations by thousands of travelers from around the world!
This magical island of Greece has so much to offer to traveling families. It is blessed with a rich landscape, a long history and tradition, delicious food and amazing hospitalityWhether you are an active family, seeking for new “adventures” or you are visiting Crete for relaxation, there is a plethora of destinations, safe activities and interactive attractions to choose from and enjoy with your most loved ones! Are you ready to indulge in an unforgettable and exciting experience for the whole family?

Travel back in time to ancient Crete

Knossos Palace - credits: NadyaEugene/
During the Bronze Age an outstanding palace was built in Crete, the remains of which are still standing proudly in Knossos. The palace of Knossos is the most important archaeological site in Crete and one of the most popular destinations for thousands of visitors every year. Knossos relates to glorious and heroic legends, such as the love story of Theseus and Ariadne and the fearsome Minotaur. Your kids will have the chance to explore the ancient paths of Knossos Palace, get thrilled by the colorful wall paintings, get deeply impressed by the Throne Hall and get excited to see where the mythical Minotaur was born and then slayed by Theseus. A visit to Knossos Palace should result in a visit to the Archeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion exhibits the findings from Knossos and other large Minoan palaces of the island. It is the best place for children to discover the history of Minoan Crete in all its complexity, while they will have the chance to take part in interactive activities and hands-on experiences on their learning.
Heraklion Traditional Cooking Class with transportation

Get lost in a Minoan Labyrinth

Part of the Labyrinth Theme Park - credits:
Get the chance to get lost into a labyrinth inspired by the Minoan culture of Crete. The Labyrinth Theme Park, in Hersonissos is a unique family amusement park, which offers numerous original, interactive and fun attractions for the whole family. In this park, the myth of legendary Minotaur is brought to life. You and your family will have the opportunity to challenge the Minotaur and test your sense of direction in the long and confusing paths of the labyrinth. Additionally, the park offers plenty of other experiences, including a mini-golf court, an archery and a pottery workshop, a miniature village and several escape rooms.
Getting lost has never been such fun!

Sealife adventure

Cretaquarium - credits:
A visit to Cretaquarium is one of the most exciting things to do with your kids on the island. Featuring the outstanding diversity of marine life, the aquarium boasts from a remarkable range of the Mediterranean sealife as it is one of the largest and most contemporary aquariums in Europe. It is located in Heraklion, and it was established by Thalassokosmos, the largest complex of marine research and animal rescue center in Greece. Get prepared to stroll around water tanks full with enormous sharks, colorful octopus, tiny seahorses, sea turtles, jellyfish, and of course Nemo. Your children will have the most wonderful time exploring sea creatures through the lens of microscopes while hands-on interactions with some of the animals are also available. You can also visit Aquaworld, the first aquarium of Crete. It is located in Hersonissos and it is a must-see attraction for families, especially those with young children. Not only will your kids be excited by the array of sea species but also by the impressive variety of reptiles, such as Loggerhead tortoises, crocodiles, and enormous snakes. Both reptiles and marine life animals will keep the little ones captivated, while they will have the opportunity to touch and hold many of the specimens. Don’t miss the chance to take some impressive photos with Naga, the four-meter-long Burmese python! A visit in Cretaquarium or Aquaworld is an enjoyable way to educate yourself and your kids about species and marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond!

Go water crazy

Water City in Anopolis - credits: 
A fantastic place to take your kids during the heatstroke of the Cretan summer is a water park! Visiting a water park is the most exciting and enjoyable way to entertain the whole family and Cretans are fully aware of that! Your children will have the most joyful time in one of the three water parks on the island. These parks provide water activities that range from relaxing tours on the “lazy rivers” to breathtaking slides. Children can get the thrill of their lives with trained lifeguards in a constant watch. All the parks are located in green, scenic areas making the whole experience even more wonderful!
Acqua Plus in Hersonissos is the first and most popular water park on the Island. The main characteristic of this park is the fact that it is separated into two connected but different sections, one for adults with extreme slides and water activities and one for kids with safe water slides and pools.
Water City in Anopolis is another theme water park with breathtaking slides and safe pools for all ages. Toddlers and babies will love having fun in the mini slides and the especially organized water playground, while older kids and teenagers will love the water slides and black holes.
Limnoupolis Water Park in Chania is another option. It is a rather smaller park but offers great opportunities for the whole family. You can float on tubes through waterfalls and caves, while your kids can enjoy their time in the special designed pools and play areas.

A walk with Dinosaurs

Dinosauria park in Gouves - credits:
In Crete, your little ones will also have the extraordinary chance to experience a unique, prehistoric adventure! Dinosauria park in Gouves offers a remarkable selection of model dinosaurs ranging from all periods of the Mesozoic era, along with other prehistoric animals. Grab the opportunity to wander through an enormous park of 2500 m2 and enjoy the great variety of the park’s exhibits, including tyrannosaurs and velociraptors. Children can learn about the lives of dinosaurs through interactive games and themed films released in 5D and 7D cinema. A certified playground by TUV organization Hellas is also located in the park, where your kids can enjoy endless hours of play with dinosaur games. Be aware - some of the dinosaurs may move and make noises!

It’s beach time!


Elafonisi beach - credits: Zakhar Ma/
Crete is benefited by an exquisite coastline with rocky or sandy beaches, clear and tranquil waters and endless sunshine. Crete offers many family-friendly beaches to choose from, with easy access, crystal clear water and soft sand for the kids to play. Elafonisi beach in the prefecture of Chania will leave you speechless. Get the chance to build sandcastles with soft pink sand with your kids while the beach sun-warmed waters are ideal for toddler splashing territory. The sunset in Bali in the prefecture of Rethymno will charm you. Additionally, Agia pelagia in the prefecture of Heraklion will steal your kids' heart, while Elounda, in the prefecture of Lasithi, will capture you with its family-friendly amenities.  You can also make some fortuitous family-friendly discoveries while you are traveling your way through the Cretan coastline. Crete boasts from wildly indented coasts that you can visit as an alternative to the overdeveloped beaches of the northern coastline.
You and your little ones will savor your time on the island. Crete is the ideal place for kid-friendly Greek tours and an island that your children will never forget!

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