The Best Beaches in Corfu Island

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • The best Corfu beaches from rocky steep shores to quiet sandy coasts. The island's morphology and size contribute to the exceptional beauty and diversity of the beaches.
  • Many of the beaches in Corfu have been awarded the Blue Flag, indicating their cleanliness and organization.
  • Most beaches are equipped with facilities for water sports and provide amenities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, and restaurants.
  • The beaches in Corfu are known for their natural beauty, with stunning combinations of green landscapes, turquoise waters, and white-gold soft sand.

paleokastritsaPaleokastritsa Beach - credits: Neirfy/Shutterstock.com

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, with 217 km long coastlines that form the beautiful beaches of Corfu.

The morphology of the island and its size make the beaches in Corfu exceptional in beauty and diversity.

From rocky steep shores to quiet sandy coasts, the beaches of Corfu are a sight to behold, especially in combination with the luscious flora of the island.  

The variety of beaches in Corfu makes choosing one a difficult task. Each boasts a striking combination of green landscape, turquoise waters, and white-gold soft sand.

This fusion of colors and textures makes the beaches of Corfu some of the best in Greece.

Most of them have been awarded the Blue Flag and are well organized, with all kinds of facilities for water sports, diving, windsurfing, and water skiing. Below is a list of some of the best beaches in Corfu

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada apartmentscorfuGlyfada Beach - credits: apartmentscorfu.com

A beach that will impress you because of its great length and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it is the one of Glyfada.

The landscape is dominated by hills overgrown with olive and pine trees and crystal clear waters. It is located 16 kilometers -and 20 minutes- from Corfu Town, at the northwest coast, and has been awarded a Blue Flag.  

Glyfada is a fully organized beach, with sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports. It is an attraction for many tourists, especially young crowds, as there are cafes and bars.

Glyfada Beach is the most popular and one of the largest in Corfu. Additionally, it is easily accessible with free parking, making it especially convenient for visitors and locals alike. 

Paleokastritsa Beach

corfu paleokastritsa Balate Dorin shutterstock copy copy copyPaleokastritsa Beach - credits: Balate Dorin/Shutterstock.com

Paleokastritsa is one of the most beautiful places in Corfu, and it is a landscape that combines the green of the rich vegetation with the blue of the sea.

The crystal clear waters acquire a beautiful shade. The beach boasts fine sand, and deep, cold waters.

During the period of high tourist traffic, it is quite crowded but it is without a doubt one of the must-visit beaches of the island.  

Barbati Beach

barbati beach corfuBarbati Beach - credits: D.Bond/Shutterstock.com

Barbati Beach in Corfu is a stunning stretch of coastline known for its pristine, pebbly shore and crystal-clear waters.

Nestled at the foot of lush, green hills, the popular beach offers a picturesque setting that appeals to both relaxation seekers and adventure enthusiasts.

The transparent waters make it a fantastic spot for water sports like snorkeling, revealing an underwater world teeming with marine life.

Along the beach, visitors can find a selection of tavernas and bars, providing delicious local cuisine and refreshing beverages, adding to the leisurely atmosphere.

Whether sunbathing on the shore, exploring the vibrant underwater scenery, or enjoying a meal with a view, Barbati Beach encapsulates the natural beauty and serene charm of Corfu.

Agios Stefanos Beach

agios stefanos corfu delfinoblu.grAgios Stefanos Beach - credits: delfinoblu.gr

The beach of Agios Stefanos is one of the most beautiful in Corfu, the island of the Phaeacians.

Long sandy shore with shallow waters ideal for families and all holidaymakers. It is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas cafes, and restaurants.  

Porto Timoni Beach

porto timoni beach afionas corfu Simon Dannhauer shutterstock copyPorto Timoni Beach - credits: Simon Dannhauer/Shutterstock.com

Porto Timoni beach is one of the most beautiful in Corfu but relatively unknown as access to it is not so easy.

The beach essentially consists of two "twin" beaches -divided by a narrow strip of land- covered with white pebbles.

From the mainland, in order to reach the beach, you have to follow the path from the village of Afionas in a journey of 20 minutes.

Of course, the beach is not organized but its beauty makes up for it, and its relaxing vibes are more than rewarding. 

Canal d’Amour - Sidari Beach

canal d amour greece terrabookCanal d' Amour Beach - credits: greece.terrabook.com

Canal d’Amour -or the channel of love-  is another special beach and one of the most popular on the island.

It is a small fjord, a narrow strip of sea between caves carved by the wave that penetrates the land and meets a small sandy shore. There are some umbrellas but the space is very limited.

Tradition has it that couples who swim there, stay in love forever. As a result, this beach is perfect for lovebirds who want to make their bond even stronger!  

Halikouna-Issos Beach

halikounas enimerosiIssos Beach - credits: enimerosi.com

The sandy beaches of Halikouna and Issos are located next to the Korissia lagoon and are separated by a small cedar forest.

The morphology of the area is truly unique. The landscape looks deserted by the sea in contrast to the green landscape behind the lagoon.

The beach is a narrow sandy strip, partly organized in some places.

It is a sight to behold and one of our personal favorites due to its calming ambiance. 

Agios Gordios Beach

Corfu Agios Gordis en.wikipedia.orgAgios Gordios beach - credits: en.wikipedia.org

Agios Gordios, or Ai Gordis beach is one of the most popular in Corfu that took its name from the homonymous church of Agios Gordios, in the center of the beach.

In a verdant landscape, the beach with the golden sand and the turquoise waters completes a natural scenery of unique charm.

It is an organized beach with sunbeds, nice views, and a wide variety of restaurants and shops nearby. 

Myrtiotissa Beach

mirtiotissa atcorfuMyrtiotissa Beach - credits: atcorfu.com

Myrtiotissa Beach is located on the west coast of Corfu, not far from the island's capital.

It is a small but quite wide and very beautiful beach with crystal clear blue waters. It is surrounded by high cliffs covered with trees and shrubs.

There are no tourist infrastructures on the beach and the access is not very easy since the road leading to the beach is not paved.  

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Near the beach, you can find the small village of Pelekas, where there are traditional taverns serving mouthwatering local food.

Myrtiotissa Beach is the right place for those who love quiet beaches and want to relax under the sun in a beautiful landscape and swim in fantastic crystal clear waters.

We must inform you that Myrtiotissa Beach is unofficially considered a nudist beach.

Kavos Beach

kavos beach islandkavosKavos Beach - credits: islandkavos.com

Kavos is a very popular resort of Corfu and is located at the southern tip of the island, opposite the distant hills of the Greek mainland.

It is a sandy beach of 2 km with shallow, calm, and very clear waters, making it safe for children. 

On the beach, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and water sports such as jet ski and water skiing.

As the beach of Kavos is close to the center of the area it is quite close to all the amenities you could need, such as beach bars, hotels and apartments, shops, taverns, and restaurants.

Nissaki Beach

nissaki beach greeceNissaki Beach - credits: greece.com

Nissaki Beach is located on the northeast coast of the island, opposite the country of Albania. It is a pebble beach surrounded by steep slopes and has crystal clear, deep blue waters.

Nisaki Beach is safe for children since it is far from the road and the shops. Its waters can be a little deep in several places, but it also has several shallow areas. 

The main beach does not have sea urchins, but in the rocky areas at sea and in the very surrounding cliffs and rocky coves, you should be quite careful as there may be sea urchins - keep in mind those are a sign of the beach being extra clean.

To reach the beach you have to go down a few steps. Also in the area, you will find a beautiful tavern and some hotels where you can stay during your trip or shore excursion to Corfu.

Avlaki Beach

avlaki beach belmare.grAvlaki Beach - credits: belmare.gr

Avlaki Beach is located about 37 km north of Corfu town, between the fishing village of Agios Stefanos and Kassiopi.

The beach is not crowded, nevertheless, it is a very nice beach with pebbles and clear crystal clear waters.  

The beach has been awarded a blue flag. It is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, showers, toilets and changing rooms, water sports, as well as speedboats.

In the area, there are some taverns that serve delicious local food and ample parking for cars, just opposite the end of the beach.

Rovinia Beach

rovinia beach corfu atcorfuRovinia Beach - credits: atcorfu.com

You can reach the beach of Robinia by a dirt road that is quite narrow and steep. Regardless, the stunning beach is worth the effort.

If you stay long enough and you are lucky, the floating bar will pass by - a boat that offers drinks and sandwiches for every bather who is hungry or thirsty!

Please keep in mind that Robinia Beach is not for the faint-hearted: the waters may be incredibly clean, but, they are ice cold!

Acharavi  Beach

acharavi beach corfu whichgreekisland.co.ukAcharavi Beach - credits: whichgreekisland.co.uk.

Acharavi Beach is located on the north coast of Corfu and it is a developing resort with an 8 km long sandy beach that connects it with Roda.

The beach is ideal for families and very safe for children since the seawater does not deepen sharply. 

On the beach, you will find a variety of water sports such as windsurfing, pedal boats, water skiing, and paragliding.

In the area, there are apartments for rent, some small hotels, and a variety of taverns and restaurants that serve delicious traditional dishes of Corfu in front of the beach.

Ermones Beach

ermones corfu hotelphiloxenia.grErmones Beach - credits: hotelphiloxenia.gr

Ermones is a rather quiet beach with sand and fine pebbles in western Corfu. The green rock formations that embrace it create a beautiful atmosphere.

It has deep waters and is popular with water sports enthusiasts.  

Gialiskari Beach

gialiskari beach feelgreeceGialiskari Beach - feelgreece.com

A windless, small, sandy beach with trees that reach the shore, Gialiskari offers natural shade to bathers.

In Gialiskari, you will relax and take a bath without noise and overcrowding. Enjoying the sun, admire the view of the rocks that protrude in the middle of the sea.  

Agni Beach

agni beach carpofoliAgni Beach - credits: carpofoli.com

In northeastern Corfu, you will find the striking beach of Agni with pebbles and deep waters. It offers peace and seclusion to its guests.

In the area, there are taverns and accommodations, providing you with all the necessary comforts to enjoy your time on the island.  

Agios Georgios Pagon Beach (Saint George)

agiosgeorgios beach agiosgeorgiospagi blissAgios Georgios Beach - credits: agiosgeorgiospagi-bliss.com

In the area of Argyrades, southwest of the city of Corfu, is the beach Agios Georgios, away from the villages of the island.

It extends to a length of 5 km. It is wide and its shallow and clear waters are ideal for family dives.

Corfu in a day: Achillion Palace, Paleokastritsa & Old Town

In some places, it is organized, while in the area you will find traditional taverns but also many accommodations.

The green hills that surround it create a magnificent setting.  

Kassiopi Beach

kassiopi corfu Pani Garmyder shutterstockKassiopi Beach - credits: Pani_Garmyder/Shutterstock.com

Kassiopi Beach in northeastern Corfu is one of the most popular beaches with pebbles and sand. It is a rather small but fully organized beach, with many hotels and taverns.

Visiting Kassiopi Beach is hands down one of the best things to do on Corfu Island!

Arillas Beach

arillas beach greeceArillas Beach - credits: greece.com

The beach of Arillas is one of the most beautiful ones in northern Corfu, with crystal clear waters, a beach bar, and apartments for rent.

There, you will have the choice of restaurants and bars that serve great food.

As a result, it is preferred by lovers of comfort who want to spend their days on the island, relaxing and having a single worry on their minds. 

Final Thoughts

agios georgios beach corfuAgios Georgios Beach - credits: Balate.Dorin/Shutterstock.com

With an unmatched Venetian aura, awe-inspiring nature, historical and archeological interest, incredible tourist infrastructure, a historic city jewel, dozens of traditional villages, the famous Ionian Sea landscape, and extraordinary beaches, Corfu is a special destination of Greek and international tourism that attracts a wide range of travelers.

This is why we include it as a must-visit destination in some of our Greece vacation packages.

Everyone is looking for the perfect beach, but they all have different criteria.

Corfu may be famous for its stone cantonments and its traditions, but a "hidden" treasure for the island is the remarkable beaches -both the highly-advertised and the less-known ones.

Visit as many many beaches as you can during your trip to Corfu and make the most out of your time on the island. Your dives into the island’s transparent waters will be unforgettable!

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