Discover the Best Athens Art Galleries: Cultural Gems

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways:

  • Athens art galleries are impressive and spread all throughout the city, with most of them located in the city center.
  • One of the most recent and popular additions to Athens’ art scene is the new Modern National Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • The Ileana Tounta Center for Contemporary Art is the first multipurpose space of its kind in Athens.
  • The National Gallery counts over 120 years of uninterrupted operation.

Athens is defined not only by its rich history and impressive archaeological sites but also by its distinctive culture, both ancient and contemporary.

The vibrancy of the Greek capital couldn’t help but be reflected in its offerings in art. Treat yourself to cultural experiences your mind and heart will thank you for by visiting the best Art Galleries in Athens.

Treat yourself to cultural experiences your mind and heart will thank you for by visiting the best Art Galleries in Athens.

TAF/The Art Foundation

TAF/The Art Foundation, Athens art galleries - credits: greeka.com

With a strong presence in the cultural life of Athens since its establishment in 2009, TAF/The Art Foundation is an inventive multifunctional space in the middle of Athens that serves as a gallery for contemporary art, as well as a popular café-bar and a shop.

TAF Gallery hosts both local and international exhibitions, workshops, performances, and film screenings, supporting Greek production and creativity at any opportunity.

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The contemporary art it exhibits is not limited to paintings but extends to collections of clothing, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, and souvenirs, for which it collaborates with artists from all around Greece. Combine art gazing with a delicious cocktail, and your day will be made! 

Modern National Museum of Contemporary Art - EMST; the most famous of Athens art galleries

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens art galleries - credits: Pit Stock/Shutterstock.com

One of the most recent additions to Athens’ art scene is the new Modern National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), housed in the emblematic FIX beer factory in the heart of Athens, which was renovated by renowned Greek architect Vangelis Stylianidis.

The much-anticipated opening of the National Museum of Contemporary Art took place back in 2017, and it has since housed a number of exhibitions and continues to do so with great success. 

Athens Art Gallery

Athens art galleries - credits: Pit Stock/Shutterstock.com

Athens Art Gallery was founded in 1963 by Marilena Liakopoulou, and it reopened in 1973 in a different location in the center of Athens, at Deksamenis Square.

The primary objective of the gallery is to advocate for contemporary Greek art, holding exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, among other exhibits, in an effort to give way to, mainly local but also international, new artists. 

Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou

Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, Athens art galleries - credits: ekfrasi-art.gr

Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery is characterized by the multiplicity of artistic views expressed by the work of contemporary Greek and foreign artists.

Since its establishment, the gallery has managed to host both emerging and well-established artists, providing them with a modern, highly aesthetic space to exhibit their creations, regardless of the art they express their creativity through.

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Whether it is paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, or video, in Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, you will find some of the top artists of the industry. 

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre

illena art tounta.grlleana Tounta Center of Contemporary Art, Athens art galleries - credits: art-tounta.gr

The Ileana Tounta Center for Contemporary Art, the first multipurpose space of its kind, specializes in Greek and international contemporary art. To date, more than 250 exhibitions have been organized at its premises, complemented by a wide range of cultural events.

In addition, the gallery often crosses the Greek border and participates in international art exhibitions, establishing this way a name for itself in the worldwide art industry. 

Art Shop | Zoumboulakis Gallery; the Mecca of Greek artists

Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens art galleries - credits: zouboulakis.gr

Zoumboulakis Gallery is an emblematic art gallery with an exhibition program that fans of art lust for year after year, making it one of the top Athens attractions.

It attracts attention from the general public for its focus on promoting emerging artists and hosting popular and acclaimed artists in Greek and international visual art.

Acropolis museum ground floor Paopano shutterstockAcropolis museum - credits: Paopano/Shutterstock.com

It’s worth mentioning that the halls of the gallery have hosted a multitude of exhibits by Greek artists who have shaped the identity of the Greek art scene since the 1930s. 

Rebecca Camhi Gallery

Rebecca Camhi Gallery of contemporary art, Athens art galleries - credits: rebeccacamhi.com

From its headquarters, the two-story neoclassical building on Leonidou Street, Rebecca Camhi Gallery sets and implements its goals: promoting contemporary art through the presentation of international artists' work and representing prominent Greek artists abroad.

The gallery has participated in major international exhibitions, and it frequently hosts lectures, artist workshops, and more. 

ALMA Contemporary Art Gallery; the pioneer of the contemporary art scene

Contemporary art - credits: Jenoche/Shutterstock.com

ALMA Contemporary Art Gallery aims to present the evolution of the contemporary art scene in Greece.

It seeks to present to the public important retrospective exhibitions by prominent Greek artists from the 1960s and to introduce works by younger artists, enriching the ongoing dialogue between classic and contemporary art.

It aspires to be a platform that promotes Greece's new artistic vision. 

Bernier/Eliades Gallery

Bernier/Eliades Gallery - credits: bernier-eliades.com

At the height of its fame, the Bernier / Eliades Gallery was introduced to Greek artists.

The landscaped building of the early 20th century in the area of Thisseio has attracted collectors and audiences who are watching the multi-faceted action of the visual space.

It has introduced representatives from the younger generation of American and European visual and artistic currents during its run. 

Gagosian Athens

Gagosian Athens art galley - credits: hypebeast.com

Garry Gagosian opened his first gallery in Los Angeles in 1980. In thirty years, the Gagosian Gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art, has evolved into a worldwide network of fifteen showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, LA., Rome, Athens, Geneva, and Hong Kong.

The Athenian hall gives the Greek public the opportunity to admire the work of top Greek and foreign artists. 

Kalfayan Gallery

Kalfayan Contemporary art gallery - credits: kalfayangalleries.com

Since its inception, Kalfayan Gallery has been aiming to develop the contemporary art scene in Greece.

But with particular emphasis on the Balkans and the MENASA regions (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia), it acts as a bridge between Western and Eastern conceptions of art.

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The profile he has created over the last twenty years is international through a wide range of local and international artists representing a wide variety of media. 

Radio Athènes

Radio Athenes tanea.grRadio Athenes art gallery - credits: tanea.gr

Radio Athènes art gallery is a newly established institution for the promotion of modern visual culture. It was devised and founded by Elena Papadopoulou in 2014.

It hosts exhibitions of international artists. The exhibitions she hosts cover all fields of visual arts applications, such as painting, sculpture, engraving, video, and photography. 

National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum

One of Athens' art museums, Greek art gallery - credits: nationalgallery.gr

The new decade finds the National Gallery, with 120 years of uninterrupted operation, renewed in regard to its building and exhibits.

As a contemporary art museum, it highlights the physiognomy of the culture of Greece but also the position it deserves in the world culture and represents contemporary Greek artists, showcasing their conceptual art.

The permanent exhibition of the art gallery now unfolds in 1000 paintings - out of the 20,000 kept in the warehouses - proving the great value of its rich collections.

Acropolis museum serkan senturk shutterstock Acropolis museum - credits: serkan senturk/Shutterstock.com

The first monumental work that welcomes visitors entering from the main entrance is the "People's Market" (1979-1982) by Panagiotis Tetsis, an emblematic work that exudes the joy of life and creation in an explosion of colors, emphasizing the universal character of the composition.

The great expansion project of the National Gallery began in 2011 and was completed in 2021, ten years later, marking the beginning of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. It is a paradise for modern art lovers!

Allouche Benias Gallery

ancient art gallery Iakov Filimonov shutterstockAthens art gallery - credits: Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

This art gallery is an Athenian brother of Allouche Gallery in Brooklyn. One of the latest arrivals in the Athenians' gallery scene, Allouche Benias opened near Syntagma Square in June 2018.

Since then, the art gallery has created an artistic program largely inspired by pop art and street art and is in direct contact with current developments in American and Greek art.

AD Gallery

Athens art gallery BearFotos shutterstockAthens art gallery - credits: BearFotos/Shutterstock.com

Pallados Street is a tiny alley linking Sani Square to Athinas Street. It has huge popularity on Instagram thanks to the elaborate baskets that are displayed here. There's also Palladas 5, the entrance to the AD art gallery.

Enter a solitary corridor, and you will be greeted by open space on a single floor. This art gallery features a mixture of foreign artists and Greek artists with a particular focus on paintings and drawings of conceptual and land art.

The breeder art gallery

background gf21c2d576 1280Athens art gallery - credits: pixabay.com

One of the largest players on the local gallery scene, The Breeder gallery is famous for its quirky style and its use of pop culture.

The beautifully restored building has several stories of exhibit spaces, an impressive entrance, interesting steps, and ramps across.

The modern art gallery is strong conceptually but rarely academic, with a distinctive color-oriented aesthetic that swoops toward abstraction.


black white g90b6598d9 1280Contemporary - credits: pixabay.com

The list goes on and on of art galleries in Athens that are worth checking out. However, these are our top picks.

Take our advice and incorporate as many of these galleries in your Athens itinerary for an artistic experience that will make you appreciate contemporary Greek culture and will make you want to return for more!

Of course, if you want to explore more Greek galleries outside Athens, you can check our Greece vacation packages or plan your own customized trip; nothing that should come between you and Greek art!

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