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What we love in Athens 2018

So why did we write this Agenda?

When we design our travels, it is amazing how much time we waste searching online for trusted places -restaurants, bars, street food, places to mingle with locals. This is what we want, right? To avoid the touristy, overpriced options and go straight for the most original bite in hidden, off-the-beaten path spots. After spending hours reading reviews online and still making the wrong choices in our travels, we decided that there must be a better way to do this.

And we found it! We rolled up our sleeves and created our own Agenda for the city of Athens. Being local Athenians ourselves, we know the places beyond the typical travel guide. We are talking about the authentic eateries that we love going with our friends, the ones with delicious Greek food, friendly owners and the true local spirit. After hours of debating and lot’s of dishes devoured, in our Agenda you will find:


Our 10 favorite restaurants in the city center, with inexpensive, local, authentic Greek food
6 top-notch bars with amazing cocktails and a lively atmosphere
Street food
4 original spots to taste the Athenian street food
  • A detailed description for each place, including its history, their owners, the dishes that you must try, all the information that you’ll need for your visit and online maps to take you there
  • Suggestions of nearby attractions -including online routes- as well as recommendations from locals on things to do and see in the neighborhood

All in all, this 37-pages Agenda will be your ultimate guide for eating and drinking well while in Athens.
Made with love from our drooling local experts, we can guarantee that this is all you’ll need to upgrade your Greek foodie experience - thank us later.

Download our agenda for only