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Indulge in the magic of Venice's canals and the allure of its historic charm by choosing Aqua Palace Hotel for a truly enchanting and immersive Venetian experience.

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Aqua Palace Hotel is a restored palazzo nestled right in the heart of Venice, between St. Mark’s Square and Rialto. With its elegant chandeliers, soft lighting, and elegant architecture, the hotel looks like it was pulled straight out of a classic Venetian movie. 

The rooms all have flat-screen TVs and nicely stocked minibars, ensuring a very comfortable stay. This hotel overlooks a small canal in Venice, which means that the rooms often get a gorgeous view of the flowing water and the gondolas passing by. You may book any of the 24 rooms, with or without the view, but all are very elegant and feature Venetian grace.

The lobby of the Aqua Palace Hotel is very inviting, with soft lights coming from the elegant chandeliers and lamp posts. The walls are filled with contemporary and colorful artwork, many of which were painted by famous Venetian artists. 

At the same time, while the hotel features some of the classic Venetian touches, with epochal architecture, it is still very modern. Some rooms feature chandeliers, whereas others have lit panels that provide a diffused light. The soft tones, modern bathrooms, and big mirrors are well-appreciated by many guests stopping by the hotel.

Why we love it

The hotel is in a restored palazzo featuring beautiful old Venetian architecture.

The hotel is centrally located, halfway between St. Mark’s Square and Rialto.

The rooms are soundproofed, allowing for a peaceful rest, no matter if you are a day sleeper or a night sleeper.

There is a buffet breakfast that you may opt for, which offers a variety of culinary options, regardless of your preferences.

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In and around

Whether you decide to stay at the hotel or visit around, there are various places where you may lounge. You can stay at the lounge areas in the sun-filled lobby while enjoying an ample buffet in the breakfast room. These lounge rooms were also made with soft tones, providing a cozy atmosphere.

If you decide to leave the hotel, the staff may arrange for water taxis to pick you up. This way, you can visit the city like a true Venetian. They may also help recommend restaurants nearby based on your culinary preferences. 

If you want to enjoy a quick meal before you start visiting the city, you can go to the Cantina Canaletto, packed with numerous Italian dishes. The Osteria Ae Sconte is also popular for its Italian cuisine, being mostly known for its pasta and seafood. Enjoy some delicious seafood linguine or some spaghetti with prawns, tomatoes, and capers before you start visiting the city. 

The T Fondaco rooftop terrace is only a couple of minutes away from the hotel, and it gives you a great view of Venice and its canals.

The majestic Rialto Bridge is also a stone’s throw away. If you are on your honeymoon or vacation with your life partner, rent a gondola and pass through the Bridge of Sighs, which is only 300 meters away from the hotel.

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