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Immerse yourself in Siena's captivating history and modern luxury in Hotel Palazzetto Rosso!



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Medieval castles have always been an attractive point for many tourists. However, comfort is also something that many of us seek. This is what makes Hotel Palazzetto Rosso such a gem in Siena. It offers a perfect mix of medieval architecture and modern appliances, allowing you to enjoy full comfort even as you are staying in an otherwise old building.

Palazzetto Rosso is situated right in the heart of the historic center of Siena. However, the hotel is conveniently located on a side street that is relatively far from the bustle of the tourist industry.

This makes it the perfect choice for guests who want a quieter atmosphere without the street noise. The rooms are also soundproof, which means guests will be able to enjoy a good night’s rest.

There is a library on the hotel premises where plenty of guests go to relax with a book. There are also numerous lounging areas with comfortable seating where you can read while drinking a cup of coffee. If you decide to stay in your room, you should know that each unit has a satellite TV where you can catch up on some great shows. 

Stepping out of the room, there is a very cozy bar where you can enjoy a drink and perhaps a few snacks as well. The buffet breakfast is a favorite of many people, as it offers them plenty of food options. From foods and pastries to hot drinks, there are various choices for you to make.

Why we love it

It is set in a gorgeous medieval castle that was transformed into a hotel.

It is within walking distance of plenty of tourist spots in Siena.

There is a delicious buffet breakfast with plenty of food and drink choices.

You get a beautiful view of Siena from most of the rooms, all of which have large windows.

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In and around

Thanks to its central location, Hotel Palazzetto Rosso is close to most tourist attractions that you may want to visit. Most of them are within walking distance, so chances are high that you won’t even need transportation.

Piazza del Campo is only 4 minutes away on foot, as is the University of Siena. If you want to reach Siena Cathedral, you are about 7 minutes away from the location.

Stepping out of the hotel, you are also direct neighbors with attractions such as Giardino degli Orbachi and Piazza Salimbeni. Take a few steps more, and you will reach Casa di Santa Caterina and the Mangia Tower. If you are curious about history, you can walk about 8 minutes to the National Museum of Etruscan Archaeology

If you are in for a quick snack or a meal, Ristorante Il Biondo Ofco SNC is less than 3 minutes away. The menu is delicious and extensive, with plenty of authentic Tuscan dishes for you to enjoy. If you want something simple, then Mr. Pizza is 3 minutes away and can offer some tasty, quick choices.

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