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Luxuriate in upscale amenities and personalized experiences set in the magical island of Santorini in Ikies Boutique Hotel. 

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Ikies is a boutique hotel in Oia that will impress you with its amenities, location, and services. Despite being a luxury accommodation, its relatively small size gives it a cozy and intimate feel that makes for the perfect romantic haven.

In Ikies, you will find a wide range of rooms and suites themed around the experience they convey. The personalized services, friendly staff and incredible beauty that is enhanced by the breathtaking views of the world-famous caldera and the endless blue add to its allure. Ikies’ prime location offers privacy while still being central, something that is highly appreciated by its guest. The menu full of mouthwatering local dishes served at the private terraces will make it hard for you to leave your room. 

Why we love it

Ikies is positioned on the backside of Oia, which is much more quiet in comparison to the rest of the region & perfect for leisurely walks.

If you value privacy, you’re going to love Ikies as its small size and location will keep you in a luxurious, comfortable & fun bubble.

Savor delicious breakfast creations from the hotel’s chef in your private patio overlooking the caldera.

There are Jacuzzis and hot tubs in most rooms; the ultimate indulgence to keep you relaxed and happy.

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In and around

Ikies is found at the very entrance of the village of Oia, approximately 15 minutes away from its center on foot. Therefore, while it is perfect for seclusion, it is also very easy to walk to the vibrant center and take in the beautiful surroundings dominated by contrasting shades of white and blue. Indulge in some well-deserved shopping in small local boutiques selling from clever souvenirs to high-fashion clothing, and mingle with the locals at the bars and eateries of the village.

Try the excellence of the local cuisine in ‘Lombranos’ and ‘Armeni.’ Catch the magnificent sunset in ‘VR’ or learn all about the age-old wine production of Santorini in our Santorini Sunset Wine Experience: Wineries Visit & Wine Tasting.

Our selection

Our collection includes 4 and 5-star hotels, boutique accommodations, and villas & suites that provide guests with comfort and indulgence. Every accommodation has been carefully selected by our team in order to meet the highest standards and guarantee a memorable and relaxing stay. 

How we choose the best places to stay:
  • Location: our hotel recommendations are centrally located in order to ensure your convenience and save you time while navigating your surroundings. 
  • Facilities: all must be of top quality with clean and contemporary spaces. Modern-day luxuries and state-of-the-art design are a prerequisite.
  • Services: they are always top-rated and provided by hospitable staff; whether it is in-room breakfast, massage, or outdoor activities, everything should meet your expectations.
  • Reviews of our guests: since we want to offer you the best possible experience, we take into consideration the reviews of fellow travelers.
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