Above Blue Suites


Above Blue Suites is a top-notch cluster of elegant suites scattered on a steep rocky slope of Santorini's island famous Caldera, ideal for a distinguished stay.

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Perched on the top of the cliffs of Santorini’s caldera, Above Blue Suites will introduce you to a world of luxury, calmness and views that will take your breath away. The hotel has 10 color-coded suites and a private villa hosted in some of Santorini’s caves that have been restored and now welcome guests who are looking for an intimate, quiet & luxurious experience.

The hotel is contemporarily designed without losing its traditional Cycladic charm and overlooks the intimidating volcano that serves as the perfect background for your pictures. Each suite features a different, individually designed layout, however, all of them include a terrace from where the sun shines through most times of the day. If relaxation & peace of mind are your goals for your stay in Santorini, Above Blue Suites will welcome you in an indulgent, calming setting you’ll want to visit time and time again.

Why we love it

You won’t find a more idyllic setting than the cliffside suites with private sun-drenched terraces & private Jacuzzis.

From Above Blue Suites you’ll enjoy the best caldera views you can experience on the island.

Savor delectable Greek flavors with a candlelight dinner served at your suite’s private balcony.

Most suites offer a couple-sized rain shower!

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In and around

Located in the striking village of Imerovigli, Above Blue Suites is far enough from the crowds to ensure a tranquil experience but close enough to the heart of the island that ensures a good time. From the hotel, you can walk around the traditional village and admire the whitewashed houses with colorful gardens that stay true to the Cycladic aesthetic. You can also photograph the famous blue-domed churches you’ve seen on Instagram! 

For an unmatched fine dining experience, ‘Throubi’ will amaze you with the piquant creations of Greek cuisine. Although ‘Fino Cocktail Bar & Restaurant’ is right in the center of Oia, its mouthwatering delicacies and exotic cocktails are worth the trip. For the ultimate romantic evening, join our Santorini Sunset Wine Experience: Wineries Visit & Wine Tasting that will introduce you to Santorini’s rich wine production.

Our selection

Our collection includes 4 and 5-star hotels, boutique accommodations, and villas & suites that provide guests with comfort and indulgence. Every accommodation has been carefully selected by our team in order to meet the highest standards and guarantee a memorable and relaxing stay. 

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  • Reviews of our guests: since we want to offer you the best possible experience, we take into consideration the reviews of fellow travelers.
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